This is what our history books and history teachers teach us

On July 23, 1914, nearly one month after the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Bosnian anarchist the ambassador of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Serbia, delivered an ultimatum to the Serbian foreign ministry

On receipt of the ultimatum, Serbia at once appealed to Russia, whose council of ministers met on July 24 to determine a course of action.


Russia was the first to order a partial mobilization of it s armies on 24–25 July,and when on 28 July Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia declared general mobilization o n 30 July.

Germany presented an ultimatum to Russia to demobilize, and when this was refused, declared war on Russia on 1 August.

On Russia‘s plea for help  France began full mobilization on 1 August and, on 3 August, Germany declared war on France.

Germany then invaded neutral Belgium and  Luxembourg before moving towards France from the north, leading the United Kingdom to declare war on Germany on 4 August

The Ottoman entry into World War I began on 29 October 1914 when it launched the Black Sea Raid against Russian ports. Following the attack, Russia and its allies (Britain and France) declared war on the Ottomans in November 1914.

The Germanic states of Germany  and Austria/Hungary (ruled by minority Germans  ) were ranged against the Slavic states of Serbia and Russia

The British and French had their own issues about being the ” Great Power” of  Europe




Germany was needed to destroy the Russian Army so that a “change of Government” and the abdication of the Tsar was possible

England and France were needed to break up the Ottoman Empire and create protectorates in Palestine and Syria


Russia and Germany were ruled by second cousins Kaiser Wilheim and Tsar Nicholas who called each other Willy and Nicky  They and many of their ministers did not want war. During the period between 28 th June 1914 and August 1914 both of them wanting to avoid war corresponded with each other see The Willy-Nicky Correspondence

Willy and Nicky

The telegrams start with a plea from the Tsar to the Kaiser to try to stop the serious developments that led up to the World War. Ultimately, the correspondence changes tone and the two  leaders warn each other of impending mobilization due to factors out of their control, while retaining the notion that mobilization does not mean war. An excerpt of the last telegram:

The penultimate telegram of Nicholas II dated July 29, 1914 (two days before the war):is of great importance not just because of what it contained but because of the German Chancellor and Foeign Offices reaction to it

Thanks for your telegram conciliatory and friendly. Whereas official message presented today by your ambassador to my minister was conveyed in a very different tone. Beg you to explain this divergency! It would be right to give over the Austro-Serbian [sic] problem to the Hague conference. Trust in your wisdom and friendship. Your loving Nicky

On July 29, 1914, Nicholas suggested submitting the Austro-Serbian problem to the Hague Conference (in Hague tribunal) – Wilhelm did not address this in his subsequent telegram. According to Beck, the German Foreign Office omitted this telegram in publishing the correspondence between the Kaiser and the tsar. After the publication of this telegram by the Russian government on January 31, 1915 in the Official Gazette Governmental Herald, the German Foreign Office explained that they regarded this telegram as too “unimportant”. In contrast, Russian Foreign Ministry (Minister Sazonov), as well as the French Ambassador in Russia (Maurice Paléologue) believed the telegram very important (and a suggestion which could have stopped the war before it even begun)

The Chancellor of Germany at this time was Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, who was partly Jewish with an ancestor from the famous Benthmann banking family and distantly (via Benthmanns) related to  the Rothschilds It was Benthmann who put Zimmermann in temporary charge of the Foreign Office at this crucial time

Von Bethmann and Zimmerman



In Austria Hungary a war council was called weeks after the assassination Most of the members wanted Austria to immediately attack Serbia Had the attack been short and swift there was a good chance that neither Germany nor Russia would be involved after the fact  But the Prime Minister of Hungary István Tisza held out He wanted Austria to issue Serbia a letter an ultimatum which was so unreasonable it was doomed to fail István Tisza made sure Russia was in the war  So what was Prime Minister Tisza like ?

Tisza often used his influence in parliament to grant titles to wealthy Jewish families, especially successful industrialists and bankers, He even offered many positions in his cabinet to Jews. His first appointment was Samu Hazai. Two years later he picked János Teleszky as minister of finance. The third Jewish member of his cabinet was János Harkányi, minister of trade. Tisza appointed Samu Hazai as Minister of War during his second premiere.


Arthur Balfour his infamous letter and Lloyd George

In 1903, the sixth Zionist congress took place in Basel. During that period Arthur Balfour was British prime minister, and the Zionists had retained the London law firm of Lloyd George, Roberts and Co. This firm was chosen because one of the partners, David Lloyd George, was an MP and thus in touch with Foreign Office thinking.Source Dugdale, Mrs. Edgar, The Balfour Declaration—Origins and Background, London: The Jewish Agency for Palestine, 1940, p. 15.

At his second meeting with Chaim Weizmann, in 1915 (the first was in 1906), Balfour reportedly told Weizmann  “You know, I was thinking of that conversation of ours, and I believe that after the guns stop firing you may get your Jerusalem.”Weizmann, Chaim, Trial and Error, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1949, p. 152.


Asquith it seems wasn’t too enthusiastic about dragging England into some Middle Easter war and turning Palestine into a British protectorate was   eminently black mailbailable See Protocol 10(13)

In early December 1916, a political crisis occurred in Britain, and Herbert Asquith, who had been prime minister since 1908, was forced to resign.The denouement came on Dec. 6, 1916. That afternoon King George V summoned several prominent political figures, including Balfour and Lloyd George, to a conference at Buckingham Palace.Dugdale, Blanche, Arthur James Balfour, Vol. 2, New York: Putnam’s, 1937, pp. 127-28.

