Indian Jews are a religious minority of  India . The better-established ancient communities have assimilated a large number of local traditions through cultural diffusion. The Jewish population in India is hard to estimate since each Jewish community is distinct with different origins ; some allegedly arrived during the time of the Kingdom of Judah ,others are seen by some as descendants of Israel’s Ten Lost Tribes.In addition to Jewish expatriates and recent immigrants, there are five Jewish groups in India:

  •  Cochin Jews arrived in India 2,500 years ago and settled down in Kerala as traders.
  • Sephardic Jews and Anusim in India are European Jews who settled in southwest India, in Goa, Madras (now Chennai), after having left the Iberian peninsula at the end of the 15th century and throughout the 16th century, due to the Spanish Inquisition in both Spain and Portugal. Some of the newer immigrants were crypto-Jews, having been forcibly converted to Catholicism but continuing to practice Judaism in secrecy.  The European Jews were also referred to as the  White Jews, given their European ethnicity. The Malabar Jews, having intermarried were called the Black Jews  . Jewish population once existed in Goa had been settled in Goa before the Portuguese arrived. Many of them integrated with the local Goan culture and spoke the Konkani language The Jews of Goa were however expelled by the Portuguese during the Goa  Inqusition with most heading for Kerala
  •  Spanish and Portuguese Jews, British Jews and Baghdadi Jews arrived at Madras during the 14th century, mainly as Traders and Diamond Businessmen.The Zoroastrians and the Jews in Middle East had been migrating to other regions, specially India to escape persecution in the medieval ages. By 1700 there was  already an established Baghdadi Jew community  in Surat. Surat was a main trading port in the 16th and 17th centuries; the East India Company used the city as a trade transit point. These “Baghdadis,” as they came to be known, especially the Sassoons of Bombay and the Ezras of Calcutta, eventually established manufacturing and commercial houses of fabulous wealth.
  • The Bene Israel arrived in the state of Maharashtra 900 years ago.
  • The Bnei Menashe are Mizo and Kuki tribesmen in Manipur and Mizoram who are recent converts to Judaism
  • The Bene Ephraim (also called “Telugu Jews”) are a small group who speak Telugu ; their observance of Judaism dates to 1981





Dr Mini Kariappa

Dr Mini Kariappa addressing on DNA linkages at Hyderabad House

In 2001 Dr. Mini Kariappa Asst. Professor/ Professor of Anatomy & Genetics at the Jubilee Mission Medical College of Thrissur and Kolenchery College of Medicine started her herculean task to diagnose hundreds of blood samples for DNA mapping at the Hyderabad Center.

When she shared her findings with Prof George Menacherry  in 2005 he included a sentence about her finding in his presentation at the Church History Association of India


Her paper on her DNA experiments won for her colleague The Best Young Scientist of the World Award. She  has presented her paper at the World Genetic Conference held at Manipal and has been published in their Journal.



Chitpavans claim to be a Brahmin Jati This so called  “Chitpavan Brahmin Jati” was virtually unknown  till the 18th century when a person claiming to be a Brahmin  called Balaji Bhat gained prominence in the Maratha court of Shivajis son Sambhaji The very term Chitpavan had not been heard of before The rise of the so called Chitpavans was strongly opposed by the established Deshastha Brahmin jati

In fact according to H. H. Dodwell. The Cambridge History of India: British India, 1497-1858. p. 385. other Brahmin groups of the are DID NOT CONSIDER THE CHITPAVANS TO BE BRAHMINS AT ALL The simplest and most plausible theory is that the Chitpavan “Brahmins” are simply the Bene Israel Jews who arrived in Maharastra in or around  1100 AD and who “converted ” themselves into Brahmins based on the powerful backing of their fellow Chitpavan Peshwas

Famous and infamous Chitpavans

 Balaji Vishwanath——-Nana Sahib ——-Bal Gangadhar Tilak ——-Gopal Krishna Gokhale ——-Ganesh Damodar Savarkar ——-Vinayak Savarkar ——-Gopal Ganesh Agarkar ——-Vinoba Bhave ——-Nathuram Godse ——-Gopal Godse ——-Madhuri Dixit ——-Mugdha Godse ——-

sawarkarnat godse

Jew Boys Sawarkar ,Godse ,Tilak,Gokhle,V Bhave,Madhuri Dixit

 Notice some famous (or infamous names there? )  For more on one of the  the most Famous or Infamous Chitpavans see Nathuram Godse ——-the homosexual Bene Israeli Jew who killed Gandhi

