The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is an extremist right wing reactionary Hindu organization .Founded by a Deshasta Brahmin Keshav Baliram Hegdeshwar it was soon overrun by Chitpavan Jews (See INDIAS HIDDEN CRYPTO JEWS ) The RSS is also the parent of and the cadre supplier of the BJP Indias main opposition party In short the BJP is the political wing of the RSS It is also an all male stag group No women allowed

The head of the RSS is the Sarsanghachalak (Supreme Head ) Here is a list of the RSS Sargasanchalaks

bhagwat                                                                Mohan Bhagwat

Although the RSS is strongly influenced by the Chitpavans ,many ideologues are Chitpavan and the most famous or infamous one time member of the RSS (Nathuram Godse ) was a Chitpavan the RSS leadership (nominal or real ) has never been held by  Chitpavans

Abhinav Bharat is a “ultranationalist right wing” group which most sane people would call a bunch of terrorists They are lead by a FORMER CHITPAVAN HYPNOTHERAPIST named JAYANT ATHAVLE  see CHITPAVAN TERROR GROUPS IN INDIA

On 19 Feb 2014 Times Of India had an article about the ATTEMPT ON THE LIFE OF Mohan Bhagawat

Investigations by the Maharashtra  ATS earlier revealed that Bhagwat was actually one of the targets of the saffron terror brigade (MORE LIKE CHITPAVAN  TERROR BRIGADE )led by slain RSS pracharak Sunil Joshi (probably Chitpavan). Even Maharashtra home minister R R Patil has admitted as much in the state assembly.

himani sawarkar
Abhinav Bharat head Himani Sawarkar niece of Vinayak “Veer” Sawarkar

Himani Sawarkar is Chitpavan and is the daughter-in-law of Dr Narayan Savarkar, younger brother of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, the Chitpavan British collaborator and traitor who was responsible for Gandhis assassination She is also the NIECE OF NATHURAM GODSE daughter of his younger brother Gopal Godse Incidentally Nathuram was 39 and unmarried when he shot Gandhi dead  Savarkar never married Domnique Lapierre and Larry Collins in their epic book Freedom at midnight have openly stated that Nathuram Godse AND Vinayak Savarkar were both homosexuals and were lovers Himani Savarkar belives the BJP is another Congress and that Gandhis assassination was a historical necessity

After the arrest of a host of saffron terror accused including Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Col Srikant Prasad Purohit and Dayanand Pandey (who were ALL ASSOCIATED WITH THE RIGHT WING ORGANIZATION Abhinav Bharat), investigations revealed that some of the accused were not happy with Bhagwat leading the RSS and had planned to kill him and another RSS leader Indresh Kumar while on a visit to Pune. Kumar’s name too cropped up several times during investigations as a conspirator but he was never charged by any agency.

indresh kumar

                                                                Indresh Kumar

Indresh Kumar is one of the policy makers of RSS and has been looking after organizational activities from Varanasi for the last five years.He is a native of Karnal,Haryana.Being a pracharak (campaigner) of RSS,he is unmarried and devotes all his time to RSS.He is a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of RSS and national convener of Muslim Ekta Sangh floated by RSS.He also worked as Prant Pracharak of RSS in Jammu and Kashmir and is believed to be an expert on J&K.

The planned killings, a report prepared and submitted with the state home ministry then said, were MASTERMINDED BY SHYAM APTE (CHITPAVAN)A 70 YEAR OLD  PUNE BASED RSS WORKER , along with Pandey, Major (retd) Ramesh Upadhyay and others. The ATS had found that Apte and Pandey had approached Purohit (Chitpavan) for help in executing the plan. Apte also paid him Rs 10 lakh following which a 9mm gun had been arranged.

In April 2010,Maharastra Minster R R Patil had told the state assembly that though there was no direct information about a plot to murder Bhagwat,Maharashtra police had tapes of conversation among the accused, in which they made derogatory remarks about Bhagwat.“They said he (Bhagwat) was incapable of carrying the Hindutva agenda forward.He had risen in the ranks without any capabilities… There was bitterness about Bhagwat.” Patil added that the accused had discussed a chemical that if put in footwear would kill a man within three days.

Months later, Malegaon blasts accused Samir Kulkarni had written to Bombay High Court citing statements of two witnesses attached in the charge-sheet filed by ATS in the case that the plot to kill Bhagwat must be investigated. He wrote that statements of witness number 55, Capt Nitin Joshi,(Joshi is a Chitpavan surname ) and witness number 61, Shri Sham Apte,(Chitpavan) revealed a plot to assassinate Bhagwat and one Indresh Kumar (Neither of whom are Chitpavans).

Of course the whole story could be fake and part of the RSS plot to distance itself from terror activities BUT IF ITS TRUE ………………..THE CHITPAVANS ARE PLAYING THEIR PESHWA GAMES AGAIN

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  1. The author is obviously heavily biased against Chitpavans. While s/he is entitled to her/his opinion and hate, I, a proud Chitpavan myself, am only writing to express my discomfort at the implied connotation of the author’s reference to Swatantrya Veer Sawarkarji’s alleged homosexuality at the instance of two non-Indian authors who probably have known India only through books or through short stays in India with an intention of writing one. The reference was really out of place. I for one believe that whoever sacrificed even a little bit for my country’s independence deserves my fullest gratitude and respect. And Sawarkarji is generally accepted to be standing tall among the doyens of Indian independence struggle. Independence was served on a platter to my generation. I try to be grateful for it at the very least.

