Betweem I phone and the Google owned Android the two operating systems corner almost all  the smart phone market

Mobile operating systems combine features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use

By the end of 2016, over 430 million smartphones were sold with 81.7 percent running Android, 17.9 percent running iOS, 0.3 percent running Windows 10 Mobile (no longer marketed) and the other OSes cover 0.1 percent.

Android alone is more popular than the popular desktop operating system Windows, and in general smartphone use (even without tablets) outnumber desktop use (desktop use, web use, overall is down to 44.9% in the first quarter of 2017).

Android id owned by Google which in turn  is owned by Jews Sergei Brin and Larry Page

A Facebook Messenger app as the default app will just make the chances of your smart phone being a spy tool that muh greater

“In August, Privacy International, a watchdog group that investigates government surveillance, released a report on the global surveillance industry. The group identified 27 Israeli surveillance companies — the highest number per capita of any country in the world.(The United States leads the world in sheer number of surveillance companies: 122.)

Unit 8200 veterans either founded or occupy high-level positions in at least eight of the Israeli surveillance companies named by Privacy International, according to publicly available information. And that list doesn’t include companies like Narus, which was founded by Israeli veterans of Unit 8200 but is now owned by Boeing, the American defense contractor.

Unit 8200’s ties to the Israeli surveillance industry attracted widespread attention in late August, when digital security researchers at the University of Toronto-based Citizen Lab released a report detailing the provenance of a specific type of malware. They said it was likely that the United Arab Emirates had targeted Ahmed Mansoor, a prominent human rights activist, with sophisticated spyware that had the ability to turn his iPhone into a mobile surveillance device that could track his movement, record his phone calls, and control his phone camera and microphone.

People who have been using the Facebook app on their Android devices are now forced to download the Facebook Messenger app if they want that feature. The fact is that for today, the Facebook app does not support the chat feature on Android devices as the company has launched Facebook Messenger that exclusively has this function. As a result, the Facebook Messenger app can make calls, send messages, and take pictures without notifying the user, which is a serious concern indeed. Thus, many industry experts and users have pointed out the fact that the Facebook Messenger app is a new generation of spy applications.Why do people thing that Facebook Messenger is a spy? Just look at the following list of permissions that this app asks for when users want to install it on Android devices! Unfortunately, most people don’t bother reading the terms and conditions, which make the situation even worse.

Just imagine, the Facebook Messenger app has been downloaded for over a billion times, and no one even asked for an explanation regarding its new requirements allowing to spy on each and every user.

  • The Facebook Messenger app now can change network connectivity, which means it can use Wi-Fi without notifying the user.
  • It can make phone calls without asking users, and these calls may cost money.
  • It can send messages to any number without asking the user. As you may have guessed, these messages can also cost money.
  • The Facebook Messenger app can record your audio without your permission or any confirmation.
  • It can use the phone camera to take pictures and videos at any time without asking for the permission.
  • This messenger app can read all data regarding your incoming and outgoing calls without your knowledge. It can also share that log data without asking for your permission.
  • It can read information and data regarding your contacts. It can also see which contacts you have contacted the most, including messages and emails. This messenger can even share this data without your consent.
  • Source How FaceBook Messenger is spying on your every move
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QUOTE Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. END QUOTE Jawaharlal Nehru Indias first PM Rahul Gadhis great grandfather

The policy of the Jews has always been to“go to headquarters.” They never tried to placate the Russian people, but they did endeavor to enlist the Russian court. They never tried to placate the German people, but they did succeed in permeating the German court. In England they shrug their shoulders at the outspoken anti-Jew reactions of the British populace — what care they? Have they not all of lords of the Kingdom at their heels,do they not hold the strings of Britain’s purse?Through this ability of theirs to “go to headquarters” it is possible to account for the stronghold they got upon various governments and nations. Added to this ability was, of course, the ability to produce what the governments wanted. Source Henry Ford The International Jew

