sac cohenDEVYANI

STEPHEN COHEN                                                                           DEVYANI KHOBRAGADE

One of these underpaid his/her nanny The other was part of a mega massive 2 billion dollar insider trading fraud


Preet Bhara is an Indian American of the Shabos Goy Kind .His big aim seems to be the New York Mayors post or maybe something bigger .In New York or as Rev Jesse Jackson so memorably put it HYMIE TOWN to get anywhere you need a Jew Connection . Good old Preet already has it .He has a Jewish wife which means his kids are JEWISH and which also means Preetberg BharaStein is a semi Chosen One

preet bhara and wife

The Semi Chosen One and his Yenta

But to get on ahead Preet has to be a good kosher poodle He needed to be the Chosen Ones Wall Street Cover Up Guy  Since he is Punjabi and Indian he cannot be accused of being a good old Jew boy can he? Besides people were talking about how Kosher Judge Hallerstein was getting all the 9/11 cases involving Jewish money claims

bharara time

Good old Preet has gotten himself on Time Magazine as the man busting wall street ………………ooooomy .did the semi chosen one bust any Chosen One ?? Were any semi chosen ones given rectal exams like Devyani Khobragade?? …………….hell no

Aiding Bhararstein as assistant US Attorney are two  Jewesses Amanda Kramer and Kritsty Greenberg

Khobragade’s own lawyer is a Daniel Arshack –

Preetberg Bhararastein sent in the Indian crowd but kept out the right  crowd the crowd that comes from his wife’s tribe

rajat gupta

From 2009 to 2012 (and ongoing), Bharara’s office oversaw the Galleon Group insider trading investigation against Raj Rajaratnam, Rajat Gupta, Anil Kumar and 60+ others. Rajaratnam was convicted at trial on 14 counts related to insider trading.Bharara has often spoken publicly  and written an op-ed about the culture surrounding corporate crime and its effect on market confidence and business risk.

But Bhararas most important role was here he was involved in the Madoff cover up .The Chosen Ones needed a friendly gentile married to a yenta who did not ask too many uncomfortable questions and guess who they picked as the New York attorney ——Jew husband Bharara.

Bharara’s office worked together with the trustee overseeing the liquidation of Bernard l. Madoff investment securities LLC to secure a $7.2 billion settlement with the estate of Jeffrey Picower (jewish of course) – the largest forfeiture in US. history. Picowers company had withdrawn a cool 5 billion as profit  just before the collapse now if that inst insider ponzi trading what is? But Bharara the just sees no evil there

Most importantly Bharara wants us to believe that Madoff alone was responsible for such a massive scam ———now anyone believing that must be a child or a retard

Bharara  just doesn’t see any larger conspiracy no larger scam no larger plot no wiring off of money to offshore accounts or to Israel he doesnt see any of that



Bharara will make sure the right kind of victims (Jewish ones) get the Picower money he will also make sure Madoffs wife sons and other Jewish associates go scott free and are never rectally examined .

Wonder if Madoff was rectally examined for billions in his anus .For his part in the cover up  the Half Jew will get his just rewards. Mayorship of New York maybe ? Who knows if a black man can be President Bharastein may even be lined up for the Top Job Look this article up in 2030 when Bhara will be in his early 60s

Oh yes the half chosen one must be seen to be hard on Wall Street crime ——– again the right kind of crime and the right kind of criminal– -like Rajat Gupta and Rajratnam

Now lets see how this mighty Superman of law treats members of his wife’s tribe let us make an inventory of the long list of wall street Jews whom Bharara has thrown in jail and gotten rectally examined hmmmmm…………………. Not one .

