Basing his conclusions on carefully culled scraps of evidence, historian Mordechai Zalkin states that until World War II, the underworld in Warsaw, Vilna, Odessa and other large cities was controlled largely by Jewish syndicates. .

The mystery surrounding the identity of “harodef hane’alam” (literally, the “pursuer who disappeared“) remains intact. The so-called “pursuer” belonged to the realm of institutionalized crimes that were perpetrated in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe 150 years ago. His identity was one of the communities’ best-kept secrets. His task: to hire mercenary killers to operate against people who threatened the community.  He was chosen from within a small leadership group and only the group’s members knew his identity. The local leadership entrusted him with responsibility for the community‘s internal security.

The self appointed “leaders” of the shetls which sprouted in many European cities had life and death power over its residents It was this model of absolute obedience lack of dissent and dissenter killing  that was later used in Jewish controlled communist states and states captured by Jews eg France after the “French Revolution The Cheka and KGB were modelled exactly on this model “

This man left behind a great many traces and thereby became an intriguing Jewish legend. “Every community of the time had its informers,” Dr. Zalkin says. “It was a profession – just as there was a rabbi and a shoemaker, there was also an informer. As long as the informing concerned only `small’ matters, everything proceeded smoothly – the informer earned his pay and nothing happened.The problem arose when the informers gave the authorities information that was liable to harm the integrity of the community concretely.”

In short when a Govt informer gave the Government any information of major Jewish crimes or acts of treason which could implicate the Cohens or Levites Rabbis  the informers had to die

This was why the communities established a security apparatus headed by an official anonymous “pursuer.”

Dr. Zalkin is familiar with the phenomenon (of Jews and prostitution) . He pulls a book by an American researcher from one of the shelves. The entire volume is about Jewish organizations that rounded up Jewish girls and sold them into prostitution.  Zalkin says he can map the network of Jewish brothels in 19th-century Eastern Europe, but immediately reneges.

“The thieves and criminals were part of the local folklore, part of the daily reality. The Jewish underworld was also reflected in song, in literature and in the press,” Zalkin says as he takes out a book of old folk songs and recites one of them. “There is music for it, too,” he says. “Here, this song tells about someone whose mother is a thief and whose father is a thief, whose sister does what she does and whose brother is a smuggler.”

Shtetl Market Poland

Vilna was not an exceptional hothouse of crime. Organizations like Gold Flag and the Brothers Society operated also in Warsaw, Odessa, Bialystok and Lvov. Zalkin explains the context:The late 19th and early 20th century were bad years, in which the Jews of Eastern Europe did their best simply to survive. People didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, whole families were crowded into cellars the size of a regular room. Masses of people lived from hand to mouth. Whoever could, immigrated, mainly to America. Between 1888 and the outbreak of World War I, in 1914, two million Jews from Eastern Europe moved to America.

It was these Jewish immigrants which formed the bulk of todays American Jewry Needless to say they carried their criminal tendencies to America where rhe just found the perfect territory for growth

Until World War I, , Jews had been a key element in the population of Eastern Europe. “From a certain point of view, these were Jewish cities,” Zalkin explains. “For example, 50 percent of the residents of Vilna were Jews. Because most of the cities had a large Jewish population, it follows that the percentage of Jews involved in crime was also [proportionately] high. The biggest gangster in Odessa, a huge city, was none other than Benya Krik” – the same one from the title of the book by the Soviet-Jewish author Isaac Babel: “Benya Krik, The Gangster, and Other Stories.”

Jews could be found at almost all levels of underworld activity , from the individual thief to gangs that numbered more than 100 members. The large organizations operated in the cities, which they divided into sectors among themselves. Each organization had a charter, a clear hierarchy and internal courts, and its work was divided according to different areas, such as theft, protection money, prostitution, pickpocketing and murder.The art of crime was treated seriously,as it was a major source of livelihood for many people. Between the world wars the idea was even raised of establishing a school for thieves in Vilna. It’s not known if the idea was put into practice.

In 19th-century Russia the best place to rob people was on the roads. There weren’t enough policemen and there were a great many forests. The convoys that traveled the roads were easy pickings. Saul Ginzburg, one of the important historians of Russian Jewry, describes groups of Jewish thieves, whom he calls “toughs and predators.” After the heist the thieves slipped away into the woods. A typical gang of roadside robbers numbered between 10 and 15 men, who provided for themselves and their families by means of their booty.

It is the desendants of these men that form the bulk of the so called “Russian Mafia ” today like the vory v zakone The most dreaded “Eussian ” gangster today is the Jew Semion Mogileivich

Mordechai Zalkin has spent much of the past 13 years burrowing in Eastern European archives. They are his laboratory, the place where he looks for the remote margins of Jewish history and brings them to life in his academic work.