Later that same evening, Balfour received a small political delegation, which proposed that the difficult political situation could be resolved with Lloyd George as prime minister, provided Balfour would agree to accept the position of foreign minister, which he did.Blanche Dugdale, Balfour’s niece and biographer,11 mentions that a family letter, written shortly thereafter, jokingly refers to Balfour and Lloyd George as having “fallen in love with each other at the Buckingham Palace conference.”Dugdale, Blanche, Arthur James Balfour, Vol. 2, New York: Putnam’s, 1937, pp. 127-28.

The land of Palestine (95% Arab populated / 5% Jewish) was under Turkish rule. But the Zionists of Europe wanted it for a “Jewish State”. The war was their opportunity to have Britain grab it for them! Zionism was first discussed at a British Cabinet level in November, 1914just four days after Britain’s declaration of war on the Ottoman Empire.

In a discussion after the meeting with Zionist Herbert Samuel, Chancellor of the Exchequer Lloyd George assured him that “he was very keen to see a Jewish state established in Palestine.” Samuel then outlined his Zionist aspirations for the establishment in Palestine of a Jewish state, and of the importance of its geographical position to the British Empire.


The Prime Minister fo France during WW1 was George Clemenceau His right hand man was a Jew named Georges Mandel born Louis George Rothschild who began working life as a journalist for a newspaper founded by Émile Zola and Georges Clemenceau. They notably defended Alfred Dreyfus Rothschild/Mandel doesnt seem to have belonged to the Rothschild/Bauer banking family Clemenceau also hated Germany and Germans


In 1908 a bunch of Domneh (crypto Jews) calling themselves the Committee of Union and Progress had taken over the Ottoman Empire  Ottoman Emperor Abdulhamid II was vilified by the Young Turks as a tyrant, but his only real crime appears to have been to refuse to meet Zionist leader Theodore Herzl during a visit to Constantinople in 1901 and reject Zionist and Dönmeh offers of money in return for the Zionists to be granted control of Jerusalem.The “Ottoman Empire” which by 1914 was being run by the Three Pashas after the “constitutional coup” of 1908 did something incredibly inexplicable and stupid They  entered the war by carrying out a surprise attack on Russia’s Black Sea coast on 29 October 1914, with Russia responding by declaring war on 5 November 1914.

The three Pashas were also responsible for the genocide of  1500000 Armenian Christians who were really killed in a real holocaust But that was just the icing in the cake so to speak

In the meanwhile millions of German Russian English French and other European and Asian soldiers were dying in brutal inhuman conditions and in tench warfare



In May 2014 the German U boats sunk the Cruise liner Lusitania and killed 1100 civillians It is beleived the ship was transporting munitions and hence the Germans did see it as a valid target Wether they knew so many civillian including children were on board is another matter 198 Ame ricans were killed Logically if there was a time to enter th war it was now

But it was not yet time for America to enter the brutal war. Not only did President Woodrow Wilson have a reelection to win in 1916 (on a platform of keeping America out of the war) , but certain other pieces had yet to be put in place — one being the internal overthrow of the “anti-Semitic” Russian Tsar (allied with Britain & France)

Installed through the Jewish-rigged 3-Party election of 1912, the American President Woodrow Wilson was owned by the Zionists of America. Giants such as Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, Samuel Untermeyer, and Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis controlled Wilson . The power of these dominant men, as well as the influence of the Jewish-owned New York Times and the Piranha Press, could, at the “push of a button”, bring the young super-power into the war at anytime – and the British knew it all along.After the 1916 re-election of Wilson, antiGerman propaganda exploded across the American (Jewish) press, culminating with a Declaration of War in April, 1917 using the phony Zimmerman telegam as an excuse

Wilson then asked Congress for “a war to end all wars” that would “make the world safe for democracy”,and Congress voted to declare war on Germany on April 6, 1917

The telegram was generally believed to be a fake concocted by British Intelligence Then Mr Zimmermann himself did some very strange and treasonous First at a press conference on 3 March 1917, he told an American journalist, “I cannot deny it. It is true.” Then, on 29 March 1917, Zimmermann gave a speech in the Reichstag in which he admitted the telegram was genuine.Whether Zimmerman was crypto Jewish or not is not known what is known  Is he was a protégé of Chancellor  Bethmann


The outbreak of war on 1 August 1914 found Russia grossly unprepared. Russian heavy industry was still too small to equip the massive armies the Tsar could raise.Crushing defeats at Battle of Tannenbergthe loss of Poland retreat from GalIcia Poland cause loss of morale Yhe Queens German roots and the prsence of Rasputin made matters worse

Then the Tsar made one his his biggest blunders He took personal charge fo the Army which was really a symbpolic step as all descisions were taken by Gen Michael Alexeiev,

The Tsar’s Cabinet begged Nicholas to return to the capital and offered to resign completely. The Tsar, 800 kilometres (500 mi) away, was misinformed by the Minister of the Interior, Alexander Protopopov, that the situation was under contro lProtopopov was widely suspected of contacts with Fritz M. Warburg, a banker – and member of the Warburg family  THE GREAT RUSSIAN REVOLUTION BY VICTOR CHERNOV;

  On 12 March, the regiments remainung in Petrograf  mutinied and demanded the  Order broke down and members of the Duma and the Soviet formed a Provisional Government The Kerensky lead Govt demanded the Tsar abdicate

At the end of the “February Revolution” of 1917 (February in the Old Russian Calendar), on   15 March  1917, Nicholas II chose to abdicate.The Romanov dynasty was gone

The job was just half done The “October Revolution” or rather the October Magic Trick  awaited the world

Trotsky/Bronstein  stuck in New York rushed back was detained by the Canadians and was allowed to go after pressure was bought on by Mackenzie King a well know Rockefeller agent

Lenin/Blanck Ulyanov  in Zurich returned to Petrograd after a deal with Arthue Zimmerman the German Foreign Minster , Chacellor Theobald Bethmann-Hollweg  whose grandfather came from the Bethmann family  the famous Jewish banking family  The man who negociated the deal was another Jew Alexander Parvus (real name Israel Gelfand )

Parvus was the quintessential International Jew Parvus  lived in Istanbul or five years.There he set up an arms trading company which profited handsomely during the Balkan War. He became the financial and political advisor of the (reportedly crypto jewish) Young Turks.He worked closely with the triumvirs known as the Three Pashas – Enver, Talat and Cemal – and Finance Minister Djavid Bey. He was a business partner of the Krupp concern, of Vickers Limited, and of the famous arms dealer Basil Zaharov.

