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American Jewish journalist-author and an active figure in the field of human rights Dr.Richard Benkin paid courtesy visit to the Chief Minister Narendra Modi today. Source  http://www.narendramodi.in/dr-richard-benkin-pays-courtesy-visit-to-cm/


Richard Benkin burst on the international political scene in 2003 as an impassioned advocate for the now discredited Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, the self professed “Muslim Zionist.”As Choudhury’s star rose, so did Benkin’s. Thanks to Benkin’s promotion, the U.S. Congress in 2007 passed a resolution supporting Choudhury, and similar resolutions in Australia and the European Parliament were passed due to a surge of impassioned sentiment following Benkin’s Internet articles.

But Benkin’s past is generally not well known, nor is his history of fraudulent activities.

Richard Benkin’s Scam Nursing Home

Benkin owned and administered a nursing home, the Lexington Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Illinois, that ran afoul of the law. He eventually lost his license. Despite receiving a good education, and a University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. in sociology in 1976, Benkin failed in his field. He bought a disreputable facility with a history of health and safety violations — and elevated those violations to a higher level. A 2000 Chicago Tribune investigative series on Benkin revealed pervasive fraud, misrepresentation and abuse of patients’ rights,

According to a report that Illinois government health investigators publicized, Benkin scoured the state for homeless people on whose accounts he could run up big tabs.He promised swimming pools and therapeutic horseback riding programs that did not exist.His facility lured young drug addicts with fraudulent promises of treatment and recreational activities. The facility had no such luxurious provisions since it was designed only for elderly people.He continued to bill taxpayers (typical Jewish frauds )– both federal (Medicare) and state (Medicaid) — for his gravely substandard facility.In June 2000, the Illinois State Department of Professional Regulation alleged that Benkin had lured a homeless 27 year old female drug addict into his “care” so as to have sex with her.Finally, the state closed his crooked operation and in 2003 publicly announced the suspension of Benkin’s license.

Benkin’s Promotion Of Huckster Shoaib Choudhury


Now consider Benkin’s support for the purportedly martyred hero, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. The year 2003 was a pivotal one for both Choudhury and Benkin. Each had been disgraced. Both had run out of income. Choudhury was facing charges of embezzlement from his Islamist employers.Previously a fierce Islamist himself , Choudhury alleged that he now faced death threats from his angry newspaper bosses. And he had a reduced cash flow. He dealt with both by reversing course and promoting himself as an anti-Islamist. Overnight.

Until then, Choudhury worked for Abdul Mannan, a kingpin of the 1971 Bangladesh massacre and a key Pakistani army collaborator during the Bangladesh Liberation war that nationalists fought to free their country from fundamentalism. Mannan conveyed kidnapped girls to invading Pakistani troops as sex slaves. He raped and killed other women, stole property, and burned houses to the ground. After the war, Mannan started the Inquilab newspaper, considered the official Muslim fundamentalist media. Choudhury worked at Inquilab from 2001 to 2002, according to his resume on Benkin’s blog. Choudhury associated with war criminals like Delwar Hossain Saidi . The latter, for example, compared Hindus to excrement. His exact words being“Why should we feel sad when the Hindu brothers choose to leave our country? Do we mourn when we have indigestion and material leaves our bodies?”Choudhury outdid even Saidi, however, when he initiated a cyber-campaign to kill Prime Minister Hasina Wajed and her family.

Thus Modi is felicitating a Jew  who is closely linked to a Muslim who says Hindus are  shit

Benkin stated in a 2011 telephone interview with this reporter that he and Choudhury had linked up via the Internet. He claimed to reach out to Choudhury when the latter opened a blog called the WeeklyBlitz and started writing pro Israel articles.Choudhury achieved celebrity status– apparently by strategically planning his own arrest in Bangladesh.

Prior to the incident, Choudhury had reached out to Israeli conference organizer, Dr. Ada Aharoni, an internationally published writer .   Choudhury requested an invitation from Dr. Aharoni to speak at the 2003 event. That formality in hand, Choudhury then ensured that Bangladeshi officials learned of his pending departure — and orchestrated publicity that in effect provoked his own arrest. Dr. Aharoni now reports to this writer that Choudhoury duped her into helping him launch his frauds. Naturally, she is angry.

