180px-WildersLooks Kazar doesnt he ?

The rumour had been circulating for years: Greet Wilder’s is an ‘Indo’ (an Indonesian-European, an ethnic mix that originated when the Dutch colonised Indonesia). In June a genealogist said he had found several Indonesian ancestors of the populist Dutch politician known for his rabid anti-immigrant and anti-Islam ideas.

Now anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen describes how his roots can be seen as the driving force behind his outspoken views.The 6-page article reveals that Wilders maternal grandmother, Johanna Ording-Meijer, came from an old Jewish-Indonesian family and that Wilders lied about this in his 2008 biography. However, Van Leeuwen, an expert on the position of Indo-Dutch people in the post-colonial age, goes beyond the notion that a politician known for judging others on their ethnic roots can himself be traced to foreign ancestors.  IF WILDER’S MOTHERS MOTHER IS JEWISH WILDERS IS JEWISH TOO


Johanna Ording Meijer Geert Wilders Indo Dutch Jewish Grandmother

Van Leeuwen went into the national archives to find the sad story of Wilders’ grandfather on his mother’s side. Johan Ording was a regional financial administrator in the Dutch colony who suffered several bankruptcies and was fired while on leave in the Netherlands in 1934. He was reduced to begging when the government refused to give him a pension, but later made it to prison director. Van Leeuwen suggests that Wilders is out to avenge the injustice done to his grandfather.

And the crazy blond  hair? Van Leeuwen says his died mop is a “political symptom not taken serious enough”. She thinks it was a brilliant move to step away from his Indonesian roots and hide his post-colonial revanchism. Although this may also be an example of his “classic Indo identity alienation.” Source http://vorige.nrc.nl/international/article2350022.ece

Kind of figures ,given the number of times he has been to Israel In the words of some Hasbara troll who has scripted the Wiki page on Wilders here is Wilders after graduation  ——–Wilders’ goal after he graduated from secondary school was to see the world. Because he did not have enough money to travel to Australia, his preferred destination, he went to Israel instead. For several years he volunteered in a moshav  and worked for several firms, becoming in his own words “a true friend of Israel”.With the money he saved, he travelled to the neighbouring Arab countries, and was moved by the lack of democracy in the region. When he returned to the Netherlands, he retained Israeli ideas about counter-terrorism and a “special feeling of solidarity” for the country. Source Wikipedia (Translated from Hasbara speak he spent a few years in Israel where he was recruited by the Mossad and was sent to spy on Arab states using his Dutch passport as cover )


Oy Vei  Wat a DANGEROUS MAN …………. When he returned to the Netherlands, he retained Israeli ideas about counter-terrorism and a “special feeling of solidarity” for the country.Living in Utrecht, Wilders initially worked in the health insurance industry. His interest in the subject led him into politics as a speech-writer for the Netherlands’ People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy. He started his formal political career as a parliamentary assistant to the party leader Frits Bolkestein, specialising in foreign policy. He held this job from 1990 to 1998.

During this time Geert Wilders travelled extensively, visiting countries all across the Middle East, including Iran, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. Bolkestein was the first Dutch politician to address the consequences of mass immigration for Dutch society, including a sharp criticism of Muslim immigrants. Source Wikipedia Translated from Wiki Hasbara speak (see WIKIPEDIA BEING MANIPULATED BY HASBARA) Wilders the Mossad spy returned to Holland where he attached himself limpet like to either another Mossad asset or a simple minded fool Frits Bolkestein, He also used his Dutch passport to spy some more on Arab states

On the personal front Wilders himself has carried on the grand tradition and has married Krisztina Marfai, a Jewess from Hungary

the indonesian jewThe Indonesian Jew and his Hungarian Yenta

Update It now turns out that the Dutch Intelligence Service has been investigating Wilders Mossad ties since 2009 with the results “remaining unknown ” until now

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  1. greg bacon says:

    He didn’t have enough money to travel to Australia, so he settled on Israel?

    WTF kind of logic is that? Wilders planned on going to ‘Stolenland’ from the start.

    • Kosher Logic ……….Notice how many times the Wiki entry for Wilders keeps touching on his CATHOLIC ROOTS ……..Fact is his maternal grandmother being Jewish (and the rest of his grandparents probably being Crypto Jews like Kerry (Cohen) )he IS JEWISH and probably a MOSSAD SAYAN too

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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  4. Shak Khan says:

    he shall burn eternally in hell

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