Remember both  were rushing back to overthrow not the Tsarist Govt but the new democratic Provisional Govt


On 17th July 1918 the entire family of Tsar Nicholas were  shot and bayoneted to dead  by a firing squad of Bolshevists lead by the jew Yakov Yurovsky under orders  from Lenins right hand man jew Yakov Sverdlov



On 2nd November  1917 just five days before Bolshevik Jews took over Russia in the “October Revolution”(7th Nov 1917 according to Gregorian calendar 25 Oct acc to Julian calendar ) Balfour delivered his side of the deal

Coincidence or Cohencidence ?

The one year it took to end the war was to enable Aliied forces to smash the Ottomans and secure Palestine Soon enough American soldiers started pouring into America The 1918 entry of the U.S.

The American entry in early 1918 turned the tide against Germany and AustriaHungary,while freeing-up the European Allies to divert forces southward for the eventual Sykes-Picot dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, and the establishment of the pro-Jewish “British Mandate” over occupied Palestine.

More than 2 million troops eventually reached Europe but a large number arrived too late to see any action. The American Expeditionary Force suffered 264,000 casualties during the war. It has been calculated that 112,432 Americans died. Of these, around 50 per cent died from disease (mainly influenza).





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Éamon de Valera first registered as George de Valero; changed some time before 1901 to Edward de Valera;  1882 –  1975) was Irelands leading political figure . His political career spanned over half a century, from 1917 to 1973; he served several terms as head of government and head of state. He also led the introduction of the Constitution of Ireland.

De Valera was born in the New York Nursery and Child’s Hospital in New York City in 1882 to an Irish mother; he stated that his parents, Catherine Coll (subsequently Mrs Wheelwright), an immigrant from Bruree, County Limerick, and Juan Vivion de Valera, a Cuban or Spanish settler and sculptor, were married on 18 September 1881 at St. Patrick’s Church located within the Greenville Section of Jersey City, NJ.However, exhaustive trawls through church and state records give no birth, baptismal, or death certificate information for anyone called Juan Vivion de Valera or de Valeros, an alternative spelling. The historian Sean Murphy has listed the long-term search for facts about Mr de Valera, allowing that he may have come from New Mexico, and was perhaps returning there at the time of his death.

Éamon de Valera was born on 14 October 1882 in New York City, the son of Catherine Coll, who was originally from Bruree, County Limerick, and Juan Vivion de Valera,described on the birth certificate as a Spanish artist born in the Basque Country, Spain.His parents were reportedly married on 18 September 1881 at St Patrick’s Church in Jersey City, New Jersey, but archivists have not located any marriage certificate or any birth, baptismal, or death certificate information for anyone called Juan Vivion de Valera (nor for “de Valeros”, an alternative spelling).

According to Coll, Juan Vivion died in 1885 leaving Coll and her child in poor circumstances.Éamon was taken to Ireland by his uncle Ned at the age of two. Even when his mother married a new husband in the mid-1880s, he was not brought back to live with her, but was reared instead by his grandmother, Elizabeth Coll, her son Patrick and her daughter Hannie, in County Limerick.

On de Valera’s original birth certificate, his name is given as George de Valero and his father is listed as Vivion de Valero. A fresh birth certificate was issued in 1910, in which his first name was officially changed to Edward and his father‘s surname given as “de Valera“. As a child, he was known as “Eddie” or “Eddy”. Wikipedia

Even the New York Times reporting his death  had this on day on Valera’s Jewishness

In later years, some of Mr. de Valera’s enemies challenged his Irishness, suggesting that his father was a PortugueseAmerican Jew,

On the real chance that some hasbara troll will edit this heres an image as of July 2018



Aged sixteen, he won a scholarship. He was not successful in enrolling at two colleges in Limerick, but was accepted at Blackrock College, Dublin, at the instigation of his local curate.The college was founded by the Congregation of the Holy Ghost The Congregation in turn was founded bu Claude Poullart des Places born on February 25, 1679, in Rennes, the capital city of Brittany, France. Claude was  enrolled at the age of nine or ten as a day student in the nearby Jesuit College of St. Thomas, thus beginning his lifelong association with the Society of Jesus.Claude was also a law graduate

Claude Poullart des Places

Funnily enough the all knowing J Edgar Hoover head of the FBI for 40 odd years believed that Valera was a Portuguese Jew and kept a file on him

Then there’s the incredible reprieve Valera got after the Easter Rising

On 24 April 1916, the Easter Rising began. Forces commanded by de Valera occupied Boland’s Mill on Grand Canal Street in Dublin. After a week of fighting, the order came from Pádraig Pearse to surrender. De Valera was court-martialled, convicted, and sentenced to death, but the sentence was immediately commuted to penal servitude for life.