After clearing the stage of Dr. Aharoni, Benkin immediately publicized the Airport Drama.He wrote article after article on this seemingly brave and unfairly imprisoned and tortured friend to the Jewish people. He claimed that Choudhury faced execution for trying to visit Israel — although Bangladesh fined him only $8.00 and the charges were not pursued. Soon a large segment of the Jewish world rose up in protest, granting Choudhury full support — again — all through the Internet. But Choudhury’s purported abuse — minor, at that — was entirely his own creation.

Source  Richard Benkin, Promoter of The Bangladeshi Fake “Muslim Zionist,” Has a History of Deception

 Choudhury’s Frauds Exposed

In March 2011, Aryeh Yosef Gallin, founder and president of the Root and Branch Association which is a nonprofit group that promotes cooperation between Israel and other nations, expelled Choudhury from its Islam-Israel Fellowship after reports surfaced that the Bangladeshi had bilked “emotionally vulnerable single Jewish ladies” out of tens of thousands of dollars.On November 7, 2012, The Dhaka court sent Salauddin Shoaib Choudhury, editor of local English weekly Blitz to jail, in connection with an embezzlement case filed by his business partner Sajjad Hossain.He has had a long-standing confrontation with William Nicholas Gomes; Gomes has attempted to expose what he considered his yellow journalism.Gomes has also exposed Shoiab false news on Hina Rabbani  Source Wiki TO THIS DAY FRAUDSTER BENKIN HAS NOT DISTANCED HIMSELF FROM FRAUDSTER CHOWDARY

Did Benkin Know About Choudhury’s Frauds?

Given Benkin’s prior involvement in shady enterprise — the con-driven Lexington Nursing & Rehabilitation Center — very likely Benkin recognized Choudhury as a con man. If so, also in keeping with abuses of nursing home clients and taxpayers funding their inadequate care — did Benkin knowingly sponsor Choudhury for personal gain? After all, Benkin previously played the hero to vulnerable souls – first homeless, drug addicted and elderly people. Then to fellow Jews, through support of a fraudulent “Muslim Zionist.” Now, he plays “hero” to impoverished Hindus, allegedly bilking them of grand sums they can little afford.

Fraudster Benkin idolized by other Sangh Parivar groups as “Protector of Bangladeshi Hindus”



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  1. iniyavel says:

    It says Modi is a pea brain. Modi is really a babe in the woods when it comes to World intrigue. The Jews will use him like toilet paper on both sides and later discard him.
    A fundamentalist Saivite myself, I am sad to see APCO Modi trying to be a Shabbos Goy for the Talmudic Jews, who care not for India and want to use us again, despite swindling us for centuries (British Empire). Even the Sanghi’s are unaware of the ways of the Jews, whose only intention is to enslave and rule the World forever. I just don’t know when all Indians are going to wake up. I support and appreciate your continued efforts at warning us and the World.
    Iniyavel Sugumar.

  2. Hey Iniyavel Tnks Modis PR vehicle APCO has been described as a retirement home for ex Mossad agents.Working closely with him for so many years God knows what inside info they have on Modi As for the Sangh small time Sanghis may not be very aware but the RSS leadership has always been kept away from Chitpavans Maybe the top Sangh leadership knows more then it lets on …….

    • iniyavel says:

      Hi Indian Gentile,
      Modi is so submerged in his Gujarat Model (a failure model, rather an overhyped one like China’s models), he doesn’t seem to be aware of World intrigue. If he fails, we must learn to take over or fend for ourselves. The way Gaddafi was killed on the streets was really discouraging. The confusing part for me here is, if Modi is deliberately trying to sell India away, or if he is a giant ignoramus. In any case, India will go down faster than it progressed all these years. Today, PSU bankers tried to tell the Modi Government to own just 51% stake in state-run banks. Trying to reduce private Gold is a big mistake. India has 54000 tons of private Gold. The way he tried to push GM seeds, retire vehicles older than 15 years, criminalize even touching tourists, etc., all gave me the creeps. The same tourists came in 1595 as the British East India Company and enslaved us. They went to South America as United Fruit Company and enslaved them. Tourist safety is important, but Modi is going full retard here. Iran is the last line of resistance. The next target is India (Pakistan is already in pieces). Modi trying hard to run away with Israel is like selling India to the Zionist whorehouse again, but this time, directly, and permanently. And the sad part here is, many bhakts hardly even know what’s actually going on. They are so obsessed with Islamophobia and fighting Islam that they hardly see reality. Do they understand Hegelian Dialectic (artificially created problems, aroused public reactions, premeditated solutions) is at work? Do they even try to recognize Jews like David Cameron, Barbara Spectre, Luciana Berger, etc., are trying hard to turn England and Sweden into Islamic Caliphates? Do they know the Jew hands behind the Andalusian Islamic Caliphate in Spain, or the Armenian Genocide? Nope. The ones I talked to, mocked me in the face. I and other true Indians are fighting tooth-and-nail, day-in day-out, to prevent India from falling into the clutches of slavery again. I would also like your idea regarding what we can do to prevent our resources and wealth becoming bankster property. I appreciate your efforts at keeping really wide awake Indians aware of what’s going on around them. You and Ajit Vadakayil are the only two people working very hard to keep the public well-informed, both in India and abroad. Continue the good work.
      Iniyavel Sugumar.