The Nehru Gandhis are modern India’s Monarchs Members of the Nehru Gandhi family have  have ruled India as Prime Ministers directly for 36 of Indias 70 years as a free Republic If the 10 year rule of Manmohan Singh is added thats 46 out of 70 years under direct and indirect Gandhi family rule See List of Prime Ministers of India

Here’s a collection of Jews who had personal ties with the Nehru Gandhi’s For more see The Court Jews ……the Nehru Gandhis  Amazingly one of those included the pedophile perv Jew Lord Granville Janner  See  Lord Greville Janner ‘violated, raped and tortured’ children

Long before this trip Rahul Gandhi was already associated with the extremly well connected International Jew David Miliband.David Miliband and Rahul Gandhi have known each other for more than ten years ; .If there ever was an epitome of the International Jew its David Miliband and the Miliband Family  Miliband was a contendor for the UK Labour Party leadership lost out to his brother Ed then went on to join a body International Rescue Committee  which is linked to the CIA .To have the scion of Indias leading political families treat this man as a close personal friend is dangerous both for Rahul Gandhi and India


In Sept 2017 Rahul Gandhi the current scion of the Nehru Gandhi family went on a US speaking tour

There he met an interesting collection of shady globalists He met Nicholas Bruggruen a dual citizen Jew who made his billions through mysterious means.Bruggruens’s father was an art dealer and the art market is often used by jews as a money laundering tool

IN 2016 Berggruen Institute,  received a $500 million endowment from the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust on the institute’s fifth anniversary.

Berggruen’s net worth being pegged at 2.2 billion thats a massive 25% of his wealth So how did he make his money ? In 1988, he co-founded Alpha Investment Management, a fund of hedge funds, with Julio Mario Santo Domingo Jr, the eldest son of a Colombian tycoon. Berggruen created Berggruen Holdings, a private vehicle that buys stakes in companies around the world. They later sold Alpha Investments to Safra Bank for an undisclosed sum.

















Bruggruen’s ideal form of Government is the Singapore Model a form of governance Modi is enthused with In its seventh year, the Berggruen Institute is on its way to establishing itself in a crowded landscape of think tanks.

The New York Bank owned by Jew Edmond Safra has been accused of moneylaundering Columbian drug money Joseph Safra also used former Mossad agents as his bodyguards In the 80s, Safra and Republic were the targets of a global whispering campaign. Among the allegations that surfaced in a variety of mostly obscure publications was the suggestion that he was involved in the IranContra affair; that he had double-crossed the Medellin cocaine cartel; that he was a confrère of mafia legend Mayer Lansky;(Jewish Crime boss of the Kosher Nostra) and that Republic had laundered the drug-trafficking profits of Panama’s General Noriega


Thus the man the mysterious Bruggruen sold his hedge fund to was a Kosher Nostra linked Mossad tied moneylaundering banker

The Berggruen Institute’s mission acc to its website is to develop foundational ideas The work of the institute  has primarily been done through three projects: the 21st Century Council, the Council for the Future of Europe, and the Think Long Committee for California.  In January of 2014, the Berggruen Institute formed a partnership with The Huffington Post, creating The WorldPost

What role India is to play in this collection of ‘Foundational Ideas” isnt really clear Maybe Bruggruen enlightened Rahul Gandhi about it

During his visit to India in November 2015, Berggruen told ET that his five-year old think tank is also paving the way to work with India. The Paris-born investor’s private investment company — Berggruen Holdings — has invested about $200 million in hotels under the Keys brand, car rental services called Car Club, real estate and education sector in India.


The Center for American Progress CAP receives money from multibillionaire hedge fund manager George Soros through two of his nonprofit groups, the Foundation to Support Open Society and the Open Society Institute. From 2005 through 2010, the two organizations gave CAP over $5.4 million. CAP also receives money from  the Tides Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the foundation of Progressive Insurance chairman Peter B. Lewis.

