Mark Zukerberg and Shimon Peres …..share a laugh and a nose type



The Board of Directors of Facebook is mainly Jewish 5 Jews 3 Industry Goy

Mark Zuckerberg Founder, (Jew) Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer Sheryl Sandberg Chief Operating Officer (Jewess)


Marc Andreessen  (Industry Goy )

Erskine B. Bowles (Industry Goy)

Susan Desmond-Hellmann (Jew)

Donald E. Graham (Zionist Jew)

donald graham

Reed Hastings(Industry Goy )

Peter A. Thiel (Zionist Jew)


Source Facebook Website

If EITHER Zuckerberg or Sandberg is a Sayan the Mossad can easily control Facebook ESPECIALLY if the CIA already has control

Facebook Shareholders

Mark Zuckerberg (Jew )————– 28.2 percent

Accel Partner Jim Breyer (Jew) ———– 11.4 percent


Dustin Moskovitz  (Jew)——————- 7.6 percent


DST Owner Yuri Milner (Russian Jew)———–  5.4 percent.

Peter Thiel, (Jew)———– 2.5 percent.

55 percent is still Jew owned Source http://i2mag.com/facebooks-s-1-who-owns-what-shareholding-in-the-company/

Victor Ostrovsky in his book By Way of Deception described the issue of worldwide Jewish-Israeli espionage extensively. The Mossad uses “Sayanim,” (“helpers” in Hebrew) or local Jews living in foreign countries as its organizational base. Every Jewish community outside Israel acts as a Fifth Column for the State of Israel. Many Jews act as dormant agents for the State of Israel, systematically attempting to get access to specific technologies or powers designed by their coward handlers, who wait in cozy safe houses far in the backlines.

Given this background, the life story of Mark Zuckerberg looks slightly different from what mainstream media claims. He was born into a Jewish family; he had a bar mitzvah at the age of 13………….which means he is a practicing Jew

That means Mark Zuckerberg was in an excellent position to become a formal“sayan” of the Mossad. Did he become one?Let’s see. He entered Harvard, and violated it s computers, robbing an important database. He belonged to Alpha Epsilon Pi , a Jewish fraternity. Then, Harvard students Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra accused Zuckerberg of intentionally making them believe he would help them build a social network called HarvardConnection.com and stealing their idea (later called ConnectU); He got away and flourished with this theft ………….Would it have been possible without some outside help? Odds of early help seem quite good

Why is Facebook so important to Mossad? Because it makes life easier for them . Facebook collects data from all its customers email accounts . It shows many of the personal links (“ksharim”) of its members and can make intelligent guesses on possible off-line links. This last characteristic is important because often we contact our most significant relations exclusively off-line. Thus, Facebook is an invaluable tool for an intelligence-terror organization.

Arie Hasit (now a soldier in the Israeli army ) met Mark Zuckerberg in 2002 after they had joined the same fraternity which primarily concentrated on activities within the Jewish community. ‘We ate Shabbat dinner together,’ Hasit said. ‘Every year we raised money for charities in Israel. Mark was one of the members of the fraternity, like many other Jewish students at Harvard.’ Hasit, who wears a skullcap, says the 25-year-old Zuckerberg feels an affinity with Judaism. ‘He fasts on Yom Kippur,’ Hasit says of Zuckerberg. ‘Sometimes he would come to the Hillel House, a Jewish organization that ran various activities.’ “-  Ha´aretz, 10/05/2009.

For more on the Jews behind Facebook see The Jews behind the Internet (Facebook)



The International Business Times had in an unusual article in August 2012 come out with an article “outing” the CIA Facebook link The International Business Times is owned by IBT Media which in turn was bought in Mysterious circumstances by the equallly mysterious Etienne Uzac,  and Johnathan Davis See The mysterious company that just bought Newsweek”.  Now THESE people put out the story that THE CIA OWNS FACEBOOKNO MENTION OF MOSSAD OR THE JEWISH ANGLE  OF COURSE  See Facebook, the CIA, DARPA, and the Tanking IPO

From the time Mark Zuckerberg was a child and attended the summer camp for “exceptional children,” CTY John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, run by Johns Hopkins University, he, like other CTY students, Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google), and Lady Gaga, have been easy to track. CTY and similar camps filter applications and pick the best and brightest for their accelerated learning programs. Tracing the later progress of these children in school and life would be a standard operation for agencies like the CIA.THE CIA SEEMS TO HAVE CONSCIOUSLY USED AMERICAN AND NON AMERICAN BORN JEWS TO CREATE ITS MOST SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE

When Zuckerberg founded an interesting little social network at Harvard, and then sought to turn it into a business,the data-mining possibilities were obvious to CIA personnel.Through their cutouts, as described below, they stepped in and lent a helping hand.Now it’s time for Zuckerberg to pass the baton to his handlers,so they can maximize the economics of Facebook and utilize it to spy even more extensively.
The big infusion of cash that sent Mark Zuckerberg and his fledgling college enterprise on their way came from Accel Partners,in 2004. Jim Breyer,(Jewish) head of Accel, attached a $13 million rocket to Facebook , and nothing has ever been the same.

Jim Breyer

Breyer was born in 1961 in New Haven, Connecticut, the son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants(their original surnames not available) Earlier that same year (2004), a man namedGilman Louie  joined the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA). The chairman of NVCA? Jim Breyer. Gilman Louie happened to be the first CEO of the important CIA start-up, In-Q-Tel.
Gilman Louie

Gilman Louie is obviously a Chinese American (born 1960) technology venture capitalist who got his start as a video game designer and then ran the CIA venture capital fund In-Q-Tel.In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to “gather data.” The incongruity of a Asian-American being put in charge of a CIA “startup” and the even greater incongruity of the CIA PUBLICLY ADVERTISING ITS “START UP”doesnt seem to have entered mind of the International Business Times Journalist

That’s not the only connection between Jim Breyer and the CIA’s man, Gilman Louie..In 2004, Louie went to work for BBN Technologies, headed up by Breyer. Dr. Anita K. Jones age 71 also joined BBN at that time. Jones had worked for In-Q-Tel and was an adviser to DARPA, the Pentagon’s technology department that helped develop the Internet.

Anita K Jones
Anita Jones has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1973. With William A. Wulf, her husband, Jones was a founder and vice president of Tartan Laboratories, a compiler technology company, in 1981.Jones became the Director of Defense Research and Engineering for the U.S. Department of Defense in June 1993. Her responsibilities included the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and oversight of the Department of Defense laboratories,

With these CIA/Darpa connections, it’s no surprise that Jim Breyer’s jackpot investment in Facebook is not part of the popular mythology of Mark Zuckerberg. Better to omit it. Who could fail to realize that Facebook, with its endless stream of personal data, and its tracking capability, is an ideal CIA asset?

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