  3. Thank You for ur kind words

    It would be a BIG eyeopener to our fellow Indians if documentary proof showed them who was behind the East India Company

    .Islamophobia is Organized Talmudary’s PLAN B .If they cant hide their sins they can always point at the Moooslim terrorists (many of whom are actulally Mossad/CIA agents) and DISTRACT attention from the REAL problem plaguing the US and Europe ……most of which have kosher roots

    Speaking of Modi Rothschild and gold read this recent article carefully http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-01-03/news/57633890_1_finance-minister-arun-jaitley-prime-minister-narendra-modi-indian-banks Not sure if Modi even knows the consequences of exchanging privately held Indian Gold for Jew printed dollars

    Capt Vadakayls isnt the only site writing about the Talmudic threat to India Theres http://greatgameindia.com/ and http://medhajnews.com for starters

    It seems Baba Ramdev too is awake to what India faces too. Again I disagree with his politics and some of his other views but if a Baba can speak on Rothshcild more power to him https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1hVY7lOGRcM

    • iniyavel says:

      Hi Indian Gentile,
      I share your thoughts regarding Baba Ramdev. For me, only Saivite saints and Thiruvalluvar are references, when it comes to faith or life. Baba Ramdev is a nationalist. I do not believe he’s in any way spiritual. I find nothing of the sort in him.
      Modi himself looks like a Roth stooge to me. We do know the International Business Times article titled ‘Narendra Modi – Israel’s Best Friend in South Asia,’ and how much he loves them. I knew before the elections that we had absolutely no efficient nationalistic leader. The past where we had great leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Adolf Hitler, Hirohito, etc., is gone. Looks like the new age is far more brainwashed and deviated from the REAL problem. Hardly do they know the House of Saud is of Jewish ancestry. Hardly do they know the nexus between Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and Israel. Hardly do they know Wahhabism is organized Talmudism. I get mocked in the face for telling the truth. I also found an article here:
      I also disagree with some of Captain Ajit Vadakayil’s views, regarding Gandhi (I harbor mixed views), RSS, the Empire of Japan and a few religious issues. But all the more, he is a great reminder of how Indians, despite being under intense pressure for centuries, are still the leaders in warning people and seeing through dangers more clearly than the rest. Japan, Italy, Germany and Azad Hind INA were nationalists, while the rest were under ZOGs.
      Modi seems to be selling India way way faster than the INC did in 10 years. I guess people were right in calling him Feku after all. I got some hope upon hearing his initial dialogues after becoming PM, but seems to me he just makes the right noises and steers far away from the real goal. I don’t want to go too far. India is 20% antisemitic according to the ADL.
      I predict in case Modi tries to sell India to the Zionist whorehouse, and World War III emerges during the time, just like World War II (British India and INA), India will be split again, both during and after the War, this time, not on religious lines, but on nationalist and Zionist lines. Or in other words, those whose loyalties lie with India and those whose loyalties lie with their Zionist masters abroad. Indians will kill Indians again. Don’t want it to happen though. In case it happens, Tamil Nadu (my state) and Kerala will be cut off from the rest for sure, since most of us don’t like Jews/Zionists, whether we want it or not.
      China is on the same range as India according to the ADL. Japan, as far as I know, is far more antisemitic, and despise Jews much more than ADL says so. I have met Japanese people, and most of them hate Jews. Needless to say Vietnam. The problem with Japan is the Government isn’t efficient, even when the people are. But in India, the Government is Kosher, and the people are even worse. In short, an all-side attack. Mainstream media, films, newspapers, TV, etc., controlled by Zionists abroad, are throwing crap on Hindu culture daily. It has intensified since May 2014. Modi escaped from jail due to the efforts of the social media, otherwise he would have been behind bars in some dark dungeon. But he hasn’t shown even an ounce of thankfulness to them. Ingratitude of the highest degree. I used to forward all of Captain AV’s recommendations to him till last month, but seeing him doing otherwise discouraged me. How can anyone ask a small state like Israel (not big enough to fit into even the Tamil Nadu – Karnataka border) to help India with cleaning the Ganges? How can he ask them for help in milk and food production, when all they do best are toxic A1 milk and GM foods? Looks like BJP is trying to sabotage India and also fall into the trap of ‘fighting Islam’ or ‘Armageddon’ alongside the ‘infidels and kafir crusaders,’ which is just a mask for Israel to enter the Basra delta and the Persian Gulf once Iran is down. Does he know the Indian Ocean will be flooded with Israeli N-subs in case he falls into their trap, or does he even care? How come the same Jewish media didn’t talk so high about India 10 to 15 years ago, that India never persecuted them, blah blah blah? Does he care that the British East India Company is trying to take over again, but in another avatar? Feku hasn’t done one thing he promised to do before elections. Unless more and more people awaken and se reality for what it is, beyond the smokescreen of Islamophobia, India will be chained again, this time, permanently. Unfinished business will be salvaged and there will be utterly nothing left.
      Once again, I’m indebted to you and to Captain AV, and I applaud the both of you for keeping willing people aware and awake. I will continue my efforts at Indians whenever I’m free, till I get crucial breakthroughs. Muslims are far more awake, and Hindus have to be awakened a bit more, though most Christians are sadly oblivious to this.
      Iniyavel Sugumar.

