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Hemant Karkare head of the Anti terrorist squad was on the verge of submitting his final report in the Malegaion terror case in Court when he was killed on 26th November 2009

Lets start with this video




These are supposedly the last moments of Hemant Karkare according to CNN IBN Hemant Karkare began his duty on the night of 26/11 at the Taj  He ends up dead in a van pulled up by three unknown scruffy boys ——–How did this happen ?

This video was if Im not mistaken quite longer then the 1.40 minutes shown here

The longer version shows the same boys dragging the body (which seems like Karkares ) over a distance.Notice he donned a  bullet proof vest

in the first minute of the video.Now in the last few seconds we have a man who is dressed like Hemant Karkare (I tried to have a screen shot showing his face in the last seconds but could not) is pulled out probably alive by two boys without the horrible wounds that were later seen at his funeral

In either case where was the bullet proof vest he had worn before cameras just a few minutes before ? And exactly where did he die ? How did he end up in that car like that??Who are these boys and why were they never questioned as to what they did with the corpse of Karkare or the still wounded Karkare???

Hemant Karkare (chief ATS Maharashtra ) Ashok Kamte (Joint Commissioner of police Mumbai) and Vijay Salaskar (senior police inspector) left CST (train terminus) and went to Cama Hospital (and to his death) responding to  Sadanand Date’s call for backup Sadanand Date is a Chitpavan
s date

The Police Control room from where all calls were coming and going were controlled by
Rakesh Maria a cop who seems to have positive press almost effortlessly.Post 26/11 he was criticised by Vinita Kamte Ashok Kamte”s lawyer wife for his suspicious or  behaviour
indexNobody is quite clear as to Maria’s religious background or his unusual surname Maria interestingly hails from a Mumbai based  film family . His father Chand Maria was a film producer  and had a production house called Kala Niketan. Maria virtually grew up on film sets.

Rakesh Maria and Sadanand Date sent Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar to Cama hospital (and to their graves) where two terrorists took on three armed and experienced police officers and eight armed constables and managed to kill three officers and three constables with one constable escaping. That sounds very improbable and suspicious Remember Kamte and Salaskar were “encounter specialists” who had been in similar situations many times before Remember the ostensible reason for sending a team there ? It was to rescue Sadanand Date Date not only survived , he has now been promoted and feted 26/for his role during 26/11

Vinita Kamte (Ashok Kamtes widow) has openly questioned Maria’s handling of the Control room and basically said that Maria did nothing whilst her husband and other officers and men lay dying Source Economic Times

Call log records procured under Right To Information (RTI) by Vinita Kamte, wife of one of the slain officers Ashok Kamte, prove that no heed was paid to the then ATS Chief Hemant Karkare’s vital and crucial orders to the Control Room through his mobile, which, if attended to, may have probably saved their lives. Kamte”s widow Vinita is a practising lawyer She has written a book “To the Last Bullet” whose Kindle version is still available at Amazon India website

Here is where things get mysterious because there are basically two versions of how Karkare got killed and NEITHER VERSION CAN EXPLAIN HOW HIS BODY ENDED UP IN THE CAR

The first version is Ajmal Kasabs Kasab claimed he and Ismail had killed Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte. Later, in his ‘confession,’ he claimed that while coming out of the hospital, he and Ismail saw a police vehicle passing and hid behind a bush; then another vehicle passed them and stopped some distance away. A police officer got out and started firing at them, hitting Kasab on the hand so that he dropped his AK47, but Ismail opened fire on the officers in the car until they stopped firing. THERE WERE THREE BODIES IN THE VEHICLE, WHICH ISMAIL REMOVED, AND THEN DROVE OFF IN IT WITH KASAB.