For More Chitpavan Jew links see

The possible links between Jews and Hindus


Jews, Indians, and Imperialists

Molecular insight into the genesis of ranked caste populations of Western India




The Nambhudhiris or Nambhodhirs are a group of Malyalee people who claim Brahman status or claim to be a Brahman Jati and are based on the south western coast of India in the state of Kerala Like the Chitpavans they share the same Parshuram myth as  the origin myth Unlike in Maharashtra where the established Brahmin groups strongly opposed them in Kerala the scarcity of real Brahmin groups meant they did not have much trouble although the AIYER Brahmins of neighbouring Tamil Nadu often contested and ridiculed the Nambhodiri claim to Brahminhood when the two groups resided in the same locality

They created a unique system whereby ONLY THE ELDEST MALE got married to a Nambhodhiri  woman. The younger males picking up good looking women  of lower castes mainly certain Nair subcastes  as mistresses and producing a bastard race  They called it Sambandham  The bastard children (since the Nambhodhiris did not marry the women ) inherited and got their surnames from their mothers Thus they institutionalised bastardy something no genuine race conscious Brahmin group would ever do   They claim to have the same origin myth as the Chitpavans ie the Parashuram myth

Famous Nambhodhiris

E. M. S. Namboodiripad——–Adi Shankara





This is basically a subset of the Nambhodhiri group  also known as Shivalli Brahmins of Kerala are  primarily found in the Indian state of Karnataka and the Kasargod district of   Northern Kerala. They are famous for their chain of Udipi Hotels Their mother tongue is the Tulu language.  Today, there is a sizeable Tulu Brahmin population in Thiruvanantapuram (capital of Kerala)and elsewhere in the state.



This is a single ethnoreligious group as Wiki reminds us The Ethnicity as Dr Kariappas study shows is Jewish the religion Christian the location Kerala . The community was historically united in leadership and liturgy, but since the 17th century have been split into several different church denominations and traditions. Since that time further splits have occurred, and the Saint Thomas Christians are now divided into several different Eastern Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, and various Reformed churches, each with their own liturgies and traditions. It is believed that when St Thomas or some disciple of his came to India and converted some of the Malabar Jews, already living in the Malabar coast to Christianity The Syrian Christians are descendants of this group Israelis have started eyeing this group and are already claiming that the Syrian Christians are hidden Jews  Read this cached Times of Israel article on Syrian Christians

Famous Syrian Christians

Tessy Thomas, DRDO, Indian Defense Agni Missile Project Director———–Vinod Thomas, Director-General of Independent Evaluation Group , World Bank   Arundhati Roy well know Indian writer and leftist activist (mother Syrian Christian father Hindu )

tessy thomas

Indias missile project director Tessy Thomas



Despite their animosity, do Jews and the Pathans in India come from the same ancestral stock — the biblical lost tribes of Israel? A subject of speculation among academicians in the past, the Israeli government has now asked an Indian geneticist, Shahnaz Ali, to study the link between the Afridi Pathans based in the Lucknow region and certain tribes of Israel who migrated from their native place to all over Asia a few thousand years ago.Ali, who has been granted a scholarship by Israel’s foreign ministry to work on the project, is genetically analysing blood samples of the Afridi Pathans of Malihabad near Lucknow which she collected earlier to confirm their Israeli origin. Ali is based in Haifa where she is working in collaboration with the prestigious Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.

Shahnaz’s research would be important if it does establish the genetic link between Pathans and Jews, as it could be seen as a scientific validation of a traditional belief about the Israelite origin of Pathans and can have interesting ramifications for Muslim-Jew relations in particular and the world at large,”Dr Navras Aafreedi, a researcher in Indo-Judaic studies and one of thefirst proponents of the common-origin theory in India, told TOI.


Navras Jaat Afridi, has published recently  a book titled The Indian Jewry & The Self-professed ‘Lost Tribes of Israel in India’ traces their lineage to one of the ‘lost tribes’ of Israel. Says Navras, “The main purpose of the research (for a doctorate from Lucknow University) was to trace the Afridi Pathans’ ancestry

To make his study credible, he got help from an international research team which included Professor Tudor Parfitt, director of the Centre of Jewish Studies, London University and Dr Yulia Egorova, a linguist and historian from Russia. The team visited Malihabad and collected DNA samples from 50 paternally unrelated Afridi males to confirm their Israelite descent. The reserachers looked at Israel’s connections with Pathans in the Frontier areas of Pakistan and their links with Afridi Pathans in Uttar Pradesh’s Malihabad and Qaimganj (Farrukhabad) as well as with Pathans in Aligarh, Sambhal and Barabanki besides tribes in Kashmir, Manipur and Guntur of Andhra Pradesh.

Famous Indian Afridi Pathans
Zakir Hussain (Indias Third President) Salman Khurshid (his grandson ) Indias current Foreign Minister


See Is India’s former Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid a Crypto Jew ?