“At that time the Jews smuggled everything that moved and in some places the Russian authorities pressured the leaders to take action before they intervened,” Zalkin relates. “A leaflet like this shows that smuggling was a concrete social phenomenon that characterized the Jewish community, not a marginal issue.”

The physical location of Jews on the borderlands of empires and their concentration in urban settings and in certain types of trade and commerce made certain criminal activities stereotypically “Jewish.” Foremost among these was smuggling. The porous and artificial nature of national frontiers in Eastern Europe, the capricious nature of import duties, protectionism, and the sizable profits to be made, ensured that smuggling was a common phenomenon. As the predominant trade and commercial class in the Russian, Austrian, and German borderlands, with connections across frontiers, Jews were well situated to engage in such activity. All manner of goods were smuggled, including tobacco, specie, and counterfeit banknotes. Jewish merchants of Shklov, for example, a town that became a major frontier entrepôt after the first partition of Poland in 1772, engaged in a massive operation to smuggle counterfeit banknotes into the Russian interior, under the protection of the town’s owner, Count Semen Gavriilovich Zorich, a former favorite of Empress Catherine II. Shklov merchants extended their activities to Moscow, where Russian merchants accused them of fraudulent bankruptcies and other financial irregularities. An official investigation into these claims prompted a ban on the enrollment of Jews in the merchant estate in Russia’s interior provinces, the first of the restrictions that were to create what subsequently became the Jewish Pale of Settlement. Source

The Jewish mobsters in the United States are far more widely known than those of Eastern Europe and have been the subjects of quite a few films and books. The gangsters Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky have become legendary figures. Ten years ago Prof. Robert Rockaway, from the department of Jewish history at Tel Aviv University, published the first important study of these criminal organizations (in English: “But He Was Good to His Mother: The Lives and Crimes of Jewish Gangsters,” Gefen Publishing House, paperback edition, 2000). According to Rockaway‘s findings, the vast majority of the Jewish criminals in America were from Eastern Europe or the sons of immigrants from there. They did not continue a tradition of crime, but created a home-grown tradition in their new homeland.

Generally, the reason for their criminal activity was not to obtain bread, but butter. Most of the Jewish criminals in the U.S. were from working-class families  and grasped at a very early age that hard work was not a recipe for economic advancement. They didn’t have capital to invest, and the underworld offered a way to get rich quick.

Jews were among the biggest criminals in the U.S. at the beginning of the last century. “In terms of crime they did everything,” Rockaway says.“Drugs, murder, smuggling alcohol. They had no limits. A Jew, Arnold Rothstein, was the head of the New York underworld in the 1920s. He created the largest gambling empire the U.S. have ever seen until then. He controlled most of the gangs in New York, including drugs and liquor. Rothstein was the first entrepreneur in the U.S. who created a well-oiled organization to smuggle liquor during Prohibition.”

My Note How in the name of God did a tiny minority commit such brazen acts of organized criminality and get away with it? Surely the majority and till then at least nominally ruling White Anglo Saxons knew of all this Surely their leaders could in a few days wipe out these gangs ………..and yet nothing happened My guess is Jewish High Finance often helped or possibly partnered these murderous thugs and used their massive financial and political clout to let the gangsters prosper

Jewish-American gangsters also helped in the struggle for Israel’s creation during the 1940s. In his book, Rockaway describes how an emissary of the pre-state Haganah defense organization (the forerunner of the Israel Defense Forces) approached Meyer Lansky, one of the major players in the crime scene in America, and with his intervention, shipments of weapons and military equipment were smuggled out of New York harbor, bound for Palestine. Lansky wasn’t the only one. According to Rockaway, other Jews from the underworld donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Haganah.


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Cherian Tenny, CEO, Quality Services, Tata Projects; exchanges MoU with Michael Rutman, Member of the Board of Directors, Water-Gen Ltd Israel

In January 16, 2018 On the sidelines of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India, Watergen Israel signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian corporation TATA. The corporation will use Israeli technology, which enables the production of water from the air,in order to cope with the severe water crisis in India.