In 2015 Rahul Gandhi had attended the Conference of the Aspen Foundation


The Aspen Institute another Jew funded body has the nasty habit of infiltrating Governments all over the  world in India Aspen linked people  have been directly or indirectly via family members  linked to the Prime Ministers Office

Ashish Gupta  Director in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) from 2006 – 2011 was part of the Third Batch of  Aspen Institutes “Leadership Initiative” Fellows Nandidni Kumar Singhla   wife of Sanjeev Kumar Singhla PRIVATE SECRETARY TO PRIME MINISTER MODI 2012 -now was a member of the Fifth Batch of Aspen Institutes “Leadership Initiative” Fellows

Out of Aspen Institutes total assets of 220 million dollars and the bulk of those assets (a minimum of 20 million US dollars) have come from 4 families ,all of them Jewish These are the Crown (Krinsky) family ,the Pritzker family the Resnik family and David Rubenstein The Crowns and Pritzkers both have links to the Jewish Mob and both are tied to and have funded Obama Both are also hardcore Zionists The Crowns own General Dynamics  see General Dynamics the largest Zionist Jewish Arms manufacturer in the world and the Pritzkers  Hyatt hotel chain,  the Superior Bank of Chicago, and the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Penny Pritzker of the Pritzker family is the Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration

The Aspen Board of Directors is very interesting Besides the main donors it includes Madeline Albright a”Converted Jew” (Original Jewish name Jana Korbel) Miguel Bezos (Jeff Bezos father) Michael Eisner (Former President of  Disney Corp) and Jewish


Congress leader Manish Tewari hosted a lunch for the Atlantic Council Among the attendees were Council  President Fred Kempe Ambassadors and political leaders Tewari is a  Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council What stipend or salary Tewari gets for being a Senior Fellow is not publicly known


Manish Tewari was also one of the Indian invitees to the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange where important people are taken on a week (or more) long free trip to Israel where it is rumored they are given cash filled envelopes and  women & girls  (or boys) as per the guests choice


Wether by coincidence ot cohencidence the Indian media suddenly started noticing that the Modi Magic was waning around the time Rahul Gandhi returned from the US

If by some chance the Congress does play a part in the 2019 Govt formation process what deals have been stuck with these Globalists

What pound of flesh have the American Jewish Committee the Pritzjkers Crowns Resniks Bruggruens etc extracted from Rahul Gandhi ?

Related Posts

The Court Jews ……the Nehru Gandhis  


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Richard Thaler is an economist  perhaps best known as a theorist in behavioral finance, and for his collaboration with Daniel Kahneman and others in further defining that field. In 2017, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to behavioral economics

The Swedish  Central Bank which awards the Nobel Prize for Economics announcing that Richard Thaler was the 2017 winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Nobel Prize in economics stated that Thaler “has incorporated psychologically realistic assumptions into analyses of economic decision-making. By exploring the consequences of limited rationality, social preferences, and lack of self-control, he has shown how these human traits systematically affect individual decisions as well as market outcomes.”

What it did not say was that a large part of Thaler’s “Behavioural Economics'”  revolves around manipulation of public perception to steer people towards making choices the manipulators want


Government of UK  mandated employers to establish an ‘automatic enrolment‘ scheme in 2012.This meant that workers would be automatically placed into a firm’s scheme, and contributions would be deducted from their pay packet, unless they formally requested to be exempted.Source

Now each firm cannot invest the workers pension funds So what they do is hand over that money in the firms scheme to a Pension Fund

These funds charge between 0.3-05 % of the amount invested per year

Thaler supported the concept of demonetization as a step towards a cashless society

A cashless society leaves all the members of the society at the mercy of the bankers or institutions managing credit/debit cards The banks/financial bodies managing digital payment structures can at the click of a mouse wipe out the life saving of any person who it doesnt like

Cashless says Richard is a good step to fight corruption Strangely many or most massive white collar scams dont involve cash Many such scams involve Thalers fellow Jews

Maybe Thaler can use some behavioural science to explain the massive overrepresentation  of Jews in mega white collar scams

Richard Thaler  who is Jewish and Cass Sunstein also Jewish  have co written a book titled Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness (Yale University Press, 2008). Nudge discusses how public and private organizations can help people make better choices in their daily lives.

