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jacob and nat rothNat and Lord Jacob Rothschild

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild (born 12 July 1971) is the youngest of four children and only son of Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild and Serena Mary Dunn.

His sisters are Hannah Mary Rothschild Brookfield (b. 1962) – Hannah married William Lord Brookfield(b. 1959).Beth Matilda Rothschild Tomassini (b. 1964) – Beth married Antonio Tomassini (b. 1959). Emily “Emmy” Magda Rothschild Freeman-Attwood (b. 1967) – Emily married Julian David Warren Freeman-Attwood(b. 1953).

His mother was from a Christian background Young Nathaniel Rothschild  just ONE of the current crop of Rothschild He is a part of the London Branch of the Rothschild  family In short according to the law of return he is not a Jew Which may be one of the reasons HE is the PUBLIC FACE  of the current crop of Rothschild’s while the REAL INHERITORS of the royal house of Rothschild’s go about their business in peace and quite For the other present generation Rothschild’s see the chart

In March 2000 The Guardian(which is a Rothschild controlled paper)   had an article by Tom O Sullivan called The Young Elite where the article lists the wealth of England’s wealthiest you men Nat Rothschild was at number three with a stated wealth of a mere 500 million pounds  After first speaking about Nathaniel Rothschild’s investments in online investments the article goes on……………

The Rothschild inheritance is difficult to quantify – not just because of the value of their internet interests. Nathaniel Rothschild will have to share his father’s enormous wealth with his three older sisters. However his direct inheritance will include art, land, family companies and institutions plus his father’s stake in Rothschild Continuation, the Swiss-based holding company for the Rothschild interests which has stakes in many of the family enterprises, including the bank NM Rothschild.

His father has further stakes in three quoted companies: RIT Capital Partners, Value Realisation Trust and St James Place Capital. But behind this wealth there is the ACTUAL ROTHSCHILD FAMILY FORTUNE HIDDEN IN A SERIES OF TRUSTS IN SWITZERLAND AND RUMOURED TO BE WORTH £40BN.This will prove to be a conservative valuation of what Nathaniel Rothschild inherits, especially if some of the family’s new media investments start to pay off. In other words Lord Jacob Rothschild Nats father was  worth 40 billion dollars in 2000 and will probably be worth more now Source The young elite 1-10

What are these Trusts and how many other trusts are there More Importantly HOW MUCH WEALTH DO ALL THE ROTHSHCILDS HAVE IN THESE TRUSTS

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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. Bob Brown says:

    Lets say World wide private company has no obligation to report any thing about investments,gold or cash on hand except taxes per country the money was made in. A lot of their wealth hidden in corporate ownership and minerals. You been keeping track for the last several centuries.

  3. reginna says:

    These “entities” haven’t done an honest days work in their lives.
    This wealth belongs to the people it was STOLEN from !

  4. rudy says:

    All this is false, they lost in the second world war all their power, the axis change to usa until the present time.

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