According to the memorandum of understanding signed, TATA and the Israeli partner Watergen will promote production on the soil of India of machines that produce water from air. The machines in question at this stage are two models of the so-called «Atmospheric Water Generator» (AWG) that convert the moisture in the air into clean, safe water for drinking – at high efficiency and low cost: Large Scale water generator (can produce up to 6,000 liters of water per day) and GEN-350 Medium Scale (up to 600 liters per day). Source Watergen press release

This is the second MOU the Israeli company has entered into in India

In March 2017 it had inked a deal with a company called Vikram Solar

Within five months the deal was dead in August 2017

The Tatas have a long history of business partnership with Jewish businesses They started out as shippers or transporters to the Jewish Opium running criminals the Sassoon family

India is facing a potential water crisis

  • If current trends continue, in 20 years about 60% of all India’s aquifers will be in a critical condition.
  • India is the largest user of groundwater in the world. It uses an estimated 230 cubic kilometers of groundwater per year – over a quarter of the global total.
  • More than 60% of irrigated agriculture and 85% of drinking water supplies are dependent on groundwater.

Netanyahu and Mikhail Mirilashvili

It turns out that Watergen is owned by the Mirilashvili family, which also owns Channel 20 – an unprofitable business that showers prime minister Netanyahu and his family with favorable coverage, and recently even started to broadcast its own news program.


Alan_dershowitz_2009_retouched_croppedיצחק_אילןJacques Eshel - Water Gen

The board of Directors of WaterGen include Alan Dershowitz , former head of Shin Bet Itzhak  Ilan  and Jacques Eshel Azuelos who served as CEO of Blue Star International BSI was established by Hollywood director who has openly acknowledged his Mossad tiews Arnon Milchan after the November 2008 Mumbai attacks  Azuelos held various security-related advisory positions in Israel’s Prime Minister’s office. Its safe to assume he has some Mossad ties

Thus two of the members of WaterGen have had (past???) ties with Mossad and Shin Bet Why does a water company need men with such expertise?

Mirilashvili has close ties with Chabad too He has funded a  gleaming new building that will serve as the flagship resource center for Chabad-Lubavitch of Be’er Shevain in memory of his father (who same say he allegedly tried to kidnap and kill)

The President of WaterGen is a Chabad Rabbi from Florida Rabbi Yehuda Kaploun


In Nov 2016 Economic Times editor Malini Goyal had written an article on Mirilashvilli titled Why the controversial Russian-Israeli entrepreneur Michael Mirilashvili is training his sights on India

In it Goyal had written about Mirilashvili’s conviction and jail sentencing  in Russia for attempt to murder

According to media reports, in 2000, his father was kidnapped on the highway by a group pretending to be traffic police, apparently unaware of who they had kidnapped. He was soon returned safely.Days later, the kidnappers, their girlfriends and driver were found dead.Mirilashvili was arrested and charged with the murders.  He contested the charges and took them to the European Court of Human Rights in France where he won and was released in 2009. Since then, his ties with Israel have deepened

The Israeli news paper Haretz has a slightly different version of the same event

Mirilasvhili sat in prison in Russia for eight years, over allegedly being involved in the kidnapping of his own father.He was released from prison in 2009, and his sentencing was harshly criticized by the European Court for Human Rights, which said the charges against him were false. Source

Which only indicates Mirilashvili’s close ties to the mainly Jewish Russian Mafia or the Putin Govt s agencies which some believe are one and the same

Goyal specifically mentioned two meetings Mirilashvilli had One was with Bharat Forge ‘s Baba Kalyani and the other was with another dodgy Indian businessman Vinay Rai

Malini Goyal was sent on an all expense paid trip to Israel with seven other senior  economic editors

Malini Goyal is fifth from right On coming back she wrote this puff piece Israel, a startup oasis in the middle of a war zone

I doubt she will ever refer to any Israeli businessman as “controversial” again

In a 2017 interview to the Israeli newspaper Globes Mirilashvili admitted  that the company was not yet involved in actual sales per se, but only “accumulating orders,”as he put it.

In the past Water-Gen, which Arye Kohavi started in 2009 in Israel, which also operates in the United States, focused mainly on supplying drinking water to armies; the company initiated a number of trials and pilot programs with various military institutions. After the wealthy partner Mirilashvili came on board, however, the focus was changed to providing drinking water to regions where there is a water shortage. Thus Water-Gen gained access to senior decision makers the world over.

In late March 2018 even U.S. President Donald Trump took the time to learn about Water-Gen’s techology. He met with Edward Russo and Rabbi Yehuda Kaploun, the co-CEO and president, respectively, of Water-Gen in the United States, at the president’s estate in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Haretz

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency signed a research agreement with  Water-Gen, which produces “atmospheric water generators” afyer  EPA chief Scott Pruitt met with representatives of the company at the request of Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, according to a report published on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal.

Mirilashvili serves as president of the World Jewish Congress- , as well as vice president of the Russian Jewish Congress, first vice president of the EuroAsian Jewish Congress,president of the Maccabi Union in Russia and president of the “Torah and Chessed” Center for Jews in Georgia.

