Tony Abbot is BIG in Israel An article in Haaretz by Dan Goldberg on September 7 titled, “Israel regains staunch ally as opposition wins Australia election” sums it up

Heres Haretz again .——————- The Labor government was swept from its six-year term in office on Saturday as the conservative Liberal Party won a convincing, and expected, victory. Abbott – a surf life-saver, volunteer fire-fighter and ONE-TIME TRAINEE CATHOLIC PRIEST– (NOT the evil boy diddling type of course )is expected to lead a government of more 90 seats against Labor’s expected 55 seats in the new parliament.
The news will be WELCOMED  by officials IN JERUSALEM, who have experienced turbulent diplomatic relations under Kevin Rudd, INCLUDING THE EXPULSION OF AN ISRAELI AGENT FROM ITS EMBASSY IN CANBERRA FOLLOWING THE 2010 DUBAI PASSPORTS AFFAIR.” .——————- Im guessing some chosen ones some might consider it ANTI SEMITIC to throw out an agent misusing your passports and getting Australia mixed up in kosher false flags .With Abbot in charge Mossad  agents will have a field day in Australia  and Australian passports

As ususal you GO TO TAKE COUNT OF HOW MANY CHOSEN ONES WERE CHOSEN Haretz does the honours .——————- All three Jewish lawmakers in federal parliament are expected to be returned, with Joshua Frydenberg becoming the first Liberal Jewish member of government since Peter Baume in the early 1980s.Labor’s Michael Danby and Mark Dreyfus– both of whom served in the cabinet of the Rudd government – will likely return to the opposition benches, though final ballots still need to be counted.Labor’s Mike Kelly(a very gentile sounding name ) ,WHO IS MARRIED TO A COUSIN OF EHUD OLMERT, is expected to hold his seat, but it was still too close to call on Saturday night. .——————- If Labour wins the Chosen ones are covered Its called KOSHER HEDGING

Like all good kosher stories there HAS TO BE AZZ KISSING and ABBOT
does his duty dutifully Abbott has said he wants to return bilateral relations to the era of former Liberal leader John Howard, who was an unashamed and unapologetic supporter of Israel.——————- “I’d like to think that nowhere in the world [does Israel] have a stauncher friend than us,”Abbott told an Australia-Israel forum in Melbourne when he was first elected party leader in 2009.-

More Israeli Press Reporting on Abbots win

“The Liberal Party’s election victory may signal a strengthening of ties between Canberra and Jerusalem. Abbot[t] told reporters last month that the last two Labor governments had not maintained Australia’s strong relationship with the Jewish state, something he said he aimed to fix, according to the Australian Associated Press. ‘There’s been a bit of wobbling under the current government but I would expect our standard rock-solid friendship with Israel to resume should the coalition win the election,’ he said. ‘I’m a friend of Israel – always have been, always will be.'” The Times of Israel  “Conservative, pro-Israel candidate wins Aussie election”.

“From Jerusalem’s vantage point, Saturday’s election in Australia was a battle between the ‘good friends of Israel’ vs ‘the very good friends of Israel.’ And, with the victory of Tony Abbott’s Liberal-National coalition over Kevin Rudd’s Labor party,the ‘very good friends’ won this time around. Jerusalem Post  “Australian-Israeli ties to remain strong under newly elected Abbott”.

“The victorious Tony Abbott of the center-right Liberal party is an outspoken friend of the Jewish state. He has pledged to improve relations with Israel, toughen the government’s approach toward terrorist organizations and end financial support for organizations connected to the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. These results represent a sea change in Israel-Australia relations. Before assuming office in 2007, Rudd portrayed himself as a Christian Zionist. But in office, he launched a campaign to downgrade Australia’s relationship toward Israel. He reduced Australian support for Israel at the U.N. and adopted policies akin to those of hostile European countries.

Julia Gillard, who displaced him in 2010, made efforts to revive the friendly relations with Israel. But after Bob Carr was appointed as foreign minister in March 2012, the relationship again began to decline… Carr stunned the Australian Jewish community a few weeks ago when he told Muslims at a Sydney mosque, ‘I’ve been to Ramallah, I’ve spoken to the Palestinian leadership, and we support their aspirations to have a Palestinian state in the context of a Middle East peace. … We say unequivocally, all settlements on Palestinian land are illegal under international law and should cease.’ Australian Jewish leader Isi Leibler, in “A good mate down under”, published in Israel Hayom


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