David Coleman Headley (born Daood Sayed Gilani; 1960) is an American terrorist of Pakistani origin, and a spy who supposedly conspired with the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group  and Pakistani intelligence officers in plotting the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

David Coleman Headley was born as Daood Sayed Gilani in Washington, D.C., to Sayed Salim Gilani (B ? Died 2008) and Alice Serrill Headley (1939-2008). Sayed Gilani was a well-known Pakistani diplomat and broadcaster. Serrill COLEMAN Headley, originally from the Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania  worked as a secretary at the Pakistani embassy in Washington. Coleman is a JEWISH SURNAME and David is obviously a Jewish name David Coleman Headley  was practically raised by his mother and her many boyfriends The odds of his mother being Jewish and therefore he being raised Jewish may not be high but they certainly are reasonable

dANYAL gILANIDanyal Gilani

Daood Gilani has a younger sister, Syedah, and a half-brother, Danyal Gilani .As an adult,Danyal Gilani Davids half brother became the spokesman for Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani and presently serves as Pakistan’s press attaché in Beijing.

He was arrested on October 3 2009 in the US In March 2010 he pleaded guilty to being involved in the attacks He cut a deal and  pleaded guilty Thursday to a dozen criminal charges and agreed to help prosecutors and intelligence analysts probing other likely targets overseas.

By Oct 2010 The Washington Post reported that Federal officials acknowledged Saturday that David Coleman Headley, the U.S.businessman who confessed to being a terrorist scout in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, was working as a Drug Enforcement Administration informant while training with terrorists in Pakistan.Source 

The US refused India direct access to   Headley  for questioning and were willing to let Indian agents come to America and interrogate Headley in their presence

Many in India believe that the DEA story was a coverup and he was actually an undercover CIA agent gone rouge Quite a few believe that the CIA ORGANIZED THE ATTACKS USING THEIR AGENT DAVID COLEMAN HEADLEY 

After his arrest in the US on 3 October 2009 Indian police started tracing his movements in India AFTER the attacks In December 2009 Indian Express had an article on Headley  It spoke of Headleys visit to Jaipur in Western India in March 2009 (Four months AFTER the attacks  the US arrested him the same year in Oct 2009 )  The story is about the Police accusing a Hotel Owner where  Headley stayed of not complying with regulations in handing over a certain Form C about foreign citizens The alert Hotelier Kailash Parashar  insisted he complied with the regulations

Speaking to the Indian Express Prashar said  “I clearly remember Headley’s visit here on March 11 because it was Holi on that day and I was in charge of the reception.HEADLEY AND TWO ISRAELI TOURISTS CHECKED IN ON THAT DAY”.He added that hecollected the three C-Forms and delivered them to the CID office in Pushkar. “The CID has the C-Forms of the other two that day, how come only Headley’s is missing?”

Thus the CID Pushkar Rajasthan and the Government of India KNOWS which Israelis met Headley in Jaipur but hasnt bothered to investigate or question them

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