De Valera was the only “leader” of any consequence to escape the death penalty



HEAD OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (equivalent to PMs post) 1932—1937

TAOISEACH (PRIME MINISTER)  1937—1948  1951–1952  1957–1959

During WW2 officials burned hundreds of secret files on the orders of Taoiseach Eamon de Valera as panic grew in Ireland over a possible Nazi invasion Hundreds of files held under lock and key in the office of the secretary of the Department of External Affairs were earmarked for destruction in Dublin on May 25, 1940. Source

These files also probably included the reasons for not hanging De Valera back in the 20s and an possible file about De Valeras ethnicity

Then there’s De Valeras relationship with Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, Chief Rabbi of Ireland (Nicknamed the “Sinn Féin Rabbi” by the British due to his sympathy for the Irish Revolution and close friendship with Éamon de Valera

Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, Rabbi of Belfast and later Chief Rabbi of Ireland (1919-1936). Nicknamed the “Sinn Féin Rabbi” by the British due to his sympathy for the Irish Revolution and close friendship with Éamon de Valera

The Sinn Fenn Rabbis son Chaim was educated at Wesley College in Dublin and was later elected President of Israel in 1983.Reflecting on his Irish childhood in a Dublin accent he never lost Herzog said, “Ireland had no history of antisemitism, and while I did not feel outcast, I did feel different.”

Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, was the first Chief Rabbi of Ireland from 1922 to 1935 and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel from 1936 to 1959.

Kind of tells one where the Sinn Fein Rabbis real loyalty lay his knowledge of Irish and love of Sinn Fein notwithstanding

The Rabbis son and grandson were and are active Israeli politicians …….

Éamon de Valera Forest  is a forest in Israel, near Nazareth. It was planted in 1966 and named after Irish politician and statesman Éamon de Valera.

Eamon De Valera Forest.

The planting and dedication of the forest was arranged by the Dublin Jewish community, in recognition of De Valera’s consistent support for Ireland’s Jews. The Irish Constitution of 1937, the drafting of which was personally supervised by De Valera the writing of the Constitution specifically gave constitutional protection to Jews. This was considered to be a necessary component to the constitution by Éamon de Valera because of the treatment of Jews elsewhere in Europe at the time.

In 1948 De Valera overruled the Department of Justice when it barred one hundred and fifty refugee Jewish children from traveling to Ireland as refugees.

Unconnected but here are two more fine Irish specimens who get a LOT of media attention

Lets end this post with a 2013 comment made by a blogger calling himself Not so Zionist in post called  “Ireland’s Jewish Revolutionaries” made in a blog called AN SIONNACH FIONN run by an unnamed Irish Jew

“Ireland’s Jewish Revolutionaries”? Hmmm.

1) Josce of Gloucester, the funder of Richard Strongbow.

(2) Menasseh ben Israel, the funder of Oliver Cromwell.

(3) Francisco Lopes Suasso, the funder of William of Orange.

(4) Benjamin Disraeli, the biggest enemy of Daniel O’Connell.

(5) Nassau William Senior, the partisan of John Russell.

(6) Nathan Rothschild, the funder of the Ulster Volunteer Force.

(7) Ronit Lentin, Alan Grossman & Alan Shatter advocates of flooding Ireland with Africans/Asians.




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August Belmont Sr. (1813 –1890) was a German Jewish-American politician, financier, foreign diplomat, and party chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 1860s, and an apprentice and agent of  the Rothschild banking firm in America

The young August would sweep floors, polish furniture and run errands for the Rothschilds  while studying English, arithmetic, and writing.He was promoted to confidential clerk in 1832 and later general  agent of the Rothschilds in America

Caroline Slidell Belmont   daughter of Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry and Jane Slidell Perry  sister of John Slidell married August Belmonte agent of  the  Rothschild’s

John Slidell, an uncle of Belmont’s wife, was a U.S. Senator from Louisiana and later Southern secessionist who served the Confederate States government as a foreign diplomat and potential minister to Great Britain and French Emperor Napoleon III. He was controversially removed in late 1861 from the British trans-Atlantic steam packet ship Trent, off-shore from Havana, by the Union Navy warship USS San Jacinto. Slidell made Belmont his protégé. Slidell  was born to merchant John Slidell and Margery Mackenzie in 1793. Slidell was in the mercantile business in New York before he relocated to New Orleans. He practiced law in New Orleans from 1819 to 1843 His wife, Maria Deslonde Mathilde, was from an influential Creole family whose ancestors emigrated from Brest, France, in the seventeenth century. Slidell was the Ambassador of the Confederate States of America at the court of Emperor Napoleon III.

John Slidell

On November 8, 1861, the USS San Jacinto, commanded by Union Captain Charles Wilkes, intercepted the British mail packet RMS Trent and removed, as contraband of war, two Confederate diplomats – James Murray Mason and John Slidell. The envoys were bound for Britain and France to press the Confederacy’s case for diplomatic recognition and to lobby for possible  financial and military support.


As a delegate to the Democratic Convention of 1860, he himself supported Stephen A. Douglas, who subsequently named Belmont the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee the same year in Baltimore. Belmonte energetically supported the Union cause during the Civil War as a War Democrat, conspicuously helping Missouri Congressman Francis P. Blair raise and equip the Union Army’s first predominately German-American regiment. Belmont also used his acumen with European business and political leaders on behalf of the Union Cause,  dissuading the Rothschilds and many other bankers from providing the Confederates with loans, and meeting personally with the British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and various members of Napoleon III’s French government.