Due to unfortunate circumstances a Chosen One Steven Cohen of SAC was caught indulging in Insider trading Guess ——-he walked scott free .Cohen walked away a free man with 7 billion dollars left from a 25 year old career In true Bharara style he picked another Indian Mathew Martoma to be the fall guy

Cohen’s firm SAC Investments paid 1.8 billion Cohen didn’t pay a penny  which naturally the media chose not to highlight .


sac cohenmartoma

Actual Fraudster Cohen                                                                                                  Indian Fall Guy martoma with wife

The maids lawyer Dana Sussman is Jewish and the organization which helped her named Safe Horizon  has a Board of Directors and top management which is also mainly Jewish


The BOD of Safe Horizon  is full of Globalists and Wall Street honchos with a majority being Jewish

Incidentally my previous post Jew Scam List  shows that Jews are the most corrupt race on Earth and the odds of a fearless crusader Bharara getting at least ONE Wall street Jew in jail should have been very high


In Devyanis case the Times of India has New Delhi divulged on Wednesday that the maid’s family flew out on an Air India  flight on December 10, two days before Khobragade was arrested in New York. This was despite India informing the US State Department about the disappearance of the maid in June, her attempts to blackmail Khobragade, the revocation of Richards’ passport, and an arrest warrant being issued against the maid by the Delhi high court.

Why Khobragade why now isnt clear What is crystal clear is that all this was a set up to  create an effect and peddle some agenda India’s refusal to toe the kosher line vis a vis Iran might have been the root cause of all this Kafkaesque drama

Then again the Jews controlling American might have decided that the BJP and Modi would be better for them and this whole drama might have bene enacted with an eye on the 2014 General Elections

And  No one can point a finger at the Joos cause the man behind it all is an Indian  PREETSTEIN BHARARABERG

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  2. Anonymous says:



  4. JOHN METZGER says:

    The Indian Government is barking up the wrong tree and punishing the wrong people.

    Since the Jews were behind the wholesale sodomy, rape, strip-search, humiliation, and destruction of the Indo-US Relationship by their treatment of Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade started by Dana Sussman of and prosecuted by US Attorney Preet Bharara (who’s wife is Jewish), due to the fact that India didn’t support attacking Iran and their recent court’s outlawing of homosexuality, the Indian Government should instead be canceling the Visas of Israeli Jewish Diplomats, and removing the barriers from the Israeli Embassies and Consulates all over their India.

    Furthermore the Indian Government should be strip-searching, harassing, arresting, humiliating, cavity searching, and expelling Israeli Jewish Citizens and Diplomats, not American ones.

    Americans are by and large good people, but the Jews and Israelis are devious, manipulative, lying sacks of shit who are behind all of this nonsense in the United States against India and Indians, because they are jealous of the US-India friendship based on democracy, pluralism, secularism, capitalism, former commonwealths, and freedom.

    Israelis and Jews wanted to, and succeeded in, destroying the Indo-US Relationship.

    Any fourth grader can see this.

    But the Indians and the Americans are unfortunately, too stupid, myopic, naive, and blinded to see this blatant truth.

    India and America need to unite and focus on fighting their common devious enemy – Jews and Israel.

    • Israelis and Jews wanted to, and succeeded in, destroying the Indo-US Relationship. ———–They havent succeded John

      Most Indians opinion of the US hasnt changed much (not sure about American opinion of Indians the Jew media and Jew PR being so strongly entrenched in the JewSA the average American can be made to belive anything )

      THE INDIAN MEDIA IS ALMOST EXCLUSIVE INDIAN OWNED (except for the Star group owned by the Crypto Jew Rupert Murdoch) Theres also an ARMS deal angle to this thing see THE 2.5 BILLION DOLLAR SPIKE ANTI TANK DEAL AND THE KHOBRAGADE INCIDENT .BTW the issue spiraled out of control here because of local politics too as Khobragade is a Dalit and the Government could not be seen as ignoring the plight of a Dalit Counsul in an election year

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  8. John Rossi says:

    The Assistant US Attorneys working under US Attorney Preet Bharara were 2 Jewish Bitches named Amanda Kramer and Kristy Greenberg – 2 JAP Bitches. If this isn’t further proof of a Jewish retaliation conspiracy against India for not supporting a bloody and murderous attack on Iran and India’s recent outlawing of homosexual sex, then what is? These cunts worked hand in hand with their fellow Jewess Dana Sussman of Safe Horizon in order to put Devyani Khobragade in prison, indict her twice, and then physically separate her from her family and 2 children in the United States, permanently.

  9. Tnks for that info John Your comment came with a link to a suspended domain called in turn is blank xcpt for this —— This account has been suspended.Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources For a moment I tht was THE JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE but it isnt Pls explain John

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