  2. So glad you agree with the rest of the article and its implied connotations ie Chitpavans are NOT real Brahmins but Bene Israelis who “became” Brahmins after the rise of the Indian Svengali Balaji Bhat and are trying to takeover the RSS like they “tookover” Shivaji”s kingdom

    “Veer” Sawarkar was sentenced to 50 years for plotting against the Govt. Unlike Bhagat Singh or Rajguru or Madan Dhingra ,Savarkar clearly and unambiguously broke away from India’s freedom movement and adopted a public position expressing this break

    He abject surrender is bought out in his infamous grovelling fawning toadying letter to the British BEGGING forgiveness,much like a little schoolboy who has been bad and asks to be SPANKED the full text of which can be found here

    After his release from Adaman Savarkar actively collaborated with the British policy of Divide and Rule He rather openly OPPOSED both the Congress and other freedom movements be they leftist or regional In short this Veer was a British Toady
    So dont dont call him a doyen of anything to do with Indian Independence You can call him a doyen of fawning British collaboration

    Was he gay? Well I have no proof in the sense of pictures or soiled chaddis but Lapierre and Collins (who bore no grudge or ill will towards Savarkar) said what they did after interviewing Savarkars family and friends .Savarkar died a bachelor something unusual in his social group.Nathuram (his alleged lover) was raised as a GIRL by his parents according to Manohar Mulgaonkar a Maharastrian like Savarkar

  3. Not only Chitpawan Brahmins but all Brahmarshis are history makers and are jwells of the treasury of nation and humanity.The jealous and defaulters of intellect can n ‘t understand the highly esteem blood which always ready to sacrifice for naton and for humanity. The mean minded so-called intellectuals who always think about sex like a prostitute, can n ‘t understand the holy construction of mind of Chitipawan Brahmins.It is the defaulterness of the writer that he search a so-called conflict .The illustration of a Chhtipawan Brahman as a jews is like a joking play ,written and played by a mad man.The great history of India is associated with Chhitipawan Brahman / Brahmarshis and those are aadi Brahmans.All Brahmarshi Brahmans ( Chhitipawans,Bhumihaar brahmans,Kanyakubj Brahmans,Mohyal Brahmans,Niyogi,Anavil ,Nambudiri etc ) are the related to the real concept of Brahmans for whom in Vedas there was an illustration–WAYAM RASHTRAYE JAGRIYAAM PUROHITAAH–means we are the Purohits of Rashtra (Nation), we are not believe to be a Purohit of a person, so we nat accept Daan, we accept only Dakshina,because is like a business of Dharma but Dakshina was taken for the service to train( making Daksh) anyone in any Vidya.We perform always in the favor of Nation and Humanity…..we will always lead the noble sect of humans but evils will alway be jealous to us…..we are winners by the grace of Lord Brahm….it is not depended to such petty and null articles based on false statements.

    • ANONYMOUS says:

      It is as plain as pikestaff that CHITPAVANS ARE NOT BRAHMINS. They look like Europeans with CAT-LIKE GREY, GREEN OR BLUE EYES. Their own man Dr.JAY DIXIT of USA had conducted DNA Tests & come to the conclusion that they are ASHKENAZI (East European) Jews.

  4. Shailesh Deshpande says:

    Lets learn from our mistakes and lift our Culture to the former glory, the culture which gives happiness to the surrounding and to self , let each child get get the experience of blooming as a flower sending fragrance all over rather than a growth in terror and fear and bringing that same death and fear in the surrounding……. lets not be Brahamins or Khatriyas or vaishys or Shudra , christians, Moslems, jews, whites,blacks,….. etc by birth but by Karma…..A shudra is entitled to be called a Brahamin by his deeds and a Brahamin a Rakshas shudra by deeds… …. an opportunity to be on each desk top to grow and flower…….THIS IN ONE INDIA AND THIS IS ONE WORLD AND GLORY OF THE HUMAN RACE…….. UNDERSTANDING , COMPASSIONATE, TRUST & LOVE….AND A REVOLUTION OF HEARTS ….CLEANING OF MINDS ….A PLACE WHERE IMMEDIATELY GOD, ALLAH, JESUS. WHOEVER ONE BELIEVES..A LONG LIST FINDS ITS PLACE OF ABODE…….

  5. Dr. U.A.Bharati says:

    Good post about RSS exposure.

  6. vatsalpreye says:

    Chitpawan Brahman are born to build the Nation.Full unconditional support from Bhumihar Brahman in the shared endeavour of Nation building.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Any one who writes about some history should do good and correct home work, my family are Jews (bene israel) and they served as doctors in Shivaji time and perhaps before that too, a a child i have seen my grand father in RSS, and i was quite proud, but never heard about Jews & Bramhis in some kind of fight, in-fact many of my mom’s side got married to Bramhin, bhandari, kapoor, and others, where i am married to Vayshnav. The only conspiracy in this country is small bunch anti nationalistic people try to poison and thats wrong. about the Chitpavan’s the DNA proved that they are not Bene-Israelite Jews, Egyption, Greek or other. An Marathi anthropologist, which supports their Gandharan origins. through DNA testing it’s been proven that Chitpavan’s have around 50% South Asian and 35-40% Central Asian dna. This is similar to what most Pashtun’s have especially those living in Pakistan.

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