For more Afridi Pathan Jew Links see

Also see

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53 Responses to INDIAS CRYPTO JEWS

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  6. Great article Wide Awake Gentile, thanks for tweeting me the link to this. For those who want to understand the link between radical Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Communism and the far right this site. Rivers of Blood makes all the important connections.

  7. An says:

    Is it possible for Sikhs to have Jewish blood? I’m a Rajput and I have been wondering… what are the characteristics of Jewish blood in terms of personality type? Some members of my father’s side are extreme penny pinchers, cold, but also very intelligent and crafty with a good memory. What do you think? Thanks.

  8. Why not do a DNA test and settlle your doubts ?

  9. In that case you could try Costs you 99 $ a test If they dont offer services in Canada they will tell u who does

    • An says:

      Thanks so much! Looks very good! If you don’t mind me asking, what is your background? I assume you’re Indian too?

  10. Khushagra Joshi says:

    If i believe you then i need to go for a dna test as Jewry is matrelineal
    I am not sure about veracity of your claim but Bene Israeli’s also claim the same may god clear me of all this as fast as possible


  12. manish says:

    Who were Jews ..Kalani (Kaul Brahmins) who migrated more than 3000 years to Assyria.. then canaan… do this research also… Kalani Kaul brahmins are and were very briliant.. every one..knows.. It’s migration theory… world is moving and coming back to square..

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  14. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    A read you might find interesting……
    Searching for My Indian Jewish Family, From Kabbalah to Bollywood

  15. Tnks It is one looong article Read it partly Interesting titbits like the Association of Hebrew Theosophists
    She writes a lot abt the Magnificent Sassons never once mentioning their real business selling Opium to China

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is wrong to say Namboodiris are Jews. Actually some Namboodiris found Judaism. Namboodiris are the only brahmins in India who preserved the vedic traditions for thousands of years. How can you say Namboodiris are Jews? It is real stupidity. Jews may have some Namboodiri blood because Judaism was found by Namboodiris. Let DR MINI KARIAPPA may research on this.

  17. Rajan Rajiv says:

    The Bogus-ness of DNA Testing for Genealogy Research
    At this point, pretty much everyone knows, there are many companies out there promising to unlock the secrets of your ancestry and heredity through DNA analysis (a.k.a. genetealogy). If you send them some DNA from a simple swab of your cheek — and a good-sized chunk of money — they’ll test your DNA and tell you, among other things, what stock you came from: European, East Asian, African,

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is nonsense, Namboodiris are the only true Brahmins preserving ancient Vedic culture. This site has some disinformation, probably the author is repeating what he read elsewhere

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      The whole world knows that the Nambudiris of Kerala used to have FREE SEX WITH UNDERAGE ATTRACTIVE NON-BRAHMIN GIRLS. Google “The worst racists on planet earth : Nambudiris of Kerala/ AJIT VADAKAYIL”

    • Was not tippu sultan massacring the namboodiris? It was purnaiah, a madhava, indo -irani central asian overlord who guided tippu sultan.

      Man, honestly, all these were being kept quiet under the garb of hindutva.

      vedic culture is not that ancient. Real vedism was all about preserving identitites and races, and vedic races were warriors, with one overlord or a strategist, who used to be their WARLORD, definitely not hawan or yagnam.

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  20. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.
    The Jew always interbreeds with whatever tribes/races/groups he seeks to control and erects a hybrid race as there is no loyalty greater than blood loyalty. Hence it is no wonder that the 2 regions where British EIC had its primary stranglehold initially, produce the greatest Anglo-American Zionist ass-lickers – The Bengali & Tamil Brahmins.
    Now its a matter of common sense that the British/Baghdadi/Portuguese Jews of Madras and Ezra Jews in Kolkata breeded judeo-brahmin hybrids who have a death grip over much of the Indian establishment to this date alongwith other similar such Brahmin groups.
    Susu Swamy is a big suspect for instance.

    • idiot849 says:

      I’ve heard stories that many south Indian males were given Portuguese women to mate with while Portuguese were in south India. Now where did these Portuguese women descend from, nobody has ever been able to answer until these genetic stats started to reveal themselves.

    • JEW MURDABAD says:

      @ Indian Goyim Party : Contd. from previ. post. When a Christian evangelist tried 2 convert me I told him curtly,”I will NEVER accept a JEW (JESUS) as my lord & saviour”. How can I be an ass-licker of Zionists ? Su. Swamy is a Telugu brahmin & not Tamil

  21. ts says:

    Do these Jews in india, practice the ancient babylon cult of semiramis and nimrod. Are they still having atheist dna?