John was one of a large family of children. His older siblings included Thomas Slidell (later chief justice of Louisiana’s state supreme court),  Alexander Slidell Mackenzie a US naval officer, most famous for his 1842 decision as captain of the US warship USS Somers to execute three suspected mutineers , including Philip Spencer, the 19-year-old son of the Secretary of War John C. Spencer. For some reason Alexander decided it would be prudent to have the Scottish sounding surname of Mackenzie (his mothers surname ) instead fo his original surname of Slidell

Alexander Slidell Mackenzie


Commodore Matthew C. Perry and Jane Slidell Perry had 10 children—

In 1852, Perry sailed from America at the head of one of the largest peacetime fleets His mission to force the opening of Japanese ports to American trade, through the use of gunboat diplomacy if necessary Perry finally reached Uraga at the entrance to Edo Bay in Japan on July 8, 1853. Perry refused Japanese demands to leave, or to proceed to Nagasaki, the only Japanese port open to foreigners.Perry attempted to intimidate the Japanese by  firing blank shots from his 73 cannons Perry presented a let—–ter to the Japanese with an ultimatum—— to open up or else He promised to come back within a year for the reply

Perry returned on 13 February 1854, after only half a year rather than the full year promised, and with ten ships and 1600 men. After negotiations lasting for around a month, the Convention of Kanagawa was signed on March 31, 1854.

Living in his adopted home of New York City, Perry’s health began to fail as he suffered from cirrhosis of the liver due to heavy drinking. He may have realized he had been used by his son in law Rothschild /agent He died in 1858


Thomas Blake Glover


Thomas Blake Glover  born in Scotland rumored to be a Free Mason was a Rothschild agent via Jardine Matheson. In 1859, five years after Perrys antics  Glover crossed from Shanghai to Nagasaki and worked initially buying Japanese green tea.Pretty soon he was selling arms to both the Japanese Govt and the Japanese Nationalist rebels In 1868, Glover made a contract with the Nabeshima clan and began to develop Japan’s first coal mine at Hashima Island, Takashima. He also brought the first dry dock to Japan.

Glover was a key figure in the industrialisation of Japan, helping to found the shipbuilding company which was later to become the Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan.

Frédéric Émile, Baron d’Erlanger (born 1832 in Frankfurt am Main; died 1911 in Versailles) born as Friedrich Emil Erlanger, was a German banker and Consul.  Frédéric Émile Baron d’Erlanger was born to banker Raphael Erlanger and his young wife, Margarete Helene Albert. Just prior the birth of his eldest sister Susanne Adolphine , his father converted from Judaism to Christianity

Frédéric Émile, Baron d’Erlanger

On 3 October 1864, Baron d’Erlanger married the American Marguerite Mathilde Slidell , the daughter of John Slidell Emile Erlanger & Co.  was known for its cotton bonds issued to support the Confederacy in 1863.


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A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services. The smart city concept integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and various physical devices connected to the network (the Internet of things or IoT) to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens.

Smart city technology allows city officials to interact directly with both community and city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving.

Technology can be used to reduce crimes by geographically spotting areas with high crime rates, identifying specific crime patterns, or by detecting gun sounds and reporting it to law enforcement immediately  many of these services are achieved by using sensors

The network of physical devices or “things” that work collaboratively by collecting, exchanging and processing data is known as the Internet of Things. Cities remotely control these sensors through wired or wireless networks.The Internet of Things can be used to improve the ability to plan (Gaur, Scotney, Parr, & McClean, 2015). For example, water smart meters can be used to collect information to better understand water issues, such as water leaks. 

Combine all this metadata coming in with no expiry date with the desire and ability of many state and spy agencies to spy on supposed threats and often its own citizens and you have citizens literally opening their doors to agencies and corporates who want to spy on them and their habits

Combine the ubiquitous CCTV with increasingly cheaper facial recognition technology and you get a peeping tom state …………but hey its ok its a smart city and if you want to live in a smart city you gave to forgo a few unimportant rights ………like your privacy

Smart cities will enable authorities to track a person’s location at all times by using video feeds across the city (in busses, outside stores, etc), facial recognition, and other sensors/technologies. Although a person’s activity may take place in public, this information can nonetheless be extremely private. For instance, people may need to travel to an HIV clinic, to a psychiatrist, to an abortion clinic, etc.

It is already happening in India”s capital Delhi using the pretext of womens safety and the pretext of terror threats in other cities

A Chinese firm Hickvision  whose subsidiary has been shortlisted to supply 150000  security cameras for the national capital is on a US watch list, with an advisory on threats, including remote hacking and potential backdoor access. Economic Tims

So Delhi citizens face the incredible possibility of having not one but THREE Governments spying on them (the local AAP Govt in Delhi the Central BJP Govt also in Delhi and the Chinese in Beijing) ………..All in the name of women’s safety

In Mumbai the  (BJP)-led government in Maharashtra awarded works contract in February 2015 to the Indian company L&T for the installation of 6,000 CCTV cameras in Greater Mumbai. The project costs Rs 950 crore The decision to install the cameras at over a 1,000 locations in the city was taken after the 2008 terror strikes Business Standard

The AAP Govt alleged there was a scam in purchase The AAP government in Delhi ordered 1.40 lakh CCTV cameras at Rs271 crore, while the Maharashtra procured 6,000 cameras for Rs949 crore, the party said. This means that Delhi will pay around Rs19,000 per camera against Maharashtra’s Rs15.8 lakh, or 80 times more than the former.

Nobody in either Delhi or Mumbai seemed remotely interested in the issue of privacy

This photo taken on February 5, 2018 shows a police officer wearing a pair of smartglasses with a facial recognition system at  in Zhengzhou in China’s Henan province.
(Photo credit  -/AFP/Getty Images)

Police in China are now sporting glasses equipped with facial recognition devices and they’re using them to scan train riders and plane passengers for individuals who may be trying to avoid law enforcement or are using fake IDs.The Wall Street Journal reports that Beijing-based LLVision Technology Co. developed the devices.