“People often make poor choices – and look back at them with bafflement!” Thaler and Sunstein write. “We do this because as human beings, we all are susceptible to a wide array of routine biases that can lead to an equally wide array of embarrassing blunders in education, personal finance, health care, mortgages and credit cards, happiness, and even the planet itself.” Thaler and his co-author coined the term choice architect.

What is Choice Architecture? Choice architecture is the design of different ways in which choices can be presented to consumers, and the impact of that presentation on consumer decision-making. For example, the number of choices presented, the manner in which attributes are described, and the presence of a “default” can all influence consumer choice.

As a result, advocates of libertarian paternalism and asymmetric paternalism have endorsed the  deliberate design of choice architecture to nudge consumers  toward personally and socially desirable behaviors like saving for retirement, choosing healthier foods, or registering as an organ donor.

Some Economists and Political Scientists think the very term Libertarian Paternalism is an Oxymoron


Its just a coincidence that almost all the Nudgers and Default Pickers and Choice Architects are Jews

All of this would be Academic mumbo jumbo but unfortunately people like Sustein are well entrenched in Government Sunstein was the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2012

These techniques have consequently become popular among policymakers, leading to the creation of the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team and White House “Nudge Unit” also known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST)

While Sustein lead the US team Thaler lead the British

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), also known unofficially as the “Nudge Unit“,  originally set up as a team within the Cabinet Office, it is now a limited company,  Behavioural Insights Limited. It is headed by psychologist David Halpern.(surprise surprise hes Jewish)The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is a social purpose company.  jointly owned by the UK Government; Nesta (the innovation charity); and our employees.

Who founded Nesta ? David Putnam (Lord Putnam)  His err …….persuasion? Jewish of course

Lord Putnam


David  Halpern and his his book “Inside the Nudge Unit”

Back to Sunstein

Cass Sunstein and wife Samantha Power

He wants the State to stop recognizing and issuing marriage lisences

In Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Sunstein proposes that government recognition of marriage be discontinued.“Under our proposal, the word marriage would no longer appear in any laws, and marriage licenses would no longer be offered or recognized by any level of government,” argues Sunstein. Effectively Sunstein wanted to turn the US into a nation of bastards and destroy the ties of family

He wants Government agents (and their allies) to enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories(Thank Sunstein for any Govt troll you meet)

Sunstein co-authored a 2008 paper with Adrian Vermeule, titled “Conspiracy Theories,” dealing with the risks and possible government responses to conspiracy theories resulting from “cascades” of faulty information within groups that may ultimately lead to violence. In this article they wrote, “The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.”

As of now at least officially govt agencies using the “nudge theory” do so in relatively minor issues but with time and experiance the “nudges” or manipulation is going to be widspread in areas like  education, personal finance, health care, mortgages and credit cards

Dont worry though , the people who take away  your free choice and manipulate you have done a cost analysis  have already decided that the Price is worth it



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Launched in August, Gab has become known as a safe haven for the “alt-right” movement

The social network currently has 100,000 members and another 200,000 on its waiting list, according to the company.

Headquartered in the Caribbean island Anguilla, Gab is “bootstrapped,” or  self-financed, with some donations from the “Gab community.”Business Standard

No one seems to have any idea who so generously put out money to create Gab Being registered in Anguilla means US regulators cannot esquire either

Anguilla is  a British Protectorate It is also a tax haven and its very unusual for a startup to open in a taz haven when its making losees not profits  Anguilla also has the Ultimate in Kosher Luxury Escapes

Anguila is also a moneylaundering haven  A large chunk of cocaine  money is laundered here The Jewish New York crowd parties here Michael  Steinhardt, a retired hedge fund manager had his Hanukkah party here

Just south of Anguilla lies the island of St Martin/StMaarten (which is ruled by the Netherlands and France) which has a Chabad house

