This is a post on Two Indian PHD SHABOS GOYS one Hindu and the other supposedly Muslim  Actually it may be a case of a Shabos Goy and a Crypto ………………..


Dr. Gautam Sen has been a Principal Lecturer at the London School of Economics Summer school course on Development of the International Political Economy since January 1992. Dr. Sen served as an Informal Adviser to the Government of India (Prime Minister, Law Commission and Ministry of External Affairs) on issues of economic liberalisation and relations with Nepal. Dr. Sen serves as an Independent Director of Global Vectra HeliCorp Limited. He serves as aDirector of Peerless Hospitex Hospital & Research Centre Limited. He has been a Director of the Gandhi-Einstein Foundation since 2004. Dr. Sen holds a B.Sc. (Econ.) in International Relations from LSE University of London and Ph. D. degree jointly in the Departments of International Relations and Economics, LSE. Source  Global Vectra  is a part of the Vectra Group, which is promoted  Ravi Rishi. Mr Rishi and the Vectra Group are embroiled in the Tatra scam

Sen has spent 30   odd years in the London School of Economics and is a one of those Sangh intellectuals who rants on and on about Muslims and Christians He should talk to Navraas Afreedi The lines in bold script are from his blog article The Final Solution against Hindus

In the centuries to come, Adolf Hitler is likely to be anointed a saint. In common with other Christian mass murderers like the conquistador Francis Xavier, the subjugator of Goa, St Hitler certainly sounded  intriguing so I read on The Christian bashing is old hat and boring hence excluded but here comes our azz kisser in all his kosher glory

Sen has probably not heard that Fransis Xavier was a Crypto Jew and Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood

For countless centuries the elimination of Jewry had been earnestly sought and attempted in constant pogroms of shocking bloodlust. Adolf Hitler deployed scientific methods to pretty much wipe out European Jewry outside Russia,

Facts and Truth dont bother Sen much like THIS FACT which shows that far from wiping out European Jeery actually remained stable

World Almanac, 1933 (page 419) – 15.3 million
World Almanac, 1938 (page 510) – 15.75 million
World Almanac, 1947 (page 748) – 15.7 million
World Almanac, 1949 (page 289) – 15.7

The World Almanac in this period was owned by New York Jews

The World Almanac and Book of Facts is a US-published reference work  It has been published yearly since 1868, except for a ten-year interval beginning in 1876 until publication was resumed in 1886.

The physical liquidation of European Jews was followed by their —–effective banishment ——–to an unenviable Middle Eastern location.

Again pure and unmitigated Bull Shit spread thick and fast Hasnt this putrid liar  heard of Zionism ? There was no banishment there was a Jewish movement to go to the Middle East and create the state of Israel

Jews may have felt they had no choice in the aftermath of the holocaust, but they have been placed in situation of permanent war, where their survival is not guaranteed. Tragically, a gifted community, whose intellectual and aesthetic attainments are without parallel, has been transformed into modern Spartans .

Thats Sen puckering up to kiss kosher azz with his little fawning drivel. His rotten logic seems to suggest Permanent war justifies EVERYTHING from scams to assassinations But THE BEST IS YET TO COME

Only the ability to fight wars is what ultimately counts for a Jew because survival must take priority over other goals. The apparent influence of the US Jewish lobby is a paradoxical confirmation of the plight of the Jewish people, obliged to defend a homeland under permanent siege and an existential situation inimical to the integrity of the intellectual and spiritual traditions of Judaism.

Sen must be gagging at this  act of  intellectual fellatio ROFL!!!!!!  He probably means Madoff did what he did because of the Holocaust ,Madoffs  fellow crooks did what they did because of the Holocaust Amos Radia and Giorce Betchar assasinated Rajiv Gandhi because of the Holocaust the Jewish oligarchs ripped off Russia because of the holocaust The Rothshcilds are messing up Europe because of the Holocaust

If India ever implodes in self-destruction, which seems all too likely with its wobbly political fortunes, its epitaph must surely be ‘hurt feelings of the aspiring mediocre’.Yet some minorities have proved resistant to this contagion of hurtfulness, almost engaged in hushed mockery of other ‘hurted’ communities by sanguine indifference to the centrality of hurtfulness in contemporary Indian culture. Parsees and Jews, who can admittedly ‘out-minority’ any minority in paucity of numbers, remain carefree.

Sanguine indifference to the centrality of hurtfulness What a piece of ugly turgid prose to express a half lie Hes right as far as the Parsis  go but the Chosen ones ………hell no In 2006 the local Jews forced a local hotelier to close a  Nazi themed restaurant in Navi Mumbai. A film on Hitler’s last days, titled Dear Friend Hitler was subject to massive and constatnt abuse .They were PETTY enough to force a small time shopkeeper in Gujarat to change the name of his clothes shop because he dared name the shop Hitler…..Sanguine indifference indeed !

