That RAW and MOSSAD ties have been close since the opening of Indo Israel ties is no secret What has come out in a rather startling case filed in the Delhi High Court is the kind of links they have .A disproportionate assets case filed by R.K. Yadav, 62,a former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official against Anand Kumar Verma, 81, who retired as RAW chief in 1990,mentions two companies as alleged conduits for diverting secret funds. Yadav alleged that Verma, who was chief between 1987 and 1990, had amassed properties now worth over Rs.100 crore. It now emerges that two of the three flats bought by the RAW front firms were safe houses for Israel’s secret service Mossad to operate covertly in New Delhi. See A House for Mossad

Inquiries by India Today show that the two companies were to serve as operational fronts for the India station chief of Israel’s external intelligence agency Mossad. RAW insiders say the operation was carried out to camouflage the Mossad agent. This was because India did not have full-fledged diplomatic relations with the Jewish nation, but valued intelligence ties with it which it nurtured under its legendary founder R. N. Kao in the late 1960s.

Sometime in the late 1980s, RAW evidently decided on closer ties with Mossad. RAW had until then dealt with it only in third countries. So, in 1988, it floated Piyush Investments and Hector Leasing and Finance Company Ltd. These two firms were listed as trading houses that dealt in thousands of minerals, automobiles, textiles, metals and spare parts, . There’s no evidence the firms did any of this

Verma, who now lives in Noida, declined to talk of the company, but hints his association with the front company was purely professional. “Sometimes, spy agencies float companies for operational reasons,” says Raman. “All I can say is that everything was done with government approval. Files were cleared by the then prime minister (Rajiv Gandhi) and his cabinet secretary,” he adds. “It is true that we did a large number of operations but at every stage, we kept the Cabinet Secretariat and the prime minister in the loop,” says Balachandran, now a Mumbai-based security analyst.

The fake front companies and the flats still exist as of 2013 .(This article was written in March 2013 )A visit to Gauri Sadan reveals that the two interconnected flats are registered in the name of Piyush Investments and Hector Leasing and Finance. The doorbell was answered by a young person who identified himself as a caretaker and dialled a senior official. He identified himself as ‘Mr Nair’, promised to call back, but never did. Evidently, the flats still (IN 2013) function as one of several RAW safe houses across India.

Remember these house hunting expeditions happened BEFORE RAJIV GANDHIS ASSASINATION The Jain Commission had identified the CIA and Mossad as part of an international conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi .RAW was severely criticised for its failure in exposing the plot It’s highly improbable knowing the close RAW LTTE and RAW MOSSAD ties that RAW knew something about Rajiv Gandhis assassination

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