Mirilashvili is also actively involved in Jewish philanthropy. He donates to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and memorial, and the Zaka emergency response organization. He has donated Torah scrolls to synagogues and to the army through Chabad and other organizations

So how much do these earth shaking wonders cost? Approximately $120000 (80 lakh Rs ) each

The two models are supposed to produce 600 and 6000 litres a day Compared to the massive quantity of water India needs that would mean a huge number of such expensive machines just meet basic needs forget agricultural and industrial needs

Which will just result in a massive shooting up of drinking water costs in cities and states which “adopt” the Israeli machines

Given the strong opposition any rise in water costs will involve the Govt will always go for the politically safer option of public debt

We do know who loves Public Debt dont we ?




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The policy of the Jews has always been to“go to headquarters.” They never tried to placate the Russian people, but they did endeavor to enlist the Russian court. They never tried to placate the German people, but they did succeed in permeating the German court. In England they shrug their shoulders at the outspoken anti-Jew reactions of the British populace — what care they? Have they not all of lords of the Kingdom at their heels, do they not hold the strings of Britains purse? Source The International Jew

All four are Brahmins Brahnins are Indias academic and cultural elite The Jewish Project in India cannot succeed without co-opting a critical mass of Upper caste Hindus especially Brahmins and Banias (Priests and traders)

Its not just political social and financial heads that the tribe targets It targets elite national academia too

JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) is one of India’s leading supposedly “left wing” Universities  based in Delhi Heres just a sample of the better known kosher academics from JNU who have been reduced to nothing better then kosher shills



Google  Garwali Brahmin and you get an almost exclusive search result page of matrimonial websites

This particular Garwali Brahmin though seems to have joined in matrimony with the Chosen tribe

Starting out in JNU then put in a solid  10 years in  the German Foreign Office, Goethe-Institut and Humboldt-Foundation.During or after that he became a full fledged Jewish shill He is presently a Contributing Editor for  UK-based Lawfare Project and fellow at  (in its own words the legal arm of the pro Israel community). He also regularly writes for The Commentator  founded by Robin Shepherd  who was allegedly kicked out of Chatham House for being too pro Israel  “Chatham House man ‘fired’ because of pro-Israel book” .

Uiyal landed a probably cushy tenure as “senior fellow” at the rabidly Islamophobic  Gates Institute  founded and funded by SearsRoeback’s Jewish heiress Nina Rosenwald

He founded the twitter and facebook  handle/webpage  of ,

Uniyal also writes for for Legal Insurrection founded by jewish lawyer William A. Jacobson


Associate Professor Special Centre for Molecular Medicine JNU The only non humanities academic in this group he had a rather bizzare fit on Indias vote in yet another  a forgettable UN vote  The rants did highlight his kosher sympathies though

For an associate professor Ranganathan seems to have a load of time on his hands churning out thousands of tweets and FB posts He is also associted with the blog Newslaundry besides being a regular writer for Sangh affiliated propaganda forums


JNU Faculty  Heinrich Zimmer Prof  EURIAS Sr Fellow &  Sr Fellow IIAS  ( Israel Institute for Advanced Studies) Jerusalem

He got the EURIAS Sr Fellowship as a member of the IIAS Israel as EURIAS is an initiative of NetIAS (Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study). The Network brings together 22 Institutes for Advanced Study across Europe. It was created in 2004

In Tiwari’s own words His commitment to Israel and its divine capital Jerusalem is unwavering and total

Why an Indian nationals commitment to a foreign country should be unwavering and total is betond me

Middle Easr Forum is run by Islamophobic kook Daniel Pipes


  P. R. Kumaraswamy is professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and a former research fellow at the Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace in Jerusalem. His many publications include The Historical Dictionary of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Unlike Uniyal Ranganatha and Tiwari over the top frotting of the tribe and the nation Kumaraswamy is more subtle but he too peddles and dumps commonly held  myths He has two published books

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Margery Kraus founded APCO Associates in 1984 as a subsidiary to Arnold & Porter, one of Washington’s largest law firms, and from where APCO’s name is derived. Grey Global Group,(a subsidiary of the Martin Sorrel owned WPP)  a New York-based global advertising and marketing agency, purchased majority ownership of APCO in 1991 from Arnold & Porter.Martin Sorrel is Jewish and an important part of the International Jew crowd

On September 28, 2004, APCO announced its independent buyout from Grey Global and has thus become one of the largest privately owned public relations firms in the world. The firm has been described by Public Relations media outlet Everything-PR as ” one of the world’s most powerful PR firms.