The second version of how they were killed is by Constable Arun Jhadav. According to him, Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte, a driver and four police constables including himself were driving down the alley from VT to the back entrance of Cama (barely a ten-minute drive) in their Toyota Qualis to check on injured police officer Sadanand Date when two gunmen emerged from behind trees by the left side of the road and sprayed the vehicle with bullets, KILLING ALL ITS INMATES EXCEPT JADHAV. THEY THEN DRAGGED OUT THE THREE OFFICERS, HIJACKED THE VEHICLE, drove to Metro junction and then Mantralaya in South Bombay, abandoned it WHEN A TYRE BURST, AND GRABBED ANOTHER CAR.According to police accounts, they then drove to Girgaum, where Kasab was injured and arrested and his companion killed. http://kafila.org/2009/11/17/where-is-hemant-karkares-bullet-proof-jacket/

The trial court judge Tahilyani said that whilst the bullets extracted from all the dead at cst matched bullets from Kasab or his partner Ismail’s ak47s the bullets in Karkares and Salaskar”s  bodies did not match the bullets from Kasabs gun so whose bullets killed Karkare ? Source

But why would someone want to assassinate Karkare so badly?  WHO REALLY REALLY BENEFITTED FROM HIS DEATH

The obvious beneficiaries were the right wing Hindutva or Sangh terrorist Karkare had exposed and who simply hated everything he stood for(basically professionalism immense courage and common human decency)

Karkare was the first police officer since the 1950s  investigation of the  RSS role in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination to actively lead an ongoing investigation into Hindutva RSS and Sangh terror.He had uncovered a lot of evidence of the RSS AND BJP cadres roles in TERRORIST ACTIVITIES which included bomb blasts in the Samjautha express and blast in the Muslim majority town of Malegaon (where Muslims had been arrested under the cover of it being a Shia Sunni affair)

He was going to file the file reports in three cases which would have
linked high level BJP/RSS activists to terror acts . After his death these cases filed under more “helpful cops ” charged the same set of persons BUT COMPLETELY EXONERATED THE BJP AND RSS AS A GROUP

So were the RSS  alone responsible for 26/11 ? Not necessarily.They just didnt have the skills and they risked everything if caught

Which would bring in the SECOND BENEFICIARY of Karkares death

Whilst carrying out investigations into the Malegaon blasts On 5 November, the first ever serving army officer, Lt Col Purohit, 37, was arrested for procuring the RDX used in three terror blastsPurohit’s role as a prime conspirator became clearer with the arrest of self-styled seer Swami Dayanand Pandey alias Shankar Acharya alias Shukhakar Dwivedi, 40, on 14 November. Pandey had a habit of recording all his conversations with his co-conspirators on his laptop.This was by far the  biggest and luckiest break for Karkare besides the usual Sangh terror activities the tapes had something very startling


The involvement of Israel with right wing Hindutva terrorists see Israel training and arming Indian terrorists plotting a coup





Which when you consider the Jewish state is not surprising at all Here are some excerpts from the tapes played out to a reporter of Tehelka Magazine (the same magazine whose Editor is now accused of sexual assault)LT COL PUROHIT: Swamiji, we haven’t spoken about certain things, but two operations have been done by us.

One of our own captains has visited Israel for training and meeting and there was a very positive response… we demanded four things from Israel

— continuous and uninterrupted supply of arms and training,

 our office with a saffron flag in tel aviv,

political asylum

and support for our cause of a Hindu nation in the un.

Israel has asked us to show something on the ground and have promised at least a supply of arms and political asylum…i have a state-wise population of Muslims in each state but i have only three ak-47s. We couldn’t buy much earlier because we didn’t have funds. Source

Imagine Karkare getting his hands on the Captain who visited Israel and getting a confession from him It would have been

Proof that Israel was aiding and abetting groups trying to overthrow the Government of India

The people of India would never forget that and the chosen ones could forget any plans they had on India. The Jews knew a strike on Mumbai was coming now Israelis seem unlikely to have directly penetrated the ISI  but the CIA  is a completely different matter. We know CIA  double agent David Headley was closely involved in 26/11 . CIA  knew exactly what was going to happen and when and what the CIA knows sooner or later gets leaked to the Mossad

The Israelis may have  sent their best people to Mumbai to use the confusion to assassinate Karkare or the Sangh may have directly assassinated Karkare

The Malegaon blast case investigation meandered on (As on January 2014 its the trial is ongoing) If a BJP Government comes to power in Delhi there will be very strong pressure on the Prosecutors Judges and Investigators to let the accused free .No mention of the Israel angle has surfaced in the Final Police Chargesheet


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