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Abhinav Bharat was formed by Vinayak  Savarkar in 1904, but was dissolved in 1952 after Independence. It was revived in 2006 and since then Himani Savarkar has been its president.Himani Sawarkar is Vinayak Sawarkars niece

Proiminent Chitpavans involved include Himani Sawarkar  Lt Col Prasad Purohit (ex Millitary Intelligence Indian Army)

PUROHITLt Col Prasad Purohit

On Nov 2008 the “National Coordinator” of the Abhinav Bharat Sudhakar Chaturvedi(not a Chitpavan ) was arrested for his role in the Malegaon blast The RDX bomb used in last September’s terror attack in Malegaon was assembled at Sudhakar Chaturvedi’s residence in Deolali near Nashik, the ATS has found after interrogating him.

Chaturvedi, a key fund collector for the organisation, had provided his rented room in Deolali to the others accused in the case. Sudhakar Chaturvedi, revealed during a narco-analysis on Tuesday that some Muslim boys had assembled the bomb that was planted in Malegaon on September 29. The blast killed six people.Lt-Col Shrikant Purohit, Major (Retd) Ramesh Upadhyay and Sudhakar Dange”inspected” the assembling of the bomb by the Muslim boys, Chaturvedi said Abhinav Bharat member’s house used for making bomb: ATS

The group is also accused of receiving Hawala money to  fund its operations The treasurer Ajay Rahikar was arrested for his role in funding terror activities  See Abhinav Bharat treasurer may have received hawala money

By December 2008 the ATS (Anti Terror Squad) of Maharashtra was questioning the President of the Abhinav Bharat Himani Sawarkar She was however NOT arrested See ATS grills Abhinav Bharat president

The Maharashtra Police has twice sought to ban the group for indulging in terrorist activities but was turned down by both the State and Central Government for insufficient evidence See Centre rejects Maharashtra government’s plea to ban Abhinav Bharat

Immediately after the arrest of Prasad Purohit the BJP distanced itself from the Abhinav Bharat


sanathan saunstha head

This body is lead by Jayant Athavle (Chitpavan ) and its top most posts are mostly held by Chitpavans

Athavale was by profession a consultant clinical hypnotherapist from Mumbai. He undertook extensive research on clinical hypnosis both in India and overseas and practiced in Great Britain from 1971 to 1978.He observed that He had an excellent cure rate of 70%. However, 30% of His patients did not recover completely. After a while, He learned that some of these patients with whom He had very little success, had recovered after adopting spiritual remedies such as visiting sacred places, remaining in the holy company of spiritually evolved people (Saints) or performing certain religious rituals.

So he did the rounds of the “Hindu Saints” became the disciple of Bhaktaraj Maharaj from Madya Pradesh  and in the words of his blog ” was graced with the attainment of His Guru H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj.” He statrted the Spiritual Research FoundationThe site can be accessed in 18 languages (Mostly European) and has nothing on Hinduism or Hindu Dharma but talks only of SPRITUALITY  even offering to clear your house of Ghosts

Strangely for a millitant rescuer of Hinduism cum ghost busting spiritualist Athavale may also be a member of the Chitpavan ASTITVA a LinkedIn group of Chitpavans

The other side of Jayant Athavle is seen at the Sanathan Saunstha website Sanathan .Org which provides “scientific education on Dharma for the benefit of Hindus Its in this avtar that the dangerous Mr Athavle creeps out

In Sept 2008 The ATS (Anti Terrorism Unit ) of Maharastra started conducting an in-depth probe into the affairs of the sanstha after a few of its sevaks were arrested for planting bombs in several places of the state Security agencies mull banning Sanatan Sanstha

In October 2009 two scooter borne men Malgonda Patel and Yogesh Naik  were blown up when the bombs they were carrying blew up after they met with an accident BOTH were members of the Santhan Sausntha  In May 2010 The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday issued charge sheets to 11 Sanatan Sanstha members in the Diwali eve Margao blast case. Accused one to six in the chargesheet are ‘Sadhaks’ of the Hindu right wing organisation Sanatan Sanstha, with accused number one – now deceased – being the managing trustee of Dharma Prachar Sabha, a trust of the Sanstha, according to the chargesheet, Mr Faria the Public Prosecutor  said.

The 3,000-odd page chargesheet has accused four persons – who are under arrest – and five other absconding men in connection with the explosion. The chargesheet has named Vinay Talekar, Vinayak Patil, Dhananjay Ashtekar and Dilip Mangaonkar, all of whom are currently in jail, besides . The absconding accused are Prashant Juvekar, Sarang Akolkar, Jayaprakash alias Anna, Rudra Patil and Prashant Ashtekar.

The chargesheet brings out an interesting point. It states that the conspiracy was hatched at the Sanstha’s ashram in Ramnathi village. According to the chargesheet,the crime was plotted by the main accused Malgonda Patil and Dhananjay Ashtekar last June in a room at the ashram just a few metres away from the one occupied by its founder Jayant Athavale.

And it also states that the Sanstha is an organisation that is showing an extreme interest in matters of Hindu religion and they have organised martial training at their property at Valpoi. The chargesheet names 250 witnesses who will be examined by the local court in course of the trial. NIA chargesheets 11 in Margao blast case

Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik Monday said the police would probe the links of the state transport minister’s wife with a Hindu group blamed for an explosionthat killed two of its members. We are probing everyone. We know that Jyoti Dhavalikar is part of the institution, although we do not know in what capacity. I have asked police to enquire Naik said.Addressing reporters , Naik said everyone involved with the Sanatan Sanstha was being investigated. The Goa transport minister is Ramkrishna alias Sudin Dhavalikar. See Minister’s wife probed for Goa blast links – The New Indian Express

On January 1st 2014 all six were acquitted by a Margoa Court for lack of evidence



According to the Wikipedia entry Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is a Hindu organization operating globally established on 13 October 2002 by seekers of Sanatan Sanstha. The organization claims that it “stands as a common platform for all Hindus to unite breaking all the barriers” and its website carries the slogan “For establishment of the Hindu Nation”.
Its own website claims to be working for the establishment of Hindu Nation

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