There are quite a few  pro Talmudic  Journalists Indian journalists but in terms of reach and experience none match the following three journalists



Certain Indians  love for all things Jewish like those of most Islamophobes in India is utterly illogical and absurd when you consider the close THEOLOGICAL links between Islam and Judaism and the almost similar mindset of Wahabis Talibs and Orthodox Jews

Gupta is  Bengali Hindu whose family had been displaced from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) Gupta is a regular  Islamophobe but unlike other Indian Islamophobes this goy monkey is a full fledged Jew flunky a regular Ovadia Donkey. Kanchan Gupta is the recipient of not one but SEVERAL awards from Zionist and Israeli bodies.AS the Holy rabbi Ovadia would say THIS DONKEY IS USEFUL very useful to Israel.He brays passionately  for Israel.He was selected by the American Jewish Committee for a Project Interchange seminar in Israel.


He has been honoured with the Ben Gurion Award for promoting India-Israel relations. As an aide to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he attended the UN’s historic Millennium Summit. This Bagel munching Ovadia donkey has all the hallmarks of a Mossad embedded hack.Should a BJP lead Government come in this creature will easily earn frequent flier miles to Tel Aviv his second homeland.He is  the director of the staunchly pro Modi and pro BJP website Niti Central Besides a regular provider to the website he is the correspondent of the Jerusalem Post



This facially challenged female Journo with signs of hyperthyroidism bulging eyes et all is a hypocrite of the highest order A regular crony capitalist journalist she pimps out her columns  to elevate crony capitalism and its glories.Name a crony capitalist or page three socialite  and she is sure to have shrilled for him or her.Her economic theory is simple PRIVATISE AND RISE The crumbs from the crony capitalists table are good enough for the billion plebs She regularly brushes instances of crony capitalism under her ample carpet    She also has a habit of sleeping around and having unprotected sex the result of which is a bastard son Aatish Taseer with a Pakistani politician late Salman Taseer After that she seems to have turned into an Islamophobe AND a cringing Shabos Goy Israel is HER promised land and its actions are all perfect and good She shills for High Zionism she shills for Israel and she shills for crony capitalism The odds of her being a Mossad Journalist are high

By her own admission she has been in a 25 year  live in relationship with an Indian businessman Ajit Gulabchand who has created a perfect example of crony capitalism  called the Lavasa project  which is a gated city for the super rich  Tavleen Singh has been happily pimping his project in her columns NEVER stating her relationship with Gulabchand .  For more on the corruption and chicanery in the Lavasa project see

Politically  too she is equally promiscuous having sucked up to and hacked for the Nehru Gandhi family never seeing the evils of dynastic politics when she was in the charmed circle but after falling out pouring bilge at the Gandhis and switching camps to pimp for the new poster boy of Crony Capitalism Narendra ModiWhen it comes to Israel she has peddled the Jewish state as if she is a Zionist Jewess herself She seamlessly moves from Islamophobia to rabid pro Zionism that would make Ben Gurion and Rebbe Ovadia Yosef beam She has never spoken on the Jain commission and its mention of Mossad and its agents Amos Radia and Giorce Betchar , the Delhi False Flag or the spying by Israel



Ashok Malik is an Indian current affairs columnist who writes for The Times of India, Hindustan Times , The Asian Age, The Pioneer and Tehelka. He has also contributed to international publications such as Forbes and YaleGlobal Online. He’s also an employee of the Ambani Family run   Observer Research Foundation. He is also a fellow at the Australia India Institute  and is associated with the Jewish Lowy Institute .All these  associations  are probably very financially remunarative for Malik

Ashok’s Malik’s (Malik means Owner in Hindi) are Right wing reactionaries and Zionist Jews  He epitomizes the braying donkey Rabbi Ovadia loves .A lover of all things kosher, he incessantly whines for Israel  .He feels there is a” vast civil society backing for Israel that is unfortunately under-reported”. Of course none of that vast backing is visible to anyone but Malik In the same article he has some puerile drivel about Masada Hindus and JewsSee India Must Look At Israel’s Point-Of-View

Malik had a fit when India voted against Israels little genocide against Gaza  In his tweet he says The government’s UN vote against Israel is not a minor error, it is a monumental blunder. Pretending otherwise would be hypocritical See Tweet

In a June 2015 article titled Don’t hyphenate Israel Malik drools like a good kosher dog Over the past two decades, Israel has become embedded in the Indian system as an economic and strategic partner. From dairy farming to drip irrigation to horticulture, it is involved in a series of developmental projects across Indian states. Israel is India’s most trusted ally in West Asia and one dare say among the three or four closest friends India has anywhere in the world.

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