In UK leaked documents said to have been drawn up by the Home Office and seen by the Sun newspaper say  cameras which can see through clothes could be built into lamp posts to “trap terror suspects”. BBC

Examples of Smart City technologies and programs have been implemented in Singapore, Dubai,Milton Keynes, Southampton, Amsterdam,Barcelona,Madrid,Stockholm,] China and New York.

The Modi Government has come up with an ambitious and rather ridiculous Smart Cities Mission plan to turn 100 Indian cities into smart cities Its ridiculous as Indian cites struggle to provide basic infrastructure

Add the  ubiquitous biometric Aadhar card to the already unhealty mix of Smart Cities Terror threats and Women and Child safety and you have the possibility of  a totally intrusive all seeing state

All for bettering the lives of its citizens of course


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Aakash Dalal a former student of Rutgers was sentenced to 35 years in prison for terrorizing Jewish communities in Bergen County, New Jersey. Dalal and his former high school friend, Anthony Graziano, had been convicted of terrorism in 2016. Graziano received the same sentence.

Between December 2011 and January 2012, the two had spraypainted anti-Semitic graffiti at synagogues in neighboring towns of Maywood and Hackensack, attempted to burn down Temple K’Hai Adith Jeshrun in Paramus and threw Molotov cocktails into the home of a rabbi in Rutherford.

Aakash Dalal and Antony Graziano


In separate trials at Superior Court in Hackensack last year, Dalal, who was described as the mastermind, was convicted on 20 counts, while Graziano, who conducted the attacks, was found guilty on 18 counts. Dalal, a former student at Rutgers University, was arrested in March 2012.

Before the trial Adarsh Dalal, Aakash’s father, told India-West that his son’s civil rights are being violated, as he is being held indefinitely in solitary confinement. “Some days, I just look at the wall all day long,” said Dalal, quoting his son.

The father denied that his son was in any way involved in the case, and that Aakash had been in New Hampshire working on Ron Paul’s presidential bid. His boarding passes to and from New Hampshire have been considered insufficient evidence. Adarsh Dalal also refuted media reports stating that Graziano was a childhood friend of his son, saying he had never seen or heard of Graziano until the case against his son began to take shape.

An appellate court reviewing Dalal’s bail amount – at that time set at $2.5 million – found it to be “excessive and an abuse of discretion.” The appellate court noted the severity of the charges but also noted that no one had been seriously hurt, except a rabbi who had burned his hand. The appellate court also noted that the bombings were planned via “instant messages” and Graziano was likely the perpetrator in the actual bombings.  The court recommended setting bail at $1 million.


But when the Dalals went to pay the bail amount – mortgaging their home to come up with the bond – they were told that their son’s bail had now increased to $4 million,  in light of new findings by the FBI that day that Dalal was planning to kill Bergen County assistant prosecutor Martin Delaney, once released, and had a list of people he planned to attack. The Dalals did not have $4 million, so their son remains in solitary confinement.

In other words a former 19 year old student of Rutgers allegedly told another 19 year old to go firebomb a synagogue and throw Molotov cocktails at a rabbis home via instant messaging and then when the parents mortgaged their house to secure bail bail is increased to 4 million on a flimsy charge

Some members of the Indian-American community, who have supported Dalal since 2012, said they were disappointed. Dave Makkar, who was present at the sentencing, said Dalal was scapegoated and he blamed Dalal’s arrest on the Indian-American community’s lack of involvement after he was charged. Pradip “Peter” Kothari told India Abroad that the sentencing was “harsh,” clarifying that he is not against punishing Dalal for the crimes he committed.

“Indian-Americans have taken a page out of the Jewish community’s book to enhance relations between the homeland and the motherland,” said Nissim B. Reuben,(by his name and appearance probably a Bene Israeli) program officer for India-Israel-United States Relations at the American Jewish Committee.

Nissim B Reuben is also Assistant Director of AJC‘s Asia Pacific Institute (API)

A teenage Hindu sentenced to 35 years jail time for allegedly instigating (but not actually participating) in an arson attack where no one got hurt may not have been all that good for Indo Israeli or Hindu Jew ties

So the story just disappeared or was buried by Indian media


The same Indian media did however go ballistic when someone in America made some doormats with the Indian flag on it

Was there some direction to bury this story?


India Abroad

India West


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Netanyahu with Indian business leaders during his 2017 India trip

Indias Incorporated loves the state of Israel In pure business bilateral trade between the two nations stands at a mere 5 billion dollars This comprised $3.08 billion of exports and $1.96 billion of imports. Of this, raw non-industrial diamonds figure significantly on both sides of trade, contributing more than $1 billion to both imports and exports.

Diamonds are used extensively in money-laundering and round tripping Diamonds provide the lifeblood of business cash flows

‘Round tripping’ in diamonds is wherein traders undertake a series of exports and imports of the same goods for the purpose of receiving greater bank financing. Hypothetically, if a parcel made four round trips it means that for every $1 million worth of polished goods, the exporter got $4 million in financing.

Diamond Money laundering – Anti Money Laundering in India

PNB fraud: Round tripping rampant in diamond industry

Pudiya Ghumao’: How round-tripping helps keep the diamond

Adani Group Accused of Evading ₹1,000 Crore Taxes in Diamond

For more than a decade now, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has been investigating how a clutch of companies in the Adani Group led by Gautam Adani allegedly evaded taxes and laundered money while trading in cut and polished diamonds and gold jewellery. The DRI, which is an investigative wing of the Department of Revenue in the Ministry of Finance, has issued a number of show-cause notices to firms in the group alleging evasion of taxes to the tune of roughly ₹1,000 crore. Adani is considered to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Source Economic and political weekly

Do Indians(mainly Gujarati Marwari  and Jain Banias)  and Israelis (and Brussels based Indians and Jews) use the diamond trade to launder money and round trip?