Just a month after the “independent buyout” APCO entered into a tie up with Kissinger Associates  a “strategic consulting company” founded by Henry Kissinger another of those mysterious Jewish advisors whose incredible rise to power surprises all but the Jewish cabal who know exactly what happened

For more on Kissinger see How Heinz Loeb became Henry Kissinger

Arnold & Porter is one of Washington’s largest law firms, and from where APCO’s name is derived. Arnold and Porter is also one of Israel’s largest and longest serving registered foreign agent

That of course does’nt include the the multiple unregistered Israeli Foreign Agents in Washington like AIPAC

Here’s the Shin Bet connection to APCO

It starts here, with a fomer  member of APCO’s International Advisory Board, a man named Doron Bergerbest-Eilon:

Doron Bergerbest-Eilon is the former head of the protection and security division and the senior ranking security official of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), a position equivalent to the rank of major general. Mr. Bergerbest-Eilon is the founder, president and CEO of ASERO Worldwide, where he advises clients on strategic and tactical security challenges and provides assistance to both governments and corporations to prepare, mitigate and recover from threats of terrorism and other hazards; and to protect lives and critical assets and ensure continuity of operations.

Source ASERO press release

Apco’s involvement in various intelligence and security-related projects is done through its strategic partner and sister company Asero Worldwide.

While Apco’s expertise is in the field of communications, Asero specialises in homeland security and risk management consultancy.

                                          In ASERO’s own words


Apco and Asero have many overlapping consultants and management members. For example, Doron BergerbestEilon who used ti be on Apco’s International Advisory Council was also founder and president of Asero Worldwide.

Mara Hedgecoth, the daughter of Apco CEO and President Margery Kraus also sits in Asero as Vice President. At the same time, Mara Hedgecoth also serves as Vice President and Director in Apco Worldwide.

ASERO’s Management Team is also interesting

Zori Kor

Former head of Overseas security Shin Bet Zori Kor retired in 2013 from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) after 25 years of service in a number of counter-terrorism and protective security posts. Mr. Kor held senior field positions in ISA(Shin Bet )  duty areas including intelligence, aviation security, installation security and cyber security. He also has several years of experience in both intelligence assessment and risk management.

ASERO s Executive Leadership

David Harel
Former head International Division and Security Division Shin Bet David Harel retired from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) after 23 years of service in a number of counter-terrorism and protective security posts. Mr. Harel served in senior field positions in all ISA duty areas 

The founder of ASERO is or was a leading Shin Bet


Modi.BJP APCO ties

How an American lobbying company Apco Worldwide markets Narendra Modi to the world
In 2006, an American lobby called Apco Worldwide, which doubles in public relations and boasts clients ranging from dictators to global investment banks, stepped into India. Uncharacteristically for one of the most muscular business lobby groups in Washington, it was a quiet entry. So it was not until three years later that Apco’s business in India really came into its own.

Apco muscled out a raft of PR companies, including the now defunct Vaishnavi Communications of controversial lobbyist Niira Radia, to win the contract to promote Vibrant Gujarat, the showpiece investment meeting of chief minister Narendra Modi that often sees dizzy pledges to do business and lavishes praise on Modi’s administration.

For a company not averse to serving controversial clients on controversial issues – supporting unpopular reforms or opposing popular regulations – and consequently locking horns with their opponents, Apco is coy about its association with Modi. On paper, Apco works for the Industrial Extension Bureau (iNDEXTb), the Gujarat government’s nodal agency for investments. But for all purposes, it is identified as the public relations manager of the Gujarat chief minister.

In an article published by The New York Times on February 8, 2011, an Apco executive named Steven King responded on behalf of Modi about the “lingering controversies” in Gujarat, a reference to the riots of 2002 and the aftermath. Journalists of foreign media outlets that ET Magazine spoke to say it is Apco that they approach with requests to interview Modi.

What exactly did a firm linked to Kissinger . Martin Sorrl and Israels domestic agency do for Modi?

Was the India against Corruption Movement which was supposedly the brainchild of Ajit Doval and which was greatly responsible for Modis rise really APCO’s idea? Did APCO help “implement” it?

What role did the Shin Bet linked firm play in Indias politics and what did Modi and the BJP give it in return?


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The Sri Lankan government has imposed an island-wide emergency in the wake of anti-Muslim violence in Kandy, a city in the central highlands, on March 4-5, and in Ampara, a district with a near equal population of Muslims and Sinhala-Buddhists on the country’s eastern coast, on February 26.