  4. Tnks for the long post will check out links later If the US dires up economically or catches on to the tribes antics they need a new “host nation’ Israel nothwitstanding That new host nation/s cld very well be India and China There are SO MANY Indian Shabos Goys its scary Check out the sold out media too Will post some links later

    • iniyavel says:

      Hi IG,
      I would like to add that Times of India seems to be funding some internal Hasbara program on their own. Whenever an article praising India or Indian science of the past shows up, the comments section is flooded with ridiculous comments from Hasbaras demeaning India. Comments in support of India are spammed, but comments by Hasbaras are given a free run. For this and other reasons, we have named the Times of India as the Toilet Paper of India (used on both sides). All IP addresses traced are in Israel, the USA, Pakistan or the UK. But our patriotic comments are spammed.
      Iniyavel Sugumar.

  5. findakashraj says:

    Hi IG,
    Great article . Must see , You are working hard to educate people . Regarding Vadakayil’s Blog . He started Educating us. And educated us in many ways . His views on Gandhi was not vague , as far as i think . Because when i consumed 10 to 12 books written on Gandhi , and i am talking about prominent ones . All of them kept mum on world war issue . Not a single mention. . His article on Chinese Revolution is a master piece and the best among what i have read about the topic so far .By the way I would be happy if you manage to write something about Gandhi in details . I am also trying to dig into this “Gandhi” stuff .

    • iniyavel says:

      Hi AR,
      So happy to see another Indian awaken to the Zionist menace threatening India’s very existence. I’ll tell you, all sides (Congress/BJP/AAP) are now funded by the Zionist Rothschild family. Ever since the Battle of Waterloo, the UK and France have been remote controlled by that family. And now the USA is the same. Very soon in the future, India will become the same, if left as such. Ever since the death of Rajiv Gandhi, we have only Zionist Rothschild funded parties and members, loyal to their Zionist masters over India. I just felt anew breath of life seeing you, another Indian, awaken to the Zionist threat. Thank You so much for this! ^_^
      Iniyavel Sugumar.

      • Arun Reddy says:

        Hi iniyavel,
        Its really interesting and depressing at the same time isn’t it? Almost everybody,nationalists I mean, including captain and myself, hailed modi coming to power as the real independence of India. Now it seems like it’s a lost cause and the country is gonna be on auto-pilot like it has been for a few centuries now… surviving on things all these years of occupation couldn’t figure out.. and hence couldn’t break. .. faith of people..in their own ways.. abject misery deepening their faith in their own gods…maybe we haven’t figured it out too.. maybe that’s why we worry… i know captain likes you.. and like the both of you… there is one stupid ass yv rao trying to berate anybody who doesn’t agree with him.. removing all your comments.. and some cranky guy from UK. . Who likes you too.. interesting… i should find your blog and read it..

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