Winnie Mandela with Hazel Crane ex wife of Diamond Mafia leader Shai Avissar

South Africa is a leading producer of GOLD and DIAMONDS and where there are gold or diamonds there are Jews ……and Jewish Mafias.Unfortunately there are no Eyetalians in South Africa to create a fake Eyetalian Mafia like in the US’In my last post I had said that Mandela was primed up by the KOSHER MEDIA as the GREAT BLACK HOPE because a Mandela led ANC Government would be easier to control whilst the Chosen Ones milked the state dry

The Mandela family Israeli link isnt limited to Winnie One grandson Dumani Mandela has publicly said that he has a great affinity for the Tohrah

This strange tale proves it with Mandelas third wife being directly involved with the Israeli Mafia in South Africa

Winnie Mandela probably can’t say “the Ramat Amidar gang”with the proper accent, but that has not prevented her from getting caught up in the bloody struggle being waged by members of the Israeli group in South Africa. About two years ago Shai Avissar, the gang’s leader in Johannesburg, was murdered.Lior Sa’ad, also a member of the group and the prime suspect in the murder, was shot and injured in 2001 on his way to court in Johannesburg.

Avissar was very close to Mandela. He paid for the dress she wore to the ceremony where her husband, Nelson Mandela, was sworn in as president of South Africa in 1994, and bought her a pistol and other clothes as well. For a period of four years, he paid her grocery bills. In June 1994, he bought her a fancy vacation home in Cape Town.Mandela was elected President in 1994  Imagine the scandal if a member of the Eyetalian Mafia had bought the future US Presidents wife a house

Avissar also aided Mandela on other occasions. During the sessions of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee which took place in November and December 1997, and dealt with the crimes of apartheid, she was accused of kidnapping and assault. Mandela was not alone in her despair. In a film shot by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) during the sessions, Avissar was shown sitting behind her

The close ties between the leader of the Israeli gang, who grew up in Jerusalem, and the woman known as the “mother of the South African nation” were severed on November 17, 1999, when Avissar disappeared.His body was found four months later, in February 2000, in a shallow grave near Pretoria.

In April 2001 , Israeli Lior Sa’ad was arrested on suspicion of murdering Avissar. Sa’ad is suspected of three other murders and 17 attempted murders. More

In 2003 Avissars former wife Hazel Crane was assassinated by four gunmen as she was on her way to testify against Lior Saad.Short, blonde, Jewish (other reports consistently describe her as “Irish” guess she is a hidden Irish Jews ) and dressed in expensive designer clothes, Crane was a nurse by profession who came to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 1981, after her husband was killed. At the time, she was in her eighth month of pregnancy and the mother of a little boy. She arrived in Johannesburg with four suitcases and went into business selling insurance and real estate, and was involved in the coffee and diamond trades. Being a businesswoman, she later said, exposed her to the hostility of a world ruled by men. She became active in support groups for businesswomen and in the Women’s League of the African National Congress (ANC), whose president was Winnie Mandela. The two met at league activities and Crane became very enthusiastic: Close acquaintanceship with a woman of Mandela’s status could only be beneficial to her, she reasoned.

Despite their basic differences, Avissar and Mandela did have something in common: love of the good life.  More Winnie got a divorce from Nelson Mandela in 2006



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