An emergency was in force in Sri Lanka for 40 years from 1971 during the civil war over the Tamil demand for a separate state. This is the first time it has been reimposed after it was withdrawn in 2011

They are a direct fallout of the triumphalism and majoritarianism that took hold in sections of the Sinhala Buddhist majority community after the military defeat of the LTTE, Since then, a raft of groups openly professing hatred for Muslims, as well as Christians, has come up, some of them using social media to spread their venom.

Among them are the Bodu Bala Sena, Sinhala Ravaya, Sinhale, and Mahason Balaya. The first and foremost of these, Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), was formed in 2012, and allegedly enjoyed the patronage of the Rajapakse clan.Indian Express

Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara is the Secretary General of Bodu Bala Sena,

In 2014 monks from the BBS actually clashed with some Muslims because they had organized an anti Israel protest because of the attacks on Gaza The BBS monks argued with the police not to allow the Muslims to hold protest demonstration from Maligawatte to Colombo Fort.Source

Contradicting the pro-Rajapaksa camp’s accusations that the Bodu Bala Sena was created by the then main opposition, the UNP and funded by Norway in order to destabilize the Rajapaksa regime, former Ambassador to Geneva Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka said that it was  Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Israeli government which was responsible for it

Dr Dayan Jayatilleka


Speaking at an event held in July 2014 to show solidarity with the Gaza, Jayatilleka said that the Defence Ministry led by the “Pro Israeli younger brother” of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has encircled the “Pro Palestinian” ideology of the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Detailing the manner in which Israel had interfered with the country through its influence on Gotabaya Rajapaksa,Jayatilleka said Sri Lanka had used the Israeli prototype for post war rebuilding, resulting in the resurrection of the call for an Eelam.He said the then  government had a “secret agreement with Israel”. (Note Maninda Rajapaskshe lost power in January 2015)

During the period of 20082009 there were many delegations which visited Israel by top Defense Officials. Minister Champika Ranawaka was also once there but that is no surprise. They were offered advice for PostConflict Homeland Security by the Israeli government.  These Defense Officials accepted that proposal. That is the prototype they used in Sri Lanka giving rise to the resurgence of the call of Eelamists……..” he said.


This article in June 2017 is based on a 2014 video See Dayan Reveals Gota’s Post-Conflict Homeland Security Plan; Gota And Israel Behind BBS’ Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes

In a rejoinder to the article published by the same paper Ambassador Jayatilleka refuted the allegation that he had insinuated that Gotabaya Rakapaksha was the progenitor or mentor of the BBS but added that he stood by his comments on the Israeli influence on SriLankan Govt

The Wellspring Of Sinhala Extremism & The Gotabaya Question: Rejoinder To The Editor Of Colombo Telegraph 

Let me recapitulate what is in the video and the report which everyone can check. I criticized the rise of Islamophobia and the BBS. I also criticized the influence of Israel in the design of the postwar order in Sri Lanka. I criticized Gotabaya’s presence at an occasion on which the BBS monks were present and worse, his (passing) defense of the BBS in his speech. I retract none of what I said. However, none of it adds up to your headline—and it cannot, because I never believed that Gotabaya was behind or was responsible for the BBS!    

The font of Sinhala racism for the past few decades has been none other than Champika Ranawaka (with Gnanasaara in his ranks). Who originated the Islamophobia of the postwar years, having revived the Digavapi issue?  As I state in the speech, part of which is in the video, who in Cabinet visited Israel repeatedly during wartime? Not Weerawansa, but Champika Ranawaka…and Gnanasara was not in his team.

During MR’s Presidency, who opposed the BBS in Cabinet and called for the banning of its Maharagama meeting? Dinesh Gunawardena and Wimal Weerawansa. Who was present on stage at that meeting which was dotted by BBS goons in black T shirts? Champika Ranawaka. Whose name was disclosed by the LSSP’s Prof Tissa Vitarana as opposing in Cabinet any action against Gnanasara though the report which was commissioned by Mahinda Rajapaksa and chaired by Tissa Vitarana recommended such action? Champika Ranawaka.

Champika Ranawaka

Ranawaka and the monks seem to be the new version of the old Sinhalese chauvinist body the JVP

The Israelis are playing their old game The elite politicians and military are being stoked using the national security threat whilst the common Sinala is being keyed up using unscrupulous and corrupt monks like Gnanasara and Islamophobia

It seems the Sri Lankans have learnt nothing from the time the Israeli Army trained and armed both the SriLankan Army and the LTTE

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The Center for Internet and Society in its own words

“Undertakes policy-focused, applied, and academic research on topics at the intersection of internet and society, and driven by concerns of digital rights and public interest. Our teams are based in Bangalore and Delhi. “

Sunil Abraham started  Center for Internet and Society (CIS) in 2008.