The funny creature has been a Director of the Gandhi Einstein Foundation since 2004 THAT was founded by the Indo Jewish Association. The IJA’s latest venture, the establishment of the Gandhi Einstein Foundation through which it is intended to endow lectureships in Jewish studies at Indian universities,was launched at a dinner at the residence of the Indian High Commissioner in London in the summer of 2004, and a dinner in Delhi in early 2005 attended by leading politicians, prominent journalists, the Israel Ambassador and addressed by Sir Martin Gilbert.



Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi is Assistant Professor of History and Civilisation at Gautam Buddha University, India and the only Jewish Studies specialist in the region.He is the author of The Indian Jewry and the Self-Professed ‘Lost Tribes of Israel’ in India and is doing ground-breaking work on Jewish life and Holocaust education in India.

Navraas Afreedi is a Muslim Shabos Goy Given his Afreedi background maybe he has visions of leading the Afreedis to Israel as the next Lost Tribe is  found
Navras Jaat Afridi,  published recently in the form of an e-book titled The Indian Jewry & The Self-professed ‘Lost Tribes of Israel in India’ traces the lineage of Afridis tribe to one of the ‘lost tribes’ of Israel. Says Navras, “The main purpose of the research (for a doctorate from Lucknow University) was to trace the Afridi Pathans’ ancestry.”

The Gautam Buddha website where he teaches says he has a  B.A. in Medieval & Modern History of India and the West, Ancient Indian History & Archaeology, and English Literature (University of Lucknow); M.A. in Medieval & Modern Indian History (University of Lucknow); Ph.D. in Medieval & Modern Indian History (University of Lucknow); and Post-Doctorate in the History of the Jewish People (Tel Aviv University)

He is or was linked with Richard Benkin who founded the Interfaith Strength   In typical Jewish tradition Benkin happens to be a fraud  Source Chicago Tribune

In  his blog Asian Jewish Life he has an  article Absence of Jewish Studies in India date not known where he rants  on about the  NEED FOR HOLOCAUST EDUCATION IN INDIA

Ignorance about Jews is widespread to the extent that I have even come across the head of the Department of Sociology at an Indian university who innocently asked me if the Jews were a sect of Christians. Mixing them with Christians or Muslims or Zoroastrians (Parsīs) is a common mistake among Indians, but the academics would presumably be expected to be better informed. Considering this omnipresent ignorance, I should not have been taken aback when my doctoral research on Indian Jews was seen to be related to West Asian Studies when I went for interviews for academic positions in Indian Studies at universities in India. They were not sure what box to put my research in.

The apathy towards Holocaust studies perhaps is better explained by a look at India’s historical record and the reaction to the Holocaust. As Tilak Raj Sareen argues in Indian Responses to the Holocaust, “It was the Indian Muslim attitude towards Jews that largely determined India’s response to the Holocaust.”

In the year 2002, the Israeli Government protested against the lack of mention of the Holocaust in the standard history textbook.  It was merely revised to vaguely mention that many Jews were killed during the war, without specifically mentioning the Holocaust.

There is actually even no word for the Holocaust in India’s national language, Hindi.(And why should there be does the Hebrew language have any special word for the partition massacre?)

There is even a Hindu professor I know who openly admits his admiration for Hitler,(if people can admire Stalin and the Japanese Emperor who killed more people then Hitler isnt it hypocrytical to single out Hitler?)though he did not agree to an interview. The Nazis have been openly admired by the Hindu Right Wing, . Jaico, the largest publisher and distributor of Mein Kamf in India, has sold more than one hundred thousand copies in the last decade. From my personal experience, I can also say that whoever works on Jewish related themes in India is often suspected of being a Mossad agent or a radical Zionist.

I was taken by surprise when a Hindu student of mine asked me if I really believed that the Holocaust actually took place after he saw a number of books on the subject on my bookshelves. I see this type of statement as a testament to how well the Holocaust deniers have done their job in India.


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    India is a large country with many shekels to be made and many Goy to enslave, its bound to be next on the Filthy Zionist Jew to do list!

  3. Im more interested in how this paticular Crypto feels that Indians are “UNEDUCATED” abt the Holocaust TM and wants Indians to to “educated PROPERLY” on the Holocaust TM


      Ah but in the mind of the Jew if your not kissing Jew arse and feeling sorry for them over the holohoax then you need “Educating”

  4. Exactly THATS what he wants A BILLION Indians with GOY GUILT ready to dish out money and sypathy to the chosen ones at the drop of a hat

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