three stooges

Left to Right Civil Aviation director Azharuddin Abdul Rahman Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Chief of Police Khalid Abu Bakr

Hishammuddin Hussein is the Defence Minister in which capacity the Air Force MUST have told him about the primary radar reading

The Malaysians have bungled more then once They have been caught lying five or six times  They are lying  to cover up plain incompetence or they are lying to cover up something more They seem to know more on the fate of the aircraft 


The mystery, confusion and disarray surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines plane worsened on Tuesday(11-3-2014), after a military official suggested the aircraft had not only been turned around but had flown back across the Malay peninsula.Air force chief, Tan Sri Rodzali Daud, said the plane was detected at 2.40am near Pulau Perak, an island in the Malacca Strait, several hundred kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur Source Confusion over last known movements of missing Malaysia Airlines plane

The next day he denied making the statement“I wish to state that I did not make any such statements,” air force chief Rodzali Daud said in a statement today (March 12).Source
Malaysia air force denies tracking missing jet to Strait of Malacca

Within THREE days the Malaysian Prime Minister (who is also the cousin of the Defense Minister ) made an official statement that the last radar contact by the plane was at 2.40 near Pulau Perak by the millitary radar

What this means is the Malaysians DELIBERATELY let the world waste precious days searching the East China Sea KNOWING it was not possible or highly improbable that the plane was there and the delay meant chances of getting survivors goes down?



Malaysian investigators were also questioning five passengers who checked in for the flight — but who wound up not boarding and had their luggage removed from the plane.Source New York Daily

On Tuesday (11-3-2014), the POLICE CHIEF said that five people had checked in but not boarded;the following day, the TRANSPORT MINISTER  insisted no one had done so. Officials brushed crucial questions aside, described them as “too sensitive” or on occasion seemed to simply misunderstand them. Source
The Guardian Remember the Guardian is a Rothschild newspaper

The mysterious  FIVE PASSANGERS  who checked in but did not board the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 DO NOT EXIST after all, according to Malaysia’s POLICE CHIEF  Khalid Abu Bakar.He told a press conference on Tuesday that everyone who had bought a ticket for last Saturday’s flight had boarded.”From our investigations, there were no five passengers who checked in and did not board,” he said in response to a question.The mysterious five had been the subject of curiosity since Sunday when Malaysia’s Department of CIVIL AVIATION DIRECTOR   Azharuddin Abdul Rahman REPEATEDLY  confirmed their existence.He said several times that their bags had been removed, in accordance with standard procedures, when they did not board the flight last Saturday after checking in.Mr Khalid did not explain how the confusion arose.Source  The Straightstimes Singapore    It seems there IS a Jew on board flight 370 and there was a Jew who MISSED THE FLIGHT because his travel agent wanted him to observe the Shabbat and not fly on Saturday

Could it be that Sivan Kurzberg his brother, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari … had come to “DOCUMENT ANOTHER “EVENT” like they did on Septemeber 11 2001 in New York?



One of the two who used stolen passports to board the missing Malaysian Airlines plane looked like Mario Balotelli, .Malaysia’s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said that the men who boarded the plane were not of ‘Asian appearance’. Asked by a reporter what they looked like ‘roughly’, he said: ‘Do you know of a footballer by the name of (Mario) Balotelli? He is an Italian. Do you know how he looks like?’ A reporter then asked, ‘Is he black?’ and the aviation chief replied, ‘Yes’.

Malaysian-Plane-Mystery-3228638 BALOTELI

The Two white guys on the left are the Iranians who ALLEGEDLY boarded the flight using the stolen passports. The guy on the right is Balotelli No sane person could confuse the Iranians with Balotelli Either the civil aviation chief is lying or the officials who claim that two Iranians walked in using the fake stolen passports are lying

Remember the two brainwashed Africans who carried out the Lee Rigby London false flag? What if the CIA M15 Mossad or anyone else actually got a crazy brainwashed black man who looks like Balotelli in the plane and he hijacked it ?



 A Chinese satellite probing the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 “observed a suspected crash area at sea,” a Chinese government agency said — a potentially pivotal lead into what thus far has been a frustrating, fruitless search.

The objects aren’t small: 13 by 18 meters (43 by 59 feet), 14 by 19 meters (46 by 62 feet) and 24 by 22 meters (79 feet by 72 feet). For reference, the wingspan of an intact Boeing 777-200ER like the one that disappeared is about 61 meters (200 feet), and the plane’s overall length is about 64 meters (210 feet).The Chinese agency gave coordinates of 105.63 east longitude, 6.7 north latitude, which would put it in waters northeast of where it took off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and south of Vietnam, near where the South China Sea meets the Gulf of Thailand.

The next day the news proved false raising two questions …………..WHAT was the large debris ? Why did an Official Chinese agency put out such data ?And  why were  the Malaysians deliberately  wasting other nations time and energy searching the wrong area The longer the search drags on the lessor the chances of survivors




From day 1 the Malaysians at least suspected the flight was heading west towards the Andaman Yet they kept plodding on by searching the China Sea and Malay Straights area without asking the Indian Navy for the Andaman Airport and Andaman Navy radar records Any huge plane crossing a naval and civillian radar at Andamans should have registered…………………………Though the surveillance radar network in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago is nowhere near as strong as the Indian mainland,officers said the Malaysian jetliner probably would have been “picked up” if it had flown close to the 572-island cluster.“Surveillance around the islands is done 24×7, with radars at Port Blair, Campbell Bay and Car Nicobar, among other places,” said an officer. See Missing Malaysian jet: Search reaches Chennai coast in Bay of Bengal

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