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What happens if you are a MI (Millitary Intelligence) officer aka a spy caught during war? Why you get tortured whatever information you have is extracted and you get shot dead Well things are a little different if you are a Rothschild son/brother in law it seems

George Lane was born Gyuri Lányi on 18 January 1915. A Hungarian Jew, he was the eldest son of Ernest Lanyi, a landowner in the northern part of Hungary. At the end of World War I, the region of Upper Hungary was transferred to the newly created state of Czechoslovakia. Lane, aged four, effectively became a refugee,and his family moved to Budapest, where he was educated.Lane became a swimming champion, and he toured widely with the Hungarian Olympic water polo team. In order to travel, but lacking funds, he took a friend’s advice to write about water polo as a freelance journalist. His articles included an eyewitness account of a Nuremberg Rally.

Lane/Lányi moved to England in 1935 to undertake studies at the University of London. He was more or less adopted by the Dean of Windsor, Albert Victor Baillie, who enjoyed vacationing in Hungary. Lane wrote several articles about the trauma of meeting demoralized Germans in Harwich. These articles attracted the interest of Rozsika Edle Rothschild, mother of his  future wife   Miriam Rothschild .and his even more famous brother in law Victor Rothschild. Rothschild wrote to Lane, but he did not respond to her letters.

Lányi was studying at London University when World War II began. He volunteered to join the British Army and was accepted by the Grenadier Guards. The Home Office, however, served him with a deportation order.Lane often stayed at Leeds Castle, the home of the American-born political hostess Lady Baillie, where he met Anthony Eden,the future Prime Minister and David Margesson, the government Chief Whip. With their help the deportation order was rescinded, but he had to spend a year in the Alien Pioneer Corps doing manual labour.

Lane then joined Special Operations Executive (SOE), the British irregular warfare organization. After intensive training, he went on missions to Belgium and the Netherlands, but he refused to parachute into Hungary, so he transferred to No. 4 Commando under the leadership of Lord Lovat. Under Lord Louis Mountbatten,  Lane and a commando captain, Bryan Hilton-Jones, identified 140 foreigners for a proposed “X Troop”, of whom 80 were selected, all of them fluent in German.Largely composed of Jewish refugees from Europe, this X Troop became Number 3 Troop in No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando, of which Hilton-Jones became commanding officer(It’s surprising that Hollywood hasn’t made a Oscar winning movie on X Troop)



Miriam Rothschild

During the war, Lane met Miriam Rothschild, when recovering at her house after an accident .Miriam was the daughter of Rozsika Edle Rothschild, who had written Lane before the war about articles he had written. When Lane arrived at the Rothschild estate, he recognized the address. Rozsika Rothschild had died in 1940, but her daughter remembered the articles. Miriam’s first words to Lane were, “Why the hell didn’t you answer my mother’s letter? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.” Miriam also happened to the sister of  Victor Rothschild who already in the 1940s had started working for MI5 DURING WW 2 Lane and Miriam Rothschild married in 1943. Seems like he knocked up Miriam and she insisted on getting married For starters Lanyi/Lane  was NOT standard Rothschild marriage material and people got married during war only if the HAD TO for obvious reasons  The marriage was dissolved in 1957. They had six children: two sons and four daughters all with the British Goyim surname Best and all 100 percent rabid Zionist Jews

On the night of May 17 1944 (by now a Rothshcild son in law )  he crossed the Channel in an MTB which dropped him near Ault on the north-east coast. He was captured and for several days they were interrogated by German officers. Eventually they were bound, blindfolded and pushed into a car. They drew up at a castle, and Lane was shoved into a room guarded by a ferocious dog.Lane was then taken to a large library.


Gen Erwin Rommel

SITTING AT A DESK AT THE FAR END WAS ROMMEL. THE FIELD MARSHAL GOT UP AND INVITED LANE, WHO WAS STANDING TO ATTENTION, TO JOIN HIM AT A TABLE THE FIELD MARSHAL SMILED, THE ATMOSPHERE BECAME RELAXED AND THE TWO MEN HAD A LONG CONVERSATION. . Get this ……….here is a Jew spy  a Rothschild son-in-law an associate of the leading Rothschild Victor Rothschild whose identity must have been certainly known to the Germans meeting the highest ranking German General who had direct contact with Hitler and exchanging smiles tea and crumpets and having a long conversation WHAT did they discuss ?

Well no one knows but we do know what happened to Rommel  a few days later he and his car were shot up by the RAF, so he played no part in D-Day, and then he was accused by Hitler of being part of the July bomb plot, and forced to commit suicide.Gyuri Lani Hungarian Jew and a member of the Rothschild family  was surely the last non-German to see him alive.

The marriage was dissolved in 1957 and Lane went to America. He joined a firm of stockbrokers in New York and studied at night school until he had passed the stock exchange examinations. He later opened offices in France and Switzerland. After he remarried in 1963 he lived in London, travelled widely and pursued a number of business interests. A great sportsman, he loved shooting in Scotland and in his native Hungary.He died March 19 2010
The Telegraph……Colonel George Lane

PS Its fun to read  how The Times and the Scotsman manages a 10000 word eulogies  to Lanyi without once mentioning he is Jewish

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