Tal Yehoshua”s Mangled Car

On 13 February 2012 A car belonging to the Israeli Embassy caught fire after a minor explosion in Delhi’s Tuglak Road on Monday injuring two people. An Israeli Embassy spokesman said that the car was near the embassy when the incident occurred and added that one of those injured was a woman diplomat.The incident took place at about 500 meters away from the (Indian)PM’s residence. The incident occurred at 3.15pm.

The lone eyewitness in the case, Gopal, told investigators he saw a man on a motorbike stick a large object to the Toyota Innova’s tailgate. After assessing the damage caused by the bomb, experts estimated it to be the size of an executive diary. They said it had been stuck to the car with a magnet and was probably actuated by remote control, as it exploded within seconds of the biker’s pushing off.

The same day 13 Feb 2013 Another bomb planted in a car in Tbilisi, Georgia failed to explode and was defused by Georgian police.On 14 February were a series of explosions that occurred in Bangkok, Thailand , injuring five people.

Within hours Netan-Yahoo the Tel Aviv Cuckoo was out kvetching like a yenta princess that IRAN WAS INVOLVED  Netan-Yahoo however realised that India had not yet been potty trained to be a Jew Colony as India  refused to blame Iran for the blast within 2 days India took a months time before deciding to play along and named three Iranians BUT NOT THE IRANAIAN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES as accused. The Police team investigating  named 3 Iranians Houshang Afshar Irani, Seyed Ali Mahdiansadr and Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi. as the perpetrators.To give a local angle  Indian authorities arrested a middle aged Indian Muslim Journalist Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi After SEVEN months in custody and interrogation by Mossad agents with nothing being found to link him to the attacks Indias Supreme Court ordered his release on bail

The evidence surrounding that bomb itself indicates a series of decisions by the terrorist team that is fundamentally inconsistent with an Iranian-Hezbollah revenge bombing. The preliminary forensic analysis of the bomb itself had estimated it to be 250-300 grams of explosives, but sources in the investigation later reduced the estimate to 200-250 grams. The 250-gram bomb that exploded near the Delhi High Court in May 2011 did not even damage the car under which it had been placed and was characterised by Police Commissioner B K Gupta as a “low-intensity and mild blast”.The main damage to the Israeli diplomat’s car was not from the explosion but from the fire, which burned so slowly that the occupants suffered no burns.

If the bomb had been filled with shrapnel of iron filings, nails or glass, or if it had been attached underneath the fuel tank or on the door next to the passenger, that bomb would have seriously injured or killed the passenger, Tal Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of the Israeli Defense Attaché. But Delhi police were able to determine that the bomb contained no such potentially deadly shrapnel. And an examination of the videos and photos of the car after the bombing revealed that the bomb had been attached instead to the rear of the vehicle, where it would have the least impact on the occupants.

The investigators believe the  bomber knew area, evaded CCT.  The bomb that gutted an Israel embassy car close to the prime minister’s residence on Monday was of  an advanced type not used before in the city. While investigators described it as a ‘low intensity incendiary device’,a senior police official told TOI, “The bomb was perfectly made and we have never seen such a bomb in Delhi. Maybe, it was made by foreign experts”. IN SHORT AFTER BUILDING AN ADVANCED SMALL ——-NON LETHAL ——BOMB SPENDING TIME RECCING THE CCTV  THE PERSON USING IT ATTACHES IT TO THE —–ONLY PLACE IN THE CAR —— WHICH ALMOST GUARENTEES  NO FATALITIES

Indian investigators obtained a fourth piece of evidence bearing on the intentions of the planners from their interview with Yehoshua-Koren. She told them the bomb did not go off for 30 to 40 seconds after she felt a bump from the rear of the car and saw the motorcyclist go past her window. Indian investigators had assumed that the bomb had operated on a five- or 10-second delay, like other magnet bombs with which they were familiar – only enough time for the motorcyclist to get far enough away from the blast.

tal koren

Tal Yehoshua Koren

Yehoshua-Koren did not get out of the car before the bomb went off, and suffered what the Israeli Defense Ministry called“moderate” wounds– evidently from metal fragments from the rear hatch. She was nevertheless able to exit the car and get to the Israeli Embassy without any assistance. She also refused to subjeect herself to examination in a Government Hospital and was flown back to Israel on Friday the 17th February

As for the MOTIVE and  LOCATION  of the attack the Economic Times summed up the absurdity of Iran attacking an Israeli in India  ———“Why would Iran go and poke its finger in the eye of its best customer, especially knowing full well that Israel will use even the flimsiest excuse to put the blame on it?”

As of now not one of the three Iranians named has been arrested the Indian Journalist is out on bail and the case seems to be drifting towards another unsolved case


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