Rare Hindi video on India Israel and Congress Israel ties It basically repeats what Ive been writing about

Manmohan Singh


Rothschild creation  May even have got the top job due to his ties  See MANMOHAN SINGH THE ROTHSCHILDS “SPECTACULAR PERSON” Lady Lynne Rothshcild had this to say on Singh THE INDIAN PRIME MINISTER IS REALLY, TO ME, ONE OF THE SPECTACULAR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, and I’ve seen him speak many times, and he always reads his speech.

Sashi Tharoor


Another Rothshcild wind up monkey A UN bureaucrat and a regular at all the kosher do”s he just walked into the Congress Party and the Indian Government after he lost out the UN general Secretary’s post to Ban Ki Moon See SHASHI THAROOR THE ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD TROLL IN INDIA

Kamal Nath

kamal nath
Nath stated in 2012 that India and Israel are “ideal partners”During the same visit Nath  signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of a joint working group to plan and building water and sewage systems, drinking water treatment plants, and the reuse of treated wastewater water.

Sharad Pawar

sharad pawar

Pawar was the Indian defense minister in 1992 when Narashimha Rao started official India Israel ties . Defense Minister Sharad Pawar’s remarks, in February 1992, on cooperation with Israel on counter-terrorism,were the FIRST official remarks by an Indian defense minsiter on India Israel millitary ties  In 2007 Pawar as agriculture minister signed a three year work plan for agriculture links a perfect cover for spying in rural areas

Kapil Sibal


In April  2012 Sibal went to Israel and  agreed in principle to launch a three-year,India Israel $30 million programme to enhance academic cooperation, and facilitate mutually beneficial research. In 2013 he hired Israeli firm Verint to help the Indian Govt intercept data from smart phones see ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA TIES UP WITH CIA AND MOSSAD

SM Krishna

s m krishna

In January 2013 External Affairs Minister SM Krishna made  a strategically important visit to Israel and Palestine marking the first such trip to that region by an Indian Foreign Minister in over a decade.Among the deliverables achieved during the visit include the signing of an extradition treaty and India agreeing to the Israeli proposal for opening a Consulate in Bengaluru the THIRD consular office in India

Vijay Darda

vijay darda

 Vijay J. Darda (born 14 May 1950) is a Rajya Sabha (Upper House ) from the  Congress party representing Maharashtra in the Rajya Sabha since 1998, having been elected for three consecutive terms A Media Baron he owns and publishes the Lokmat newspaper  in Marathi which has a daily circulation of 15.4 million Strongly pro Israel attends most of the Israeli Embassy functions

Sam Pitroda


Rajiv Gandhi’s Phone Czar he is reputed to have been responsible for the spread of telephone (landline) connectivity in India Now he is a regular Shabos Goy and has twice been the Co Chair of the annual India Israel Forum He is well-connected in New Delhi’s charmed circle and is probably using that connectivity and charm to spread the good word for his new favourite nation Israel …………..can’t help wondering if he played any role (knowingly or unknowingly in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination by CIA and Mossad )

Ashwani Kumar

ashwani kumar

Ashwani Kumar is another regular at the Israeli Embassy functions He also attended the  the India Israel Forum held every year twice In 2007 he lead a delegation to Israel as Minister for Industry

Sachin Pilot


In June  2011 Sachin Pilot went to Tel Aviv and as Minister for Communication  invited Israeli hi-tech industry into the IT sector in efforts to take it to every  nook and corner of India. Touching on the Indo—Israel bilateral relations, Pilot said the two sides have been working towards a Free Trade Agreement (FTA),which is likely to come through some time soon and give a big boost to the bilateral trade relations.

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  4. Wow wideawake, hat’s off to your work, calling a spade a spade… fear…I’m only about 10 articles deep so far….more power to you brother…

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