On 24th November Iran signed a nuclear deal with Six Countries in Geneva The deal  was  strongly opposed by Israel with Netanyahu calling it a ‘historic mistake” and behaving like a petulant child Saudi Arabia also opposed the deal and warned it would “strike out on its own” and threw a tantrum of its own by turning down the UN Security Council seat The US  is sick of  Saudi Arabia . US Israel ties have also come” under strain” which basically means the hold of the Jew lobby is slipping just a wee bit

France has moved closer to BOTH Israel and Saudi Arabia  forming the new AXIS OF EVIL FRANCE ISRAEL AND SAUDI ARABIA.With Indias close ties with the US and with Iran being the second largest oil producer in the Middle East after Saudi a similar INDIA  US IRAN  TIE UP is a distinct possibility 


In 2003 a trilateral agreement was signed among India, Iran and Afghanistan Iran was to build a highway from Chahbar (a Port City of Iran) upto Afghanistan border.INDIA WAS TO BUILD A ROAD CONNECTING DELARAM (BORDER CITY OF AFGHANISTAN) TO ZARANJ (CAPITAL OF NIMRUZ PROVINCE OF AFGHANISTAN).India totally financed this project. (about 600 crore rupees).Border Roads Organization (BRO) of India, has constructed this highway.Construction started in 2005, and in 2009 the road was opened for public use.Now Chahbar or Chah Bahar  is a free port (Free Trade Zone) on the coast of the Gulf of Oman .

THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT PLAN TO LINK CHABAHAR FREE TRADE AREA TO IRAN’S MAIN RAIL NETWORK, WHICH IS CONNECTED TO CENTRAL ASIA AND AFGHANISTAN.India wants to develop Chahbar in Iran  as a counterpoint to the Chinese built and operated port of Gawadar in Pakistan See this Reuters article India,China’s rivalry and a tale of two ports

The Iranian Government has big plans for Chabar and India plays a big part in these plans India and Iran are discussing building a gas pipeline between the two countries along the bed of the Arabian Sea  to bypass Pakistan,using the Chabahar port.

Both the countries are pondering the DELIVERY OF NATURAL GAS PRODUCED IN TURKMENSTAN WITH INDIAN ASSISTANCE TO NORTH IRAN while the Islamic Republic will send natural gas from its southern deposits to Indian consumers.US BIG OIL will salivate at the thought of being able to participate in the last (relative)unexplored  untapped oil in the CIS states (Turkmenstan Khazakstan and the other stans )


The Jew lobby knows that the chances of a Weak  Multiparty Government is a strong possibility in the coming 2014 elections Such a Government will be obsessed with local politics and wont be interested in Foreign policy or foreign tie ups ALL  THE JEW LOBBY HAS TO ENSURE IS NO US INDIA IRAN LINK DEVELOPS BEFORE THE NEW GOVERNMENT IS FORMED The Kobragade controversy started on  11 December 2013 It was started by Preet Bharara who is a Zionist stooge See my previous post PREET BHARARA —–THE JEWS COVER UP MAN AND DEVYANI KHOBRAGADE

Just a few  days before on the 5th of December 2013 the Khobrgade case Bharara “, had charged 49 Russian diplomats and their spouses with scamming Medicaid out of $1.5 million over a decade.None of the defendants are in custody as they enjoy diplomatic immunity although 11 still reside in the US with six of them representing Russia in New York.On the 11th of December DEVYANI KHOBRAGADE  was arrested while dropping her children to school(whether she was arrested in front of her kids or not is disputed) by the State Department Security services Offices taken to the District Court Building where she was handed over to the US MARSHALLS SERVICE where she was  STRIP SEARCHED   RECTUM PROBED.She is accused of UNDERPAYING HER NANNY  AND SUBMITTING FALSE VISA DETAILS  No other charge

The man in charge of the State Department   United States Secretary of State heading the U.S. Department of State, principally concerned with foreign affairs and diplomatic issues   is John Kerry (John Kohn) the Crypto Jew A word from him and the whole issue would have been resolved like in the Russian case

In India the media can be assured to keep the issue alive for TRPs since the consul is pretty and the story has many twists and turns.The American act of taking the maids ENTIRE FAMILY form India to the US has also raised suspicions of the maid being a low level spy There are other points that create suspicions that this controversy WAS DELIBERATELY  CREATED TO AFFECT US INDIA TIES Safe Horizon the NGO behind the maid, is the largest victims services groups in the US.Its board of directors are officers of several Rothschild cartel banks. Source

Between the two Zionist tools(Bharara and Kohn )   the medias on both sides and the PR firms hired for antics like a maids demonstrations and media plants they can keep the Khobragade pot boiling till June 2014 Elections Since elections are nearing no party can afford to ignore or try to resolve the issue without seeming to be tough

The only real loser is probably Devyani Khobragade

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