The Israel India Center seeks to develop and invest in the next generation of leaders in Israel-Asia relations,and are growing dynamic networks to maximize their continued engagement and build new paradigms of cooperation.

The  Board of Directors Seth Kaplan ,Daniel Kirwin ,Emanuel Shahaf

Founding Members Rebecca Zeffert, Jonathan Pulik ,Shelby Zitelman, Rabbi Tyson Herberger, David Harris, Tanya Strusberg, Miriam Anati

seth kaplan

Seth Kaplan has written an interesting book called FIXING FRAGILE STATES He has seven states in his sight West Africa(yes he wants to fix part of a continent) , The Republic of Congo, (massive mineral wealth) Bolivia, (nationalized mining industry recently also has large mineral deposits ) Syria ,Pakistan ,Somaliland and Azerbijan

Ornit Avidar
Co-founder and managing director of Waterways, a company providing clean water solutions to rural areas, mainly in Africa.
Gad Ben Ari
Managing Director of APCO Worldwide Israel Office; Former Director General of Keren-Hayesod-United Israel Appeal; Former Head of Public Relations Division of the Jewish-Agency and Chairman of the North America Jewish-Agency in New York.
Prof. Gideon Shelach
Chair of the Dept. of East Asian Studies, Director of the Louis Frieberg Center of East Asian Studies and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Harvey Krueger
Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital; Chairman of the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University; Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Former Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace.
Mr. Ilan Maor
Director General, Sheng BDO Ziv-Haft; Former Israeli Consul General to Shanghai.
Ms. Ornit Avidar Partner, China Israel Value Capital Fund; Former Israeli Commercial Attache to Hong Kong and Macau.
Richard Hardiman
Visiting Fellow at the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace; Former Project Officer at the European Commission Delegation to China and Mongolia.
Daniel Kirwin
Daniel Kirwin serves as chief executive of Beacon Event and oversees all aspects of its management
Through facilitated seminars, fellows meet and engage with members of Knesset, diplomats, government officials, business leaders, trade organizations, innovators, heads of non-profit organizations in different fields, journalists and other leading decision-makers and opinion-shapers in Israeli society. Seminars are held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and leading companies, organizations and institutions in Israel.ute for International Research’s Asian conference and exhibition
offices prior to forming Beacon.
Through workshops, fellows acquire skills in leadership, communications, networking and project management, and learn about Israel’s start-up and innovation business culture.
Through fieldtrips, fellows see and experience how Israel is contributing to the world in the fields of clean energy, agritech, sustainable development and other areas of innovation and technology, and meet organizations and companies operating between Israel and Asia.
During the fellowship, fellows develop projects that promote Israel-Asia relations in a field of their choice. Examples pf projects include coordinating events, conducting opinion polls, writing opinion pieces for the media, producing documentary films, speaking engagements, or developing projects in their home countries in agritech, cleantech, international development, business or culture.
Fellows are assigned professional mentors in their chosen fields who can provide industry insights, career advice and relevant contacts.
Fellows will have access to a number of high-level events and conferences during the year. At some of these, Israel-Asia Center staff will be on-hand to facilitate introductions between fellows and business leaders, government officialis, diplomats and other people attending those events.
Asian fellows are assigned Israeli host families to help them integrate into and better understand Israeli society and culture. Host families generally invite fellows for dinner about once a month, and can answer fellows’ questions on life in Israel.
Fellows participate in the Israel-Asia Summit at the end of the fellowship to which leaders in different sectors are invited, and at which fellows have the opportunity to speak on a discussion panel.


Vishal D Dharmadhikari is the Founder and CEO of India Cyber Connect Building on skills acquired through international business and security backgrounds, he envisioned the creation of India Cyber Connect to strengthen India’s cyberspace.
While living in Israel, Vishal was also accountable for initiating the India-Israel Cybersecurity Connect – a business event featuring leading governmental and corporate cybersecurity figures, along with proficient start-up companies in order to formulate cross-border cybersecurity partnerships.

He is plugging for small and medium companies in India to switch to using Israeli security software
Rest assured the EMBEDDED JOURNALISTS IN INDIA will start building this guy up as the greatest cyber security expert -Of course no one will mention his stint in Israel

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