With all the money laundering New York Jews and Chabad  Mossad has  got to have some presence here

Its a great place for Mossad Gab to have its base

Gab’s 25-year-old founder, Andrew Torba, dreamed up the site after reading reports that Facebook employees suppress conservative articles on the site. Torba —  previously created Kuhcoon, a system for running automated Facebook ad campaigns (it’s now called Automate Ads)

This is what Kucoon did for its clients in Facebook

For all you know Gab may be a similar exercise in tracking which issues gets the average “Alt Right” or Conservative voter excited and which leave them cold with all the Gab users being guinea pigs in some online political laboratory

Here are some sites showing the Jewish Background of the Torba surname  Click images to see  larger pic



More links about the Torba suename and its jewish links




Heres Torba the Jew with other Alt Jew figures

The chief communications officer and global affairs director of Gab is Utsav Sanguja That name and his appearance suggest he is Indian a Punjabi Khatri 

But are BOTH his parents Indian Hindus? Maybe his mother is Jewish like the mother of Avvaz founder Ricken Patel

Sanguja has made his views on Israel pretty clear in this post He makes it as an Indian not an American or Canadian nationalist

He seems to be going to marry someone using the id @emrose91 Thats the picture of the cozy couple

Some gab users have identified Utasab Sangijas bride to be @emrose91 as Emma Rosenthal a Jewess who also works at a DC Synagogue which is rumored to be a Mossad front

Gab is growing rapidly in India and Brazil, Gab spokesman Utsav Sanduja said over the course of our phone call, and has more plans to recruit internationally — including in France and other French-speaking countries,(that would include a large chunk of Eact Africas so called Francophone zone)  where Sanduja said they’re seeing interest among “independent novelists and writers [who] are being suppressed for having politically incorrect views.” Washington Post

The more rabid and loose tongued people posting on any “social media” platforms make great patsies for false flags

Instead of spending millions on test subjects labs to test political economis social ideas  these “social media” sites now give free data to manipulators

If Twitter becomes a (jew controlled )  liberal echo chamber and Gab a (jew controlled(  Right Wing echo chamber all you get is a swirl of controlled propaganda bilge 24/7


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Germans elect their members of parliament with two votes. One vote is for a direct candidate, who ought to receive a plurality vote in their election district. The second vote (considered as more important) is to elect a party list in each province as established by its respective party caucus.

Half of the Bundestag is then filled with candidates that won their electoral districts by the first votes and the other half by candidates from the party lists according roughly to the proportion the parties receive from the second votes according to a complex mathematical formula.

Common practice is that direct candidates are also placed on the electoral lists at higher rankings as a fall-back if they do not win their districts.

State of the Bundesstag in 2013

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) /

2013 Bundestag election result: 41.5 percent (311/630 seats) Leader Angela Merkel

Merkel: Threats, attacks against Jews in Germany ‘disgrace’ |  *Its another matter that threats and attacks are more imaginary or False flag  then true

Angela Merkel’s Historic Holocaust Speech (But Does the Pope Agree

Merkel: Anti-Semitism more widespread than we imagined

Merkel rallies against ‘monstrous’ anti-Semitism in Germany |

Social Democratic Party (SPD)

2013 Bundestag election result: 25.7 percent (193/630 seats) Leader Martin Shultz

 The Left Party (Die Linke)

2013 Bundestag election result: 8.6 percent (64/630 seats) Leaders  Katja Kipping, Bernd Riexinger


The Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) Leaders Cem Özdemir, Simone Peter

2013 Bundestag election result: 8.4 percent (63/630 seats)

Alternative for Germany (AfD) Leaders Frauke Petry, Jörg Meuthen


2013 Bundestag election result: 4.7 percent (0/630 seats)

Any political party with more then 615 MPs (Members of Parliament) will form the Government Last time around the CDU groupjng fell just four MPs short