You decide

Do Indian corporates indulge in round tripping and money laundering  ?

Yes they do Case in point Nirav Modi

Of late there has been an increase in business tie ups between Indian and Israeli companies


Anil Ambani-led Reliance Defense Ltd, and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd of Israel have decided to set up a joint venture company in India in the highly specialized areas of air-to-air missiles, air defense systems and large aerostats, that will oversee projects worth USD 10 billion(over Rs 65,000 crore) in ten years. Rafael has products like Python and Derby in the air-to-air missiles system, Spyder range in air defence systems and the Barak missiles family of surface-to-air missiles in the short and medium range. Rafael has already provided large aerostat systems to the Indian Air Force  The Hindu

Rafael ‘s deals with India for sale of Spyder and Barak missises had been investigated in India for allegations of bribery and not meeting required specifications  Derby For Tejas A Kosher Deal?

Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd of the Anil Ambani Group is planning to manufacture Kalashnikov  weapons for Indian armed forces in a joint venture with an Israeli company .The Israeli arms maker, Kalashnikov Israel Company, has agreed to jointly make Kalashnikov and other small arms with Reliance Defence, according to industry sources. BusinessLine

Mukesh Ambanis Reliance Industries is investing $25 million in the Jerusalem Innovation Incubator. Reliance will hold a 20% stake Motorola Solutions has a 20% stake, and Jerusalem based crowdsourcing fund OurCrowd has a 60% stake while Hebrew University of Jerusalem technology transfer company Yissum will provide promising technology and support. Economic times  OurCrowd founder Michael Medved is the on the board of Directors of the Jewish Agency The Jewish Agency’s stated objective is to  ensure that every Jewish person feels an unbreakable bond to one another and to Israel


Mahindra Defence – part of the Mahindra Group – on Wednesday said it has signed up a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israeli company Aeronautics for naval shipborne unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs). Source

Tech Mahindra said it has partnered with Israeli firm ContextSpace Solutions to develop the world’s first global software privacy ecosystem, MyData Shield.Source


The Tatas who are Parsis began their business career nearly 150 years ago as the transport agents of the Opium dealing Jewish Sassoon family

The Tata group as a whole has quite a few Joint ventures and projects in Israel

In 2017 Israeli media reported that Ratan Tata was questioned in connection with a scandal involving Netanyahu Hollywood producer and self confessed Mossad asset Arnon Milchan He testified to the police for two hours regarding suspicions that he was involved in a case in which the prime minister is alleged to have received gifts valued at hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Ratan Tata said to have sought Arnon Milchan’s assistance in convincing Netanyahu to promote Israel-Jordan free trade zone where the Tata group would make cheap cars using cheaper desperate for work Arab  Source NDTV

The Tata group has multiple joint ventures and ties with Israel It set up a Technology incubator with  other big groups like General Electric Ventures, Microsoft Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, HNA EcoTech, Pitango Venture Capital and RAMOT, called i3 Equity Partners (i3)  will support promising early-stage Israeli ventures See  Tata group teams up with global leaders to start technology incubator

TATA Enters Partnership with Israeli Water Generation Company  According to MOU signed between TATA and the Israeli partner Watergen will promote production on the soil of India of machines that produce water from air. It turns out that Watergen is owned by the Mirilashvili family Mirilashvili serves as president ofthe World Jewish Congress- See Watergens’s kosher water from air

Tatas have ties with Israeli arms industry too

In 2009 Israel Aerospace Industries IAI and TATA signed an MOU to form a a Joint Venture Company to Develop, Manufacture and Support Defense Products The new JV Company will also perform offset work for IAI and other defense and aerospace programs in India.

HELA Systems Private Limited., a joint venture company of TATA Advanced Systems, India and ELTA Systems Ltd. Israel . The joint venture will be involved in  Radar, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Homeland and surveillance systems.

Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division has a Transfer of Technology from DSIT Israel, to manufacture  Portable Diver Detection Sonars  at their facility at Bengaluru  Products manufactured by DSIT partly owned by the Israeli were used against civilians trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza


In 2010 Naveen Jindal son of the founder of the Jindal group and a Congress party MP lead a Parliamentary delegation to Israel

The O. P. Jindal Global University has eight “Schools” One of the schools is  Jindal School of International Affairs which in its won words is  a ” a world class international affairs social science base that will generate and test theories and peddle a special Indian variant or brand of global studies”.

In that International school is a Jindal Center for Israel studies formed in 2012   through the initiatives of Dr. Rohee Dasgupta has been engaging MA students in the study of modern Israel and organizing academic conferences. It has fostered institutional networks and exchange on Israel Studies with the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University, USA and Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Jindal Center is a tool for recruiting compliant academic  sheep who will bleet out the standard philo semitic “academic drivel” that  so many western universities dish out


 In 2004 Bharti Enterprises set up a 50:50 joint venture with the Rothschild’s, called FieldFresh Foods, to export fresh fruit and vegetable to the European Union. The investment involved: Rs 250 crore.

Mittal then teamed up with the Rothschilds to launch the Manmohan Singh Undergraduate Scholarship from Cambridge University The Manmohan Singh Undergraduate Scholarship Fund was launched with gifts from Sir Evelyn and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild through the Eranda Foundation, and from the Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal-led company, Bharti Airtel (through the Bharti Foundation). Source University of Cambridge

The tower business in Agrica was bought out by Helios Towers Africa a company owned by  Helios Investments, a Rothschilds  Madeline Albright controlled group  Madeline Albright was born Jewish and her original name is Jana Korbel


Godrej Agrovet acquires majority stake in Israeli bio-tech firm Maxximilk Originally established in central Israel in 2008, Maxximilk shifted gears and opened a production facility in Maharashtra last August, after signing a partnership agreement with Godrej Agrovet Ltd.