It has been termed a SISTER CENTER  started or inspired by

Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society


berkman klein

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society is a research center at Harvard University that focuses on the study of cyberspace.

In 1996, Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson and Jonathan Zittrain established what was then called the “Center on Law and Technology” at Harvard Law School.   The center traditionally focused on internet-related legal issues. On May 15, 2008, the Center was elevated to an interfaculty initiative of Harvard University as a whole. It is named after the Berkman family, who owned the communications company The Associated Group (later sold to Liberty Media). On July 5, 2016, the Center added “Klein” to its name following a gift of $15 million from Michael R. Klein, chairman of the Sunlight Foundation.

Other contributors to the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Facebook, Ford Foundation Google, Inc.Open Society Foundations

sumandroi971_gs openfordgoogle


The Berkman Klein Society has multiple “Spinoffs and Projects” all over the world


The main funders of the group after whom the Society has been named are both Jewish The co funders of the Berkman Klein Foundation are some of the biggest names of the internet  When they fund a body to “research the Internet” you can bet that “research” wont touch their problem areas which are the problem areas of the internet

Ford Foundation is rumoured to be a CIA front and Soros is a Rothschild front

It opposes Aadhaar But given that about 95 percent of Indias adult population has already submitted its biometric data to agencies both foreign and Indian over which the citizen has no control such “opposition” is token


Sunil Abraham Executive Director at Center for Internet and Society worked for 4 years in a Soros linked Open Society organization formerly known as Open Society Institute Sunil was elected an Ashoka fellow in 1999 to ‘explore the democratic potential of the Internet’ and was also granted a Sarai FLOSS fellowship in 2003. Between June 2004 and June 2007, Sunil also managed the International Open Source Network,

Elonnai Hickkok is Chief Operating Officer at the CIS. Elonnai has graduated from the University of Toronto . Elonnai has also worked as a consultant with the Open Society Foundations and with the Ranking Digital Rights project.

Who funds Ranking Digital Rights ? Surprise its Soros and Ford Foundation again

CIS was founded by Sunil Abraham in 2008 Having worked for 4 years with Soros’s Open Foundation  he goes and picks a CEO who consulted for  firms funded and linked to  Soros and Ford Foundation

Too many coincidences ? Id say so


Saikat Dutta is a well know journalist but he has also worked for two years as Vice President and Head of De-risking Strategies for Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries, working on cyber-security and counter terrorism projects. He is also a Visiting Fellow with the Observer Research Foundation’s National Security programme. Observer Research is funded by the Ambani group

Mr Ambani has lauded Aadhaar and feels it will help in bringing the fourth industrial revolution in India

So much for Public Interest


Pranesh Prakash another Director is the Legal Lead at Creative Commons India and an Affiliated Fellow (formerly A2K Fellow) at the Yale Law School’s Information Society Project .Creative Commons is a “spinoff” of  the Berkman Klein Center and Yale Law Schools Information Society Project also has ties to it  besides a whole host of other similar bodies

Subbiah Arunachalam: was one of the founding members of the Board of the Centre for Internet and Society.Arunachalam is linked to M S Swaminathan See Father of green revolution MS Swaminathan pitches for field trials of  GM Crops 


Here he is talking about Open Access with Amrit Dhit of Berkman Klein

In 2005, the Open Society Institute (OSI) invited me to Toronto to plan a conference . I had proposed to bring scientists from India, Brazil and China and to promote OA in these three countries. The conference itself was held at the Indian Institute of Science in November 2006, with support from OSI  and the Indian Academy of Sciences. It was at this conference, with the help of Barbara Kirsop and Alma Swan, that we produced the Bangalore Declaration

I have groomed a number of young people to take up OA advocacy and implementation. In particular, Muthu Madhan (now at ICRISAT) has done well. I took him along with me (CIS funded his trip) to the International Conference on Repositories in Amsterdam jointly organized by JISC, SURF and UKOLN in 2009.

About two years ago, the Department of Biotechnology entered into a partnership with the Wellcome Trust. The was born with a view to providing generous fellowships to scientists at three stages of their careers.