This is the situation in 2017

Germany was occupied in 2013 it remains occupied in 2017

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The cover story of Femen was that it was a “Feminist Movement” started in 2008 by Anna Hutol Whether (crypto) Jewish herself or not Hutol certainly had Jewish connections  The 1964 born Hutsol describes herself as an Economist who also doubled up as an assistant to the Ukrainian Jewish singer Tina Karol( born Tatania Liberman) 

As a teenager the 1985 born Karol (under her real name Tetyana Liberman) performed for four years with the dancing ensemble at the Kiev branch of the Jewish Agency, and her repertoire included songs in Hebrew and in Yiddish. In 2000 she with this ensemble traveled to the United States, where the group’s appearances raised money for Jewish Agency for Israel programs in Ukraine.

Tatania Liberman aka Tina Karol (member of the Jewish Agency)

What are the odds of the Jewish Agency using Tatania Libermans assistant  as the Goy cover (assuming Anna Hatol isn’t crypto Jewish ) ?? Pretty high

Hutsol stated in July 2010: “We are working better than any news agency. We have a photographer, cinematographer, designer and content manager.”

At first Femen used to protest in white panties then in mid 2009 they started going topless (sometimes pantyless too)

Now for the groups finances its main and some say only financier is New York Jew Jed Sunden

To recap the secretary of a Jewish singer with close ties to the Jewish Agency starts Femen in 2008 Immediately after starting she is approached by New York Jew Jed Sunden with an offer to fund Femen

Its been financed from the start by New York Jew Jed Sunden The article appeared in the Kviv post which was  owned by Sunden himself till 2009 when he sold it to Pakistani born Ukrainian billionaire Mohamad Zahoor. The article  Femen wants to move from public exposure to political power was written in 2010 so in effect Sunden was talking about his Femen links in a news paper he formerly owned I suspect Sunden also has ties to the Jewish Agency The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions,]sexism, homophobia and other social, national and international topics. Founded in Ukraine, the group is now based in Paris

In this YouTube video  the lawyer for one of the topless  creatures just happens to be a former President of of the Union of French Jewish Students which is closely linked CRIF to the French version of AIPAC

Now that Femen is based in Paris I wont be surprised if CRIF is running the show and this guy is handling the circus behind the scenes

The goy front seems to have been changed too Since 2013 Femen is led by Inna Shevchenko who initiated the international development of the movement.[ Other Ukrainian founders stopped their activity

She was probably rewarded for chopping a crucifix allegedly in protest against the arrest of Pussy Riot Its still unclear what Christ had to do with the Pussy’s incarceration

Her Jewish paymasters probably got an orgasm watching her cross cutting crucified position performance

Here are some more videos of crazy mindless Femen stunts Ading the videos to the post will slow down the site so Im just posting links with titles

Femen Cross

Femen Member Is Taking Off Clothes On Live Al Jazeera Program

Femen protest in the Vatican

Norte Dame Descecration 

Colonge Church desceration during Mass

A Tunisian Femen member Amina Shoui posted this picture in May 2013 The Arabic words mean Fuck your Morals Just two months later she quiit Femen accusing it of Islamophobia and lack of financial transparency She said she didnt want to be associated with an organization which could be running on Israeli money

The group were also attacked by their former Brazilian organizer in a dispute about allegedly mis-spent funds. The Brazilian woman, Sara Winter, said that “Femen Ukraine works as a company or a marketing agency. It is not a social movement.She released a damning email chat in which the Ukrainian leader Inna Shevchenko complained about the sub-par appearance of the Brazilian girls. “(The protest) in the embassy was not sexy because the panties were too tight and the girls appeared to be fat. Be aware of that”, warned the Ukrainian to the Brazilian. (source Opera Mundi)

On 6 March 2013, Femen activists, together with French writer Galia Ackerman, (Jewess) released their first book, Femen. The book was published by Calmann-Lévy.(Jewess)

Pussy Riot is an even bigger absurdity Its supposed to be all girl punk rock band but it did not release any conventional albums. However, their songs are freely available for download on a number of internet sites, collected together under the title Ubey seksista (“Kill the sexist”).

