Leaked documents have revealed evidence of a plot to destabilize Venezuela and undermine the rule of leftist President Nicolas Maduro. The papers appear to substantiate Caracas’ claims of outside attempts to cripple the country through internal sabotage Documents obtained by a contributor to RT’s Spanish channel, Eva Golinger, detail a structured plan to erode the stability of Venezuela with a view to “returning real democracy and independence that have been hijacked for more than 14 years.”


The plans are allegedly the product of a conference between American company FTI Consulting and two right-wing Colombian groups affiliated with former President Alvaro Uribe in the Colombian city of Cucuta in June of this year SOURCE RUSSIA TV

FTI CONSULTING  has a very interesting background It is a  business consultancy firm with its headquarters in Florida USA . The company was founded in 1982, and employs more than 3,700 staff in 25 countries  The firm’s notable engagements over the last few years have included the Lehman Brothers  and General Motors bankruptcies  and the investigation into the Bernard Madoff fraud.As of September 2011, FTI Consulting had the largest restructuring business in the U.S. It made 84 million dollars in the Madoff fraud case as ” consultancy fees ” FTI Consulting is a member of the World Economic  The company is also a corporate supporter of Chatham House, Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a member of Chaltham House Cheltham House is rumoured to be a front for the CIA and M16

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President Alvaro Uribe is equally interesting  He is an out an out Shabos Goy In May 2007, the American Jewish Committee gave Uribe its “Light Unto The Nations” award This Light Unto the Nations publicly is a big fighter in the US led WAR ON COCAINE In April 2007, Senator Gustavo Petro  showed a picture of Santiago Uribe, the President’s brother, together with Fabio Ochoa, a drug dealer, in 1985 Odds are Uribe has a cosy deal with the Cocaine Mafia Odds are even greater that the Israelis are in on the Great Columbian Cocaine Business and Uribe and brother are their partners

Back to the Golinger Document The three groups propose an initiative they name “The Venezuelan Strategic Plan” and list the ways in which they can disrupt all facets of Venezuelan society in the run-up to December’s regional elections.

Heres a picture of the scanned document (in Spanish naturally) Click on the picture for a larger image

Microsoft Word - VenPlan.docx

The strategies to be employed include: “creating crisis on the streets, facilitating the intervention of North America and NATO forces with the Colombian army,” power cuts, food shortages, support and financing of the political opposition.The document writes that violence should also be encouraged and “whenever possible lead to deaths and injuries.”

IT ALSO GIVES SPECIAL MENTION TO VENEZUELAN OPPOSITION FIGURE HENRIQUE CAPRILES who lost in the presidential elections at the beginning of the year, advising support of his political campaign.

Over the last couple of months, Venezuelan state media has reported on shortages of a number of basic products,including sugar, milk, oil, butter and flour. Moreover, there have been a number of reports of large quantities of these basic good being confiscated from warehouses belonging to businessmen linked to the opposition and smugglers crossing the border to Colombia.

President Nicolas Maduro has blamed many of these cases on attempts by foreign powers to meddle in Venezuelan affairs with a view to destabilizing the country. In October, Maduro expelled three top American diplomats from Venezuela, alleging they were plotting with the opposition to orchestrate mass power cuts.

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