Remember all those concerts for Darfur? The NGOs formed to SAVE DARFUR?

DARFURdarfur 2

The Jew Press and the Jew Rock Stars made it sound as if the North Sudanese had GAS OVENS and were about to gas of 6 million angelic South Sudanese When a REAL GENOCIDE DID TAKE PLACE IN THE CONGO NO ONE LIFTED A FINGER

Turns out the Save Darfur choir was sponsored by Rothschild Within days of declaring itself a sovereign nation, South Sudan’s state oil company, Nilepet formed a joint venture with Glencore International Plc to market its oil. Glencore is controlled by the Rothschild’s. The PetroNile joint venture will be 51 percent controlled by Nilepet and 49 percent by Glencore.  Source   Also see South Sudan’s Oil Company Forms Joint Venture With Glencore  (Article available only to paid bloomberg subscribers) Puts things in perspective


The Goofy looking guy on the right is NAT ROTSCHILD  ONE OF THE ROTH SCIONS

South Sudan has hold your breath Oil Uranium and Gold ———Holy Moshe its the Trifecta as far as the Chosen Ones are concerned they had to control it ———But there was a problem ——–An Islamic government was in power ———Their Lordships and Baronships the holy Rothschilds needed an encumbrance free country ——–voila they started a civil war to separate the Muslim north from the Christian south ——–but what if the pesky Christians did not quite cooperate? Well read on silly gentiles read on

Jerusalem Post had an article on Sudan titled Potential to make money in South Sudan Enourmous  (well at least they are honest the Jerusalem Post ) MEIR GREIVER is the CEO of an Israeli company SOUTH SUDAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, LTD.Meir Greiver said something very interesting in his interview with the Jerusalem Post.Greiver seems to think big, and the way he tells it, there is a vast array of economic opportunities just waiting for Israeli businessmen willing to fly to Juba and invest their money.The potential to make money in many different fields is ENORMOUS. They have GOLD , URANIUM. Some also say there is some ALUMINIUM . It is absolutely a place where things can be done.”Greiver said Israelis have no reason to HIDE THEIR NATIONALITY (let the cat out of the bag there Moshe), saying “We are very well embraced there, NOT ONLY  BECAUSE OF THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEF THAT WE ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, BUT ALSO BECAUSE ISRAEL HELPED THEM IN THE ’60S AND ’70S,” in reference to Israel’s support (really what kind the false flag variety?) of South Sudan during its civil war with the North.There is a strong chance that Meir Greiver and the South Sudan Development Company are FRONTS FOR ROTHSCHILD LIKE YUKOS in Russia

israel s sudan

The Israelis haven’t just got the Secular leaders in the bag they have the CHURCH too

According to the SUDAN TRIBUNE Christians in South Sudan are planning a pilgrimage to Israel in fulfillment of what they say was God’s promise in the Bible to the people of the region, senior Church leaders have announced. Spiritual leaders from various Christian denominations in South Sudan on Thursday presented a plan for the trip to South Sudan’s Vice President, Riek Machar, which was later broadcast on South Sudan television and radio. If it goes ahead, the pilgrimage will see hundreds of South Sudanese Christians,PARTICULARLY SENIOR CHURCH LEADERS, traveling to the Holy Land and PRESENTING GIFTS ON MOUNT ZION in the next few months.

Well SOMETHING seems to have gone wrong as there is now a full-fledged CIVIL WAR
President Salva Kiir blamed his rival former Vice President Riek Machar   for the coup Kiir had fired Machar in June 2013 Machar is from the Nuer tribe which has fought in the past with South Sudan’s dominant Dinka tribe, to which Kiir belongs.On December 20, 2011, Kiir visited Israel to thank it for its support during the First Sudanese Civil War in 1956–1972, and met with Israeli president Shimon Peres to discuss establishing an embassy in Jerusalem, which would make South Sudan the only country to have one in that city. Oy Vei.On March 24 2012 the visiting Israeli ambassador,Dan Shaham, met with the vice president of South Sudan, Riek Machar, and discussed issues pertaining to the bilateral cooperation between the two states Machar stressed the importance of establishing a Hebrew language school in the South Sudan’s capital, Juba.They also discussed the plans for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land by South Sudanese Christian leaders.

riek macharSalva kiir

Nuer Shabos Goy Riek Machar                                   Diinka Shabos Goy Salva Kiir

Bottom line the Jewish state had TWO SHABOS GOYS FROM TWO LEADING TRIBES IN PLACE.Then the Diinka Shabos Goy kicked out the Nuer Shabos Goy

Besides Israel and the Rothschilds China has a presence in S Sudan It has a  Joint Venture Company called Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company run jointly by China National Petroleum Corporation: 40% Petronas Carigali Overseas of Malaysia: 30% and ONGC Videsh (the overseas arm of ONGC) of India : 25% was extracting oil in UNDIVIDED SUDAN The Greater Nile Company had in January shut oil production from the Greater Nile Petroleum project after a dispute between South Sudan and Sudan over pipeline transit fees. In November this year an agreement had been reached between Sudan and South Sudan.Could the Nuer Shabos Goy have  run off to the Chinese or Jehova forbid the Russians  because he was pissed off with his old sugar daddy Israel for supporting the Dinkaa Shabos Goy over him ?

From this article  it seems as if the Joos are facing some problems in South Sudan

(JTA) — Intense fighting amid a coup attempt in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, has forced AN ISRAELI AID GROUP IN THE COUNTRY TO SUSPEND ITS OPERATIONS AND GO ON LOCKDOWN. The heavy gunfire in Juba began late Sunday night; members of the Israeli group, IsraAid, reported artillery and automatic weapons fire in their vicinity. Ophelie Namiech, IsraAid’s regional director for East and Central Africa, said the GROUP’S OPERATIONS WOULD BE SUSPENDED UNTIL STABILITY WAS RESTORED TO JUBA.According to Wiki ISRAAID is privately funded by individual Israeli and North American donors as well as by partner organizations like B’nai B’rith Which means its linked to Mossad Since Bnai Brith often provides cover for Mossad activities. If both groups are headed by Shabos Goys WHY ARE THE CHOSEN ONES RUNNING SCARED?


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