In 2010 Sun Pharma purchased 69 percent of an Israeli pharma company Taro pharma for 280 million dollars


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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate.  Your web server then creates two cryptographic keys – a Private Key and a Public Key.

Public key cryptography also known as asymmetric cryptography, solves the key exchange problem by defining an algorithm which uses two keys, each of which may be used to encrypt a message. If one key is used to encrypt a message then the other must be used to decrypt it. This makes it possible to receive secure messages by simply publishing one key (the public key) and keeping the other secret (the private key).

The complexities of the SSL protocol remain invisible to your customers. Instead their browsers provide them with a key indicator to let them know they are currently protected by an SSL encrypted session

In 2015 the site -Ars Technica revealed that Lenovo was selling computers that come preinstalled with adware that hijacks encrypted Web sessions  (SSL sessions) and may make users vulnerable to HTTPS man-in-the-middle attacks that are trivial for attackers to carry out, security researchers said.

Lenovo PCs that have adware from a company called Superfish installed.

The Superfish  package installs a selfsigned root HTTPS certificate that can intercept encrypted traffic for every website a user visits.When a user visits an HTTPS site, the site certificate is signed and  controlled by Superfish and falsely represents itself as the official website certificate.

Things got so bad the the  U.S. government on Friday “advised ” Lenovo Group Ltd customers to remove the Superfish , program pre-installed on some Lenovo laptops, saying it makes users vulnerable to cyberattacks.

How it performs ad injection is by using a SSL interception engine by an Israeli company called  Komodia.

On installation the Komodia software will install a root CA certificate in the system trust store.

Then when a user tries to visit a HTTPS website, the software will intercept the connection and place itself between the browser and the server.

It will then connect to the server as a client, and relay data between the two. As a certificate to the client it will present a copy of the server certificate, with a different public key and signed by the root it installed.

The worst part is the root private key is the same on all machines, so anyone can take that and sign fake certificates to use in MitM attacks.

Note that this also means that the actual HTTPS connection is handled by the Komodia proxy client – that is, it’s the Komodia software that will connect to the server over the Internet using a common root private key .Source

It appears that Komodia uses the same framework for many, many products (not just Superfish). Here’s some that have been found so far:

  • Komodia’s “Keep My Family Secure” parental control software.
  • Qustodio’s parental control software
  • Kurupira Webfilter
  • Staffcop (version 5.6 and 5.8)
  • Easy hide IP Classic
  • Lavasoft Ad-aware Web Companion
  • Hide-my-ip

It is safe to assume that any SSL interception product sold by Komodia or based on the Komodia SDK is going to be using the same method.

All you need to do to bypass verification is put the target domain in the alternate field, instead of in the main one that will be changed on failure. An attacker can intercept any https connection, present a self-signed certificate to the client and browsers will show a green lock because Komodia will sign it for them.

This means that whoever has Komodia software running on their system  will accept ANY certificate that has the domain name in the alternates.

Source Komodia/Superfish SSL Validation is broken

Who owns Komodia and Superfish which are doing so much damage to the SSL or secure link world

The owner of Komodia is Barak Weichselbaum,who was once a programmer in Israel’s IDF’s Intelligence Corp The Israeli Intelligence Corps is an Israel Defense Forces corps which falls under the jurisdiction of IDF Directorate of Military Intelligence (Aman) The corps includes Unit 8200, which is the IDF central collection unit, responsible for SIGINT collection and cryptographical analysis, including the Hatzav Unit, responsible for collecting OSINT intelligence.

Komodio’s Wikipedia page has disappeared

The Superfish founder Adi Pinhas (right) was formerly of 8200 he was also employed by Verint, which was linked to NSA surveillance.Micheal Chertok (left) the CTO is the  co founder of Superfish

What about Lenovo ? Well its a Chinese company and its founder is Liu Chuanzhi  As of 2013, Liu served as a  senior advisor at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company . He also served as the CEO of Rio Tinto.

Is it coincidence that Lenovo whose founder owner is a well connected globalist teamed up with an unknown Israeli company to “inject ads” and that company in turn teamed up with another Israeli company to attack secure connections?

What we have here is two Israeli companies created and owned former Unit 8200   (Israels digital spy agency) agents  messing about with one of the most important of Internet functions …………… secure connections

These secure connections are used in every financial transaction in emails in instant messaging in supposedly secure Government communications , in short in some of the most important digital transactions we engage in

The two companies owned by (former???) spies have great covers for any possible attempts at digital spying

Super Fish’s excuse  is its just making money by injecting ads in your PCs or laptops and Komodio is just helping it BREAK SECURE COMMUNICATIONS to help it plant more ads into your browser

Komodio deliberate weakens security by using weak passwords and messing with security certificates

Any tech savvy person can at anytime completely take over any secure transaction of any person unlucky enough to install any Komodio software They can probably infect the servers of companies they deceive with their fake keys and fake certificates

Kodomdio’s excuse can and will always be It wasnt me it was the man in the middle

However until 2015 all these flaws about Superfish and Komodio were unknown Only Lenovo Superfish Komodio employees and possibly Unit8200 knew about them

Since only they knew about the flaws only they could attack and take over secure communications It was sheer bad luck that they were discovered

So is this a one off which was exposed in 2015 and ended that year ?  Well that part of Project Talpiot may have ended but you can bet your shekels another head of the hydra headed monster is quietly working somewhere else


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