Ben Onwuka was an unknown name until November 5, 2012, when his group, the Biafra Zionist Movement were arrested in Enugu during a rally calling for the independence of Biafra from Nigeria.Onwuka, who had stayed in the United Kingdom for the better part of his adult life, believes in the internationalization of the struggle for an independent Biafra and is bent on seeing this dream come into reality.

Here is Benny boy on You Tube with some BIG plans

Here is the webpage of the BIAFRA ZIONIST MOVEMENT

These are some of the aims of the Biafra Movement

The aim of the Biafra Zionist Movement (The Zionist) is to see the Independence of the Rep of Biafra resurrected since the end of the war between Nigeria and Biafra on January 15th 1970.  The independence of the Rep of Biafra we believe will guarantee the security of life and property of  our citizens and also accord us the freedom to freely worship In short this Jew trained financed and brianwashed monkey Benjamin is going to RAKE UP THE BIAFRA ISSUE AGAIN WITH ISRAEL HOLDING THE HAND OF THE NEW STATE

The Biafra ZIONIST Movement was formed in London the UK. It was then launched in Biafra on September 18th 2010 at Michael Okpara Square. It was launched to re-visit the issue of the survival of the Biafran people.We believe that the civil war between Nigeria-Biafra is not over yet

Recently the Kano state government announced that it will be sending 100 military trainees to be trained as Pilots in Jordan they are to be trained by the Royal Jordanian Air Force.  This is very  grave for us as Biafrans.  It is the government of Nigeria that has the power to train military personnel in the country and not by one region or state government.  Biafran people  believe that this move by the North has a bigger reason behind it.  The Biafran people are the target of this move and we must counter it and defeat it  As we are aware the North is preparing for war because the utterances and actions of the North indicates that  the Biafrans are their targets  and number one enemy.  In response to this move by the North we the Biafrans are now ready to counter this hostile move by the North.  We have therefore indicated of the readiness of the Biafran government led by the Biafra Zionist Movement to send to Israel as soon as possible 500 military personnel  to be trained as Pilots and Engineers.  We must do so because the North is preparing for war against us very  soon.

Our relationship with Israel will be very strong. We shall support the Israelis every where we can. They are our brothers and sisters.  If you attack them you are attacking the Biafran people too and we shall fight back.All our abundant natural resources like the OIL & GAS we shall use them to bless the Israelis and the Jews around the world.  Our message to the International Community is this Stop Iran from acquiring the Nuclear Bomb.  Israel has the right to exist and we the Biafrans guarantee them that right to do so.  Biafra loves Israel and so shall our policy be to them forever Amen

The Biafran people have entered a binding Covenant with God that upon the public and International inauguration of the Biafran government very that the Republic of Biafra shall make available free of charge to the Israeli people  OIL AND GAS.  We shall do so because Biafrans believe that there is a common bond between us and the Jewish and Israeli people and this Covenant shall be eternity .  Biafra also supports that Jerusalem will be undivided and must be under the sovereignty of the Israeli government as it had been right from the time of King David.  We share no view or support that the Arabs or Palestinians have any right of claim over the city of Jerusalem. The Biafran people also opposes the creation of an armed Palestinian State near or within the Israeli borders.  We believe that such a State should be within and inside Jordan as 95% of Jordanians is Palestinians.  Biafrans also support the Israeli government building of homes both in Jerusalem and in Judea and samaria.  We see the building of the homes by the Israelis as their right and opposes any moratorium or restriction from outside powers.

Boko Haram was started by a man named  Mohammed Yusuf  . Analysts say he was extremely wealthy and highly educated.“He is graduate educated and very proficient in English,” says Nigerian academic Hussain Zakaria. He lives lavishly – people say he drives a Mercedes Benz. And he is very well-educated in a Western context.”

Its clear the Biafra movement has been created by Israel to split Nigeria and completly takeover the oilrich South (Biafra) controlled by well paid puppets like Onwuka




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    With What is happening here in Nigeria now and past years, which i believe the so called world leaders and nigerian leaders, past and present knows that nigeria’s marriage is nt working. The best bet is disolve peacefully now it have taking much life

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