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Rajiv Gandhi India’s former Prime Minister was assassinated on 21st March 1991 at a place called SRIPERUMBEDURnear Chennai(formerly known as Madras) He was killed while campaigning for the Lok Sabha( Federal elections) of 1991.The Congress lead Government of Narasimha Rao set up the the JAIN COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY to inquire into a LARGER PLOT behind the assassination The Commission took a long time and submitted an INTERIM REPORT which even lead to the fall of the Central Government Finally in 1998 it submitted ITS FINAL REPORT The report specified FOUR MAIN GROUPS BEHIND THE ASSASINATION THE CIA ,MOSSAD ,INDIANS SUBRAMANIUN SWAMI AND CHANDRASWAMI AND THE LTTE USED AS THE HIRED HITMAN WHO ALSO WANTED THE VICTIM DEAD See THE JAIN COMMISSION REPORT……….. MOSSAD, CIA , LTTE, ASSASINATED RAJIV GANDHI

There are a number of important files relating to Rajiv Gandhis assassination that went missing or were doctored The Prime Minsister during this period was PV Narasimha Rao who had close personal and spiritual ties with notorious Godman Chadraswami alisas Nemi Chand jain who was alleged to have been involved in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination plot
File No. 8-1-WR/JSS/90/Vol.III—containing notings of bureaucrats regarding security arrangements for Rajiv Gandhi from November ’89—was lost from the PMO in ’91. Later, it was doctored and reconstructed by the Narasimha Rao government before it was submitted to the Jain Commission.

File No. 1/12014/5/91-IAS/DIII reported missing since 1995. It pertained to the terms of reference of the Verma and Jain commissions of inquiry.

File containingintercepted messages from foreign intelligence agencies,(CIA and Mossad) said to be addressed to Chandraswami and Janata Party president Subramanian Swami destroyed by senior officials in the PMO.

File on IB’s assessment of the role played by Zail Singh and Chandraswami in 1987 to topple Rajiv Gandhi missing.

File with records of official briefings by intelligence agencies on the assassination to Rao’s home minister S.B. Chavan missing. The former minister con-firms he was briefed orally.

The April 20, 1991,wireless intercept with the leading question—should Rajiv be killed in Delhi or Madras?—missing.

File relating to the Rao government’s attempt to wind up the Jain Commission is still withheld from the panel.

DO these files/messages and other sensitive information—categorised as untraceable, missing, destroyed or “cannot be revealed” due to security reasons—hold the key to the mystery that shrouds Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination? The Jain Commission thinks so. The AICC has been pressing for these files and documents. And intelligence officials admit in private that vital evidence seems to have been suppressed to ensure that the larger conspiracy behind the May 21, 1991, assassination does not come to light.

It is these missing files, documents and intercepts that have kept alive the basic question—Who killed Rajiv Gandhi?Who participated, plotted or silently abetted in the act? Right through his five-year term, Narasimha Rao fuelled the intrigue by losing, misplacing, reconstructing, denying the existence and even allegedly destroying key files. His government did everything it could to place stumbling-blocks and even allegedly tried to wind up the Jain Commission inquiring into the conspiracy.

After interviewing serving and retired IB, RAW, CBI and home ministry officials, Outlook has learned that the Rao government’s extreme reluctance to part with crucial files and wireless intercepts seems to have been aimed at protecting god-man Chandraswami,whose links with international arms traders is an open secret. Whenever the trail led to him, every effort was made by the government not to cooperate with the Jain Commission.Accordingly, the file on Chandraswami’s links with the LTTE prior to the assassination was never made available to the commission. Says AICC-appointed lawyer R.N. Mittal, closely associated with the Jain Commission proceedings: “At every stage, we have been denied documents.


Our investigations have been like a personal effort against all odds.” Political circles are well aware of the reason why Chandraswami was being protected.The godman has close links with Rao—the two have been friends for 25 years. It’s common knowledge that the tantrik was treated as a VIP when Rao was PM and had special access to Rao’s official residence, 7 Race Course Road.

Source http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?204614


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