India is going to the polls and the results will be out by the 16th of March No party is expected to get a majority with the Congress Kosher Party  expected to be routed and the BJP Shabos Goy Party  expected to be the largest party but not able to cross the half way mark in terms of seats to be able to form a Government on its own  A hodge podge of Regional We Love Israel Parties who may or may not form a post poll alliance called the Third Front are also in the fray The AAP   may take reams of digital and newspaper space but it is not a real contestant for power at the center ………at least not in 2014

The BJP is lead by Narendra Corporate Stooge RSS Psychopath Modi and the  Congress by Rahul Personality Problem  Gandhi


images moon god


The great dictator Narendra Modi The Mighty Kim il Mo Dee of India  The Psychopath has three sources of power 1 The RSS  2 Big Corporate Houses who want a economic illiterate but crony capitalism compliant 3 RSS cadres in love with Modi for his 2002 riot politics



His rise up the Party ranks began with the Global Investor Conference in Jan 2009 when India Inc did  had never ever done ……..publicly endorsing a politician for the PMs post Indias corporate controlled media went into overdrive pushing and peddling Modi like they were selling soap or biscuits Incidentally of the 4 main businessmen who endorsed Modi at the 2009 Conference three the Ambani brothers and Tata had direct business ties with Rothschild and Sunil Mitthal is a Rothshcild front


RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

The old Men in the RSS his other power source realised that their old formula riots and communal violence could go only so far when it came to electoral politics and it needed a new mantra and a new Mukauta (Mask) to mask its real Anti Minority Anti Women Anti Dalit Anti Backward Caste  policies so it picked up Modi who is a member of an OBC (Other Backward caste )


The RSS cadres love Modi because he “taught the Muslims a lesson ” in Gujarat never mind that the Muslims of Godra (the place where 56 Hindu Kar sevaks were torched to death) werent touched in the pogrom and only innocent Muslims who had nothing to do with the Godhra fire were killed The rest of India is sought to be hooked in by the “development ” of Gujarat the“Gujarat Model”a pile of half truths and outright lies which work only because people are sick and tired of Congress corruption and inaptitute

Beides the infamous 2002 riots Modis government is accused of killing innocent people (mostly Muslims)in fake encounters using the local police force He is also accused of assassinating Haren Pandya a ministerial colleague  by the wife and father of Haren Pandya

modi sharma and gf

Modi and Mansi Soni (face blurred)

Modis private life is no better He dumped his wife just a few months after their marriage has been accused by a female minsiters Anandiben Patel  husband of destroying their marriage He also reportedly at 61 had an affair with a 27 year old architect Mansi Soni and then used the Gujarat Police force to snoop on her when she got engaged to a man more her age


images 3

Rahul Gandhi is the son of  Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi grandson of Indira Gandhi and great grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru  THAT IS his only qualification to lead the 100 year old Congress party He is not married and there are all sorts of rumours about his personal life

The sight of 60-80 year olds who are old enough to be his fathers or grandfathers kowtowing to this nitwit is sickening  His display of maturity political or otherwise seem to be stuck at teenage level A 100 year old party with millions of members not being able to get a top leader from outside the “Family” makes the Congress less of a Political Party and more of a completely dsyfuntional collection of toadies and cronies using the “Family” to paper over the REAL problems facing the party

A Wikileaks page has  spoken on comments made on Rahul Gandhi by party Insider and journalist  Saeed Naqvi . Naqvi claims that the word among Congress insiders, including those in the coterie surrounding Sonia Gandhi, is that Rahul will never become Prime Minister for several reasons. Saying that he “refused to indulge in gossip,” Naqvi claimed that it is increasingly common knowledge that Rahul suffers from “personality problems” of an emotional or psychological nature that are severe enough to prevent him from functioning as PM.

Of course if he had been electorally successfull everyone would have dismissed Naqvi and Wikileaks as just more CIA propaganda but the fact is Rahul Gandhi has been an electoral failure His politics seems disconnected from reality  and based on lousy advise His mother had very smartly created TWO sets of advisors one academic and theoretical the other set purely political Rahul Baba seems to have just one set of advisors

Here is his infamous childish absurd silly” ordinance press conference” when he humiliated a Government controlled by his party and indirectly lead by his own mother by terming an ordinance enacted by it as utter rubbish and fit to be torn



These guys might just get lucky if each satrap can  cobble together 3o–40 Lok Sabha seats on his or her own and plunk themselves on the Prime Ministers Chair Each of them wants to be PM They all share some common traits

They have no national agenda or policy for the nation at large

They are all corrupt the only difference being the extent of corruption

They all run on black money (except maybe the communists )

They are solely interested in their local areas and have no national ambitions but will love to take advantage of electoral confusion to grab power at the center


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