It has been by far the most expensive games and the opening ceremony the most spectacular (so far) But SOME people just cannot or do not want to accept that it may be THE MOST SUCCESSFUL WINTER OLYMPICS EVER .Before this the Winter Olympics was the poor cousin of the Summer Olympics but at 50 BILLION dollars we can’t say that can we Of course a part of that 50 billion has probably gone to the pockets of Putin and friends but that’s CHUMP CHANGE WHEN COMPARED TO THE GREAT JEWISH OLIGARCH RIPOFF

Theres the GAY PERSECUTION OF COURSE Given all the media obsession with Russian Gays you would think they were being sodded and roasted alive by the thousands that their life was a living hell like the poor AFGHAN WOMAN the Kosher press was obsessed with .Oppressed Afghan women are so yesterdays news Russian Homos are the new oppressed

Google went pink or rainbow coloured   Google hits out at gay rights in Sochi with rainbow Doodle  The BBC cannot stop about  gay persecution BBC News – Sochi 2014: Gay rights protests target Russia’s games

Theres the TERROR THREAT but no mention of  the fact that an Israeli company is handling some of the electronic security aspects……… is there something about ex KGB man Putin we don’t know? An Israeli company called NICE Systems (yes, really) has deployed a network of platforms that provide the Sochi Olympic Games with what they need most: a real-time “integration system platform” that “takes points of data — video images, radio communications, phone calls, access control alarms — and blends it all into a single operating system that interacts with all of that,” according to Bill Besse, a security specialist and Andrews International vice president, when interviewed by risk -management publication CSO Online. See Inside the Israeli security system at Sochi

But the media and the “social media” seemed more obsessed with the unopened fifth ring

sochi ring
Before the Games started too there was the usual cribbing and lies

Thousands of images are pouring out of Sochi in the lead-up to the Olympics. And things don’t look great. There are unfinished buildings, a lack of winter weather, and an abundance of trash. But don’t believe every image you see. Like so much of what gets passed on social media these days, a lot of them aren’t exactly what they claim.


Is this really a “half-bathroom” in Sochi?

sochi 1

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At first glance, this photo of a wall running straight through a toilet in Sochi looks like a hilarious mistake. But the image isn’t from Sochi. And there’s no way it was a mistake.

The photo is at least 6 months old (and probably much older), though it’s not entirely clear what this photo actually depicts. Is it an art project? Is it some foreign bathroom custom Americans wouldn’t understand? The only thing that’s clear is that it predates the Sochi Olympics by a good stretch.

 Is this brown water coming from a Sochi tap?

sochi 3

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Some journalists have reported plumbing problems at some of the hotels in Sochi, and the water may very well be unpotable. But this particular photo isn’t from Russia. The image dates to at least August of 2012 and was used to illustrate the fact that tap water in Ukraine was not scoring well on government tests.

 Is this a real “Sudden Gunfire” sign at the Sochi Olympics?


It’s not clear where this “Sudden Gunfire” sign might be, but it’s most certainly not at the Sochi Olympics. Security is tight, but not so tight that officials need to warn of random bullets.”Sudden Gunfire” signs are actually fairly common near military facilities around the world, warning people in the area who might hear gunshots that they’re [probably] not in danger.

 Is this a sign from the Sochi Olympics?

Two men are seen on the seafront in Sochi, the host city for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Yes, that “Welcome to Sochi!” sign is real. But it’s not a recent photo. According to Reuters it’s at least a year old. The image is convenient for people who want to depict the city as particularly unprepared and poverty-stricken. Both of which may be true, but it’s not how visitors are being greeted at this Olympics.  Source 8 Viral Sochi Olympics Photos That Are Total Lies from the website

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