Here’s a list of donors put out by the (Indian) Center for Internet and Society till 2013 Funding info post 2013 is not available



Hivos is a Soros front so together CIS has received 83 lakhs from Soros

The main funding of 9 crores  however has come from Kusuma Foundation which is a Foundation set up by Anuragh Dikshit the millionaire co founder of the online gambling firm

Dixit’s partner was a Jewess named Ruth Parasol who made her money making porn and then invested those profits in online gambling

Dixit was also convicted of  violating the Wire Act sentenced to one year of probation and no jail time He also paid 300 million dollar fine Convicted Former Online Poker Billionaire Avoids Jail  Parasol moved to Israel and lives there now Ruth Parasol buys Herzliya home for NIS 72m

Besides Kusuma there’s Ford Foundation with 45 lakhs and strangely Rohini Nilekani (Nandan Nilekanis wife) with 5 lakhs  Nandan Nilekani is the first CEO and founding spirit of UIDAI the organization behind Aadhaar

Remember all this funding is till 2013  There’s five years of funding nobody knows anything about

Turns out other “internet activists” dont take too kindly on being reminded of Abraham’s and CIS’s  Soros and Ford Foundation ties

Are they naive or are they feeding from the same or similar  trough?

So why would Soros and Ford Foundation and other globalists go to all this trouble to fund a body that opposes tools of Globalization like Aadhaar ?

Soros the money laundering insider-trading Rothschild bag man is pretending to be the great liberal defender of liberty and privacy when the very source of his billions has been trading in insider confidential private information George Soros: Facebook and Google a menace to society

His minions are picked and chosen to be smaller versions of him Heros of privacy and net freedom

Remember that famous quote by Lenin ?, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”



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On February 7th 2018 British media came out  with a well hyped story about the Black Cheddar Man

The findings were revealed ahead of a Channel 4 documentary, which tracked the ancient DNA project at the Natural History Museum in London as well as creating a new forensic reconstruction of Cheddar Man’s head.Guardian

The Natural History Museum and Channel 4 unveiled a reconstruction of the ancient human yesterday, which was made for a documentary: The First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man.Experts from the museum and University College London conducted genetic tests on the remains, discovered in Gough’s Cave, which were taken by drilling a bone in the skull and sequencing the DNA preserved inside. Daily Mail

A previous reconstruction of Cheddar Man, made by the University of Manchester before DNA tests were available, depicted him with white skin.

The Natural History Museum, London is an exempt charity and a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport .Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a patron of the museum.There are approximately 850 staff at the Museum. The two largest strategic groups are the Public Engagement Group and Science Group.

Channel 4 is a British publicservice television broadcaster that began transmission on 2 November 1982. Although largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately publicly owned;

University College London (UCL) is a public research university in London, , and a constituent college of the federal University of London.

Thus all three of the bodies involved in the “research ” were public bodies funded by state funds

The genome of Cheddar Man, who lived 10,000 years ago, suggests that he had blue eyes, dark skin and dark curly hair The fossil, known as Cheddar Man, was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. Intense speculation has built up around Cheddar Man’s origins and appearance because he lived shortly after the first settlers crossed from continental Europe to Britain at the end of the last ice age. People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.

The Guardian and Daily Mail mentioned the scientists involved

Dr Tom Booth, an archaeologist at the Natural History Museum who worked on the project, said: “It really shows up that these imaginary racial categories that we have are really very modern constructions, or very recent constructions, that really are not applicable to the past at all.”

Professor Ian Barnes, a geneticist, who worked on the investigation said the discovery that the first Briton was black was not expected.

Professor Barnes and Dr Selina Brace extracted DNA data from bone powder by drilling a 2mm (0.07 inch) hole through the skull’s inner ear bone.

Yoan Diekmann, a computational biologist at University College London and another member of the project’s team, agreed, saying the connection often drawn between Britishness and whiteness was “not an immutable truth. It has always changed and will change”.


Wellcome Trust  has an endowment of £23.2 billion (2017) The Trust was established to administer the fortune of pharma magnate Sir Henry Wellcome. Sir Wellcome’s wife Syrie Bernardo was Jewish & Sir Henry was a Freemason

Wellcome Trust ‘s Chairperson is Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller Director General of MI5,  from October 2002 until her retirement on 20 April 2007, aged 58. She became a crossbench life peer on 18 April 2008.

Shes also co Chair of Chatham House



The media had a field day with this story

Turns out the whole story is simply false

A Briton who lived 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. At least, that’s what dozens of news stories published this month – including our own – stated as fact. But one of the geneticists who performed the research says the conclusion is less certain, and according to others we are not even close to knowing the skin colour of any ancient human.

Naturally it got a fraction of the media hype the original article got

Claiming Britain was originally populated by black blue eyed race fits in perfectly with the Talmudic agenda of a mixed rootless race Race based Nationalism (something Jews hate) is also frowned upon unless it can be whipped to create beneficial wars

Unfortunately this time the whole tale was laughed out and people were asking uncomfortable questions like who was behind this

But if attitudes towards homosexuality could be changed in three or four decades surely attitudes towards black blue eyed Britons can change too

Its just a question of time ………and more such fairy tales

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