Their very name Pussy Riot in English makes them an oddity given their obsession with Russian issues and Russian politics

Feminist punk group Pussy Riot members, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, right, Maria Alekhina, center, and Yekaterina Samutsevich

Pussy Riot released seven songs and five videos. An Associated Press report described them as “badly recorded, based on simple riffs and screamlike singing” and stated that critics had dismissed them as “amateur, provocative and obscene”

Like Femen, the key Pussy Riot motivating force seems to be a hatred of Christianity in general and the Orthodox Church in particular. But It was the writer Israel Shamir who first pointed out that Pussy Riot’s prominent supporters from the Russian arts and media are overwhelmingly Jewish.

These include satirist and cartoonist Viktor Shenderovich, sociologist Igor Eidman, art gallery owner Marat Gelman, socialite and TV presenter Xenia Sobchak and TV station owner Alexey Venediktov.Pussy Riot’s cause has also been aggressively taken up by a leading anti-Putin opposition group called the Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners which is led by another two high-profile Jews, Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov.

Pussy Riot has open connections to the National Endowment for Democracy (US State Department ). Oksana Chelysheva, listed as the head of the group’s support campaign, also happens to have been “Deputy Executive Director” of the  Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, a strange pro-extremist outfit which is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. Chelysheva also has other extensive US government ties through her leadership roles in other NED and George Sorosfunded outfits like the Finnish-Russian Civic Forum and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

Oksana Chelysheva, head of Pussy Riot’s support campaign

Click on pic for larger image

The group gained global notoriety when five members of the group staged a performance inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012.The group’s actions were regarded sacrilegious by the Orthodox clergy and eventually stopped by church security officials.

This is what they are screeching

Holy shit, shit, Lord’s shit!
Holy shit, shit, Lord’s shit!
St. Maria, Virgin, become a feminist…
Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin
Bitch, you better believed in God



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Samsung is a huge Korean Chaebol Its goods and services amount to  nearly one fifth of the South Korean economy’s GDP

A chaebol from Korean jaebeol is a South Korean form of business conglomerate. They are typically global multinationals and own numerous international enterprises, controlled by a chairman with power over all the operations. There are several dozen large Korean familycontrolled corporate groups which fall under this definition.

Since they own banks and other financial institutions they are financually or commercially almost self sufficient

In other words they dont need Jew high finance

On August 24th 2017 after months of high profile trial A bribery and a “scandal” that  already toppled a South Korean president  a Seoul  court sentenced Lee Jae-yong, the acting chairman of Samsung, to five years in prison for crimes including offering bribes and perjury


Turns out there is a Jew in the Samsung woodpile

The Jew in the Samsung woodpile is the notorious Paul Singer owner of Elliot Finance

His business model is simple Its also been a favourite Jewish model for centuries  He buys Sovereign debt (or in some cases debt of massive conglomerates like Samsung) at a huge discount  when a nation is facing financial difficulties then with US Govt support (hes based in New York) he gets the nation to indulge in massive cost cutting measures which mainly affects poor people then he gets his debt repaid in full at high interest rates

In case of congloemerates he first takes control of the conglomerate breaks up the company and sells the parts for a huge profit

2008 Crash Delphi Automative 

Elliott Management, which bought up Delphi Automative  debt for pennies on the dollar, reaped a windfall last year when it and Silver Point unloaded billions of Delphi loans by converting them into equity and selling them off to other investors. NewYork Post


The Argentine government agreed to a settlement that would allow Singer’s fund to walk away with $2.4 billion for bonds that the government had failed to pay on, according to court documents. The bonds had a  face value of $617 million, but had been purchased for about $117 million, according to an analysis of court records by Martin Guzman, a postdoctoral research fellow at Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Argentina’s Senate is scheduled to sign off on the deal this week. Source


In 1996, Elliott bought defaulted Peruvian debt for $11.4 million. Elliott won a $58 million judgement when the ruling[was overturned in 2000,The deal itself was illegal as Singer wanst authorised to buy Peruvian debt from the Swiss Bank Corp without Peruvian Govt permission which it didnt have


