Joseph_Lelyveld_new_155_by_200Joseph Lelyveld

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was assassinated on the 30th of January 1948 by a gay Chitpavan Bene Israeli Jew Nathuram Godse

Not quite satisfied with that the Self Chosen Tribe now seems hell bent on assassinating his character as well

Joseph Lelyveld (born April 5, 1937) is a former executive editor of the New York Times from 1994 to 2001, and interim executive editor in 2003 after the resignation of Howell Raines. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, and a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books. Joseph Lelyveld despite his gentile sounding surname  is Jewish a Dutch Jew  to be precise

He is no ordinary Dutch Jew He is the son of Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld  a rabbi within the movement of Reform Judaism.He moved to  New York from Nebraska, where he took on organizational rabbinic roles, including heading up the national Hillel organization. He served as a rabbi in Cincinnati for a time. He also served as president of the Zionist Organization of America from 1944.

He has engaged in a typical kosher smear fest with a controversial defamatory book called Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India hinting that the relationship between Gandhi and his friend Hermann Kallenbach was more intimate than previously thought and possibly sexual in nature. Herman Kallenbach was also Jewish In short the Jewish niece passed on unauthenticated letters to the Jewish journalist who proceeds to call Gandhi gay DESPITE GANDHI FATHERING FOUR HEALTHY SONS AND BEING ACCUSED (FALSELY) OF SLEEPING WITH NUDE TEENAGE GIRLS ——- THERE IS A CONCENTRATED ATTEMPT TO POTRAY GANDHI AS A SEX CRAZED BISEXUAL

Why this hatred for Gandhi ? Well the Mahatma had some unpleasant and unflattering things to say about Zionism and Israel see my previous post Crypto Jews killed Mahatma Gandhi

kallenbach gandhi                                                             Gandhi and Kallenbach

The whole smear about Gandhi being bisexual comes from a letter allegedly found in a pile of letters with the niece of Kallenbach No one has authenticated the letters ie no handwriting experts or experts of Gandhi have authenticated the so called letter/s

In his lifetime Gandhi had many thousands of enemies Powerful enemies The British had a whole contingent of spies on Gandhi NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT KALLENBACH AND GANDHI Until now that is Raj Bala Jain, part of the National Archives team that studied the collection in detail, said she was surprised how their relationship had been misconstrued. “I do not know from where he (Lelyveld) quoted those letters. I did not find even a single letter with sexual overtones,” she told AFP. See Was Gandhi gay? Intimate letters go on display in India

The Kosher press has gone overboard in this latest smear campaign Google “Was Gandhi gay” You get 390000 hits on Joogle (Google ) Google “Defaming Gandhi” you get 300 results

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  3. Lila Rajiva says:

    Thank you. Decades ago I read tens of thousands of pages about Gandhi and in not one was the relationship to Kallenbach characterized as sexual. Gandhi indeed had a strong sex drive, a fascination with Tantrism, sexual continence derring-do, and severe guilt over his father’s death, but the book deliberately misreads or exaggerates these well-known traits and fabricated it’s allegations out of whole cloth. Nothing more than the usual vile slander of Jewish extremists.

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