  22. HINDUPUTRA says:

    According to SRI CHANDRASHEKHARENDRA SARASWATI, the previous head of the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, Adi Shankaracharya was a pre-Nambudiri CHOLIYA Brahmin and NOT a Nambudiri.

  23. HINDUPUTRA says:

    Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati, the previous head of the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, was a Kannada brahmin born & brought up in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. He belonged to a caste called Karnataka Hoysala Smaarta Brahmins.

  24. JEW MURDABAD says:

    Only u r an Anglo-American-Zionist ass-licker. There r nearly 12 castes among d so-called Tamil Brahmins. I belong 2 one of these castes. My ancestors were Aryans who had migrated from North India. I’m ready for a DNA test. I challenge u 2 prove urself.

  25. JEW MURDABAD says:

    @ Indian Goyim Party : Mahatma Gandhi praised Tamil Brahmins for their patriotism. Subrahmanya Bharati, Rajaji, Vanchinathan, Satyamurti (Guru of Kamaraj), Former Presi R.Venkataraman, V.V.S.Iyer, Suddhananda Bharati & others were TamBram freedom fighters

    • Yes, because they wanted to establish their hegemony, all these crypto jews. Good that periyar showed the jews or hittites their true worth. At least, in tamil nadu, I don’t see the vedic tribes being touched. And for sanskrit, it indeed is a racial issue, because hittites want to impose themselves on tamil people.

      • JEW MURDABAD says:

        E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker (the so-called Periyar) was a KANNADA BALIJA NAIDU. These guys were originally from Andhra Pradesh. Why this Telugu – Kannada crossbreed did not go to K’TAKA & ANDHRA & conduct a hate campaign against the Brahmins there ?

  26. //My ancestors were Aryans who had migrated from North India//

    hittites race, the sanskritic overlords. Indo-aryans are descendants of these hittites.

    Deshastha brahmins, namboothiris, the real ones, were the overlords of indo-iranis or central asians. The indo-aryans were never considered as true aryans by anyone. ARyans never ever wanted to be part of the dravidian brahmanism of the gangetic plains.

  27. real overlords, or the real brahmans would have never surnames based on ‘vocations’, they would derive their names by their tribes and races.

    • JEW MURDABAD says:

      @ Ramakrishna Lambu
      I think u r a CRYPTO JEW. I challenge u to undergo DNA TEST.I’m ready to undergo DNA Test myself. I look like a North Indian. I don’t look like a European or a Jew. One can find JEWS only on d west coast of India (Kerala, K’taka,Maha).

  28. SUNIL TRIPATHI says:

    “Nambudiris are the only true brahmins prdserving vedic culture”: This is a LIE propagated by the notorious Malayalam chauvinist & Thiyya casteist AJIT VADAKAYIL. There were great Vedic scholars in North India & Andhra, Karnataka & Tamilnadu.

  29. JEW MURDABAD says:

    In Tamil Nadu Brahmins don’t have surnames. During religious rites, they add “S(h)arma” to their names. That’s all. Only Maharashtrian brahmins have dozens of surnames based on vocations. CHITPAVANS look like Europeans, white-skinned with cat-like eyes.

  30. JEW MURDABAD says:

    By merely looking at CHITPAVANS one can say with certainty that they are JEWS & NOT BRAHMINS. Not a single Tamil Brahmin has cat-like grey or green eyes. They do NOT look like Europeans. Some Tamil NON-BRAHMINS like Agamudaiyas have cat-like eyes.

  31. Josh says:

    How much you want to bet that Gandhi was a crypto-Jew?

  32. olavleivar says:

    Thanks for all the info on India and many other issues .. You have a clear mind !


  34. Chisti Rehman UK says:

    All roads of evil lead to Israel or Zionist lobby-all staged events, in UK USA Canada (Crisis Event companies and Security companies owned by jews) with the help loony groups like Ahmadiyya/Qadianis Etc
    They spread hate and say freedom of speech but cry when people say they are behind all crimes or mention their control off publishing (intellectual false distortion of history). Or that they award themselves/after controlling academia the noble prizes etc etc
    The Conservative party in the UK is majority crpto jews and Crypto Ahmadiyya pretending to be Muslim-who are they fooling

    Read the Bible John 8:44 revelations 3:9
    All roads of evil lead to Israel – – how right!!!!

  35. Chisti Rehman UK says:

    The Pathans are not jewish but the original Aryana – this myth or intellectual dishonesty fraud has been started by the Jews and Qadianis or Ahmadiyyah – fakery at work again. The Pathans vehemently hate this association with jews it is deeply offensive to the noble pathans!!! I know I’m friends with many of them

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