The Republic of Congo was controversial for being one of the countries Singer targeted that was eligible for debt relief programs from the World Bank and the IMF.It ended up settling with Singer for $90 million, after his fund threatened to expose government corruption its investigators uncovered. Singer paid less than $20 million for those bonds. NYPost

Citrix Systems

A small precuorsor to Samsung was the much smaller tech firm Citrix where Singer & Elliot with a mere 7 percent stake in the company started  aggressive moves to knocj off the company As of August 2017 they have a broad seat for Singers Cohen associate  (Jesse Cohn )


Samsung is a massive 300 billion dollar Korean Conglomerate that started out as a trading company Its run by the Lee family

Around 2012 Elliot Management started eyeing the Samsung group Elliott Associates, which took a 7.12 percent stake in Samsung C&T

Samsung C&T Corporation was founded in 1938 as the parent company of Samsung Group. In 1975 . It merged with Samsung Construction in December 1995

On May 26,2016  the boards of both Samsung C & T and Cheil approved the proposed merger at a ratio of  .35 shares of Cheil stock for every share owned by a holder of Samsung C&T.

The Lee family which owned some stake in the holding company Samsung C& T now owned the original (unknown) stake plus 42 multiplied by  0.35= 14.7

The Lees had effectively ring-fenced the Samsung conglomerate

Whatever plan Singer had to take over Samsung and its smartphobe maker Samsung Electronics would go down the drain

Samsung smartphones are the  No 1 smartphone brand in the world The bulk of the future digital cash transactions especially in Asia and Africa will be done by smart phones This alone could be a reason for SInger to try and capture Samsung

 Singer the shape shifting Jew now changed into the crusading shareholder savior

In the words of the “Observer” it became an  “unfortunate culture war between the traditional Korean business custom of powerful “chaebol”— family-led conglomerates—and a Western style fight for transparency and competitive bidding”

Never mind that Singer is an opaque crook who has been convicted of insider trading

The Korean press knew eaactly what was happening The website Mediapen.com (Korean)  wrote “Jews are known to wield enormous power on Wall Street and in global financial circles … It is a well-known fact that the US government is swayed by Jewish capital.” “Jewish money” also was said to explain why the independent “referees” of these deals sided with Elliott, as well. After ISS opposed the terms of the deal, Mediapen   Kim wrote that “ISS will be supportive of Elliott’s claims because ISS, like Elliott, is founded upon Jewish money. Elliott’s CEO is Paul Singer, a Jew. ISS is an affiliate of MSCI, which is owned by Jewish major shareholders. … ISS’s opposition to the merger can be interpreted along the lines of Jewish alliance. Jewish money has long been known to be ruthless and merciless.”

Oy vei said the Jew media Its Annudah Shoa

Singer objected to the Samsung C&T Cheil merger on the ground that Cheil shares were being overvalued

The de facto head of the Lee family Lee Jae-yong sought the help of  the state owned  Korean National Pension Service (NPS)—which had owned 10% of C&T and actually acquired a bunch more after the merger was announced to vote in favour of the Samsung C&T Cheil merger

NPS did support the merger Samsung C&T and Cheil merged  the Lee’s hold on the holding company was strengthened and the Jews slash and burn bid on Samsung failed

Story over Not on your life

Singer and Elliot Management used their agents in South Korea and their captive media to attack the NPS vote

Lee, , was detained in February on charges that he bribed then-president Park Geun-hye to get NHS to accept the merger In August he was convicted of the same charge

This is how Reuters spun the same story

“Lee, the 49-year-old heir to one of the world’s biggest corporate empires, was detained in February on charges that he bribed then-president Park Geun-hye to help him secure control of the conglomerate that owns Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading smartphone and chip maker.”

A President was overthrown and leading businessman jailed All because a National Pension Service voted against Jewish interests


Lee has appealed and the appeal will probably come up by Jan 2018



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