Israel is bugging the whole world mad with its obsession with Iran’s nuclear programme  Yet Israels own nuclear programme was nothing more then GRAND THEFT  only what was being stolen was not cars but WEAPONS GRADE URANIUM AND TECHNOLOGY with the US and France being the countries which helped the Jewish state the most

The US has very strict policies for nuclear weapons and nuclear material safety yet in the 60s 70s and even 80s it had HUNDREDS OF KILOGRAMS OF WEAPONS GRADE URANIUM STOLEN BY AMERICAN ZIONISTS LIKE ZALMAN SHAPIRO




Zalman Shapiro Traitor and thief

Zalman Mordecai Shapiro (born 12 May 1920, Canton, Ohio)is one of the biggest thieves  in history He is also a traitor to the country of his birth the USA and the father of the Stolen Israeli Nuclear programme Shapiro a Zionist Jew was born in Canton, Ohio, to Abraham and Minnie (née Pinck) Shapiro.After completing his education which included a Phd , Shapiro moved to Pittsburgh,  He worked for Westinghouse Electric and the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, where he worked on developing the fuel for the first commercial nuclear power plant,the Shippingport Atomic Power Station.

On December 31, 1956, Zalman Shapiro incorporated the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC), a nuclear-materials processing facility that began receiving a steady stream of government contracts to produce fuel for the Navy’s growing fleet of nuclear-powered vessels.

A recent book by Grant Smith called Divert!: Numec, Zalman Shapiro and the Diversion of Us Weapons Grade Uranium Into the Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program has exposed Shapiro and his fellow American traitors and also exposed the FBI CIA as either conniving with or being grossly negligent

NUMECs capital was organized by David Lowenthal, an American citizen who secretly fought for Israel during its 1948 war for independence alongside Meir Amit (first Mossad chief)  and its first prime minister (David Ben-Gurion). According to FBI files, Lowenthal traveled “to Israel on the average of approximately once per month.” Many members of NUMEC‘s venture capital network and board of directors were dedicated Zionists who, like Shapiro, held leadership positions in the Zionist Organization of America – “an American membership organization founded in 1896 dedicated to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine,” according to Divert!.

Between 1957 and 1967, NUMEC received 22 tons (44,000 lbs) of HEU-235. A 2001 Department of Energy audit revealed that NUMEC lost at least 593 pounds of HEU – about 2.0 percent of what it received – before 1968.The losses exceeded the industry average (.2 percent) by several times and still hold the dubious record for the highest losses of bomb-grade material of any plant in the United States.

In June 1966 Shapiro formed a company called the Israel NUMEC Isotopes and Radiation Enterprises Limited (ISORAD) in partnership with the Israeli government. The company was ostensibly created research projects involving exposing agricultural products to radiation to kill microorganisms and extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.Smith notes that Shapiro’s business partner, Ernest David Bergmann, chaired the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission – “the primary cover organization for Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program” – from 1954 to 1966.About the same time(1965) that NUMEC sustained unaccountable losses of HEU-235, the FBI notes, NUMEC was developing and manufacturing food irradiators for Israel.


Dimona Nuclear Facility Israel

The loss of Uranium  came to be know as the The Apollo Affair  (NUMEC) was investigated for losing 200-600 pounds of highly enriched uranium .In 1965, the FBI investigated Zalman Shapiro, , over the loss 200 pounds of highly enriched uranium. After investigations by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other government agencies, and inquiring reporters, no charges were ever filed. A General Accounting Office study of the investigations declassified in May 2010 stated “We believe a timely, concerted effort on the part of these three agencies would have greatly aided and possibly solved the NUMEC diversion questions, if they desired to do so.”

For the recently unclassified GAO report see Nuclear Diversion in the U.S.?  13 Years of Contradiction and Confusion.– Redacted version released by the ISCAP on On March 18, 2014 with more CIA equity content.

The GAO officially concluded that the federal efforts to resolve the matter were “less than adequate.” GAO charged the FBI “which had the responsibility and authority to investigate the alleged incident, did not focus on the question of a possible nuclear diversion until May 1976, nearly 11 years later.” The GAO found other serious lapses in the FBI investigation. “GAO found that certain key individuals had not been contacted by the FBI almost 2 years into the FBI’s current investigation.”

According to Smith there is no single smoking gun that Shapiro diverted HEU-235 to Israel – but many smoking shell-casings. They include:

• In 1965 a NUMEC employee walked near the NUMEC loading dock and encountered people he could not identify loading cans about the size of HEU-235 canisters onto a ship that was headed to Israel. The employee detailed the event in 1980 when interviewed by FBI agents. Based on the number of reported canisters, Smith estimates up to 346 lbs of U-235 could have been shipped to Israel in this single incident.

 •In 1968 NUMEC invited and received Israel’s elite nuclear weapons development officials and its top spy under the cover of being “thermo electric generator specialists.” They included Avraham Hermoni (technical director of Israel’s nuclear bomb project), Ephraim Biegun (head of the Israeli technical department of Israel’s Secret Service from 1960-70) and Rafael Eitan (long-time Mossad and LAKAM operative who later directed spy Jonathan Pollard’s spy program against the U.S.).Smith notes that in 1986 Middle East operative analyst Anthony Cordesman said there “is no conceivable reason for Eitan to have gone [to NUMEC] but for the nuclear material.”

• In June 1978 Department of Energy investigators told former Atomic Energy Commissioner (AEC) Glenn T. Seaborg that traces of Portsmouth U-235 – the government-owned material primarily delivered to NUMEC for processing into fuel – had been picked up in Israel.Seaborg, who frequently defended Shapiro during his time as AEC chief, later refused to be interviewed by FBI investigators.

Smith’s analysis concludes that enough U-235 to produce dozens of nuclear weapons was not lost but diverted directly into Israel’s as-yet-to-be-officially-acknowledged nuclear weapons program.

In the 1969 memo, Kissinger noted the general intelligence assessment at the time: “Israel has 12 surface-to-surface missiles delivered from France. Israel has set up a production line and plans by the end of 1970 to have a total force of 24 – 30, ten of which are programmed for nuclear warheads. The first domestically produced missile is expected to be completed this summer. Preparation of launch facilities is under way.”

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