Abe Foxman happy that he is still relevant

Twenty-six percent of all adults worldwide harbor anti-Semitic attitudes and nearly half have never heard of the Holocaust, the Anti-Defamation League said Tuesday in what it described as an unprecedented and sobering global survey that assessed the level and intensity of hostility toward Jews. ——————Could it be because of THIS ?THE JEW SCAM LIST

“For the first time we have a real sense of how pervasive and persistent anti-Semitism is today around the world,” Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said about the survey. It was conducted against a backdrop of recurring anti-Semitic incidents and rhetoric that had never been systematically quantified in such a broad way. ——————FIRST time Foxman ? Hardly http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm

The highest concentration of anti-Semitic attitudes was found in the Middle East and North Africa, the survey showed, led by the West Bank and Gaza, where 93 percent of respondents held such views, followed by Iraq at 92 percent, Yemen at 88 percent and Algeria at 87 percent.The areas where anti-Semitic attitudes were least prevalent were Oceania, the Americas and Asia. In Laos, less than 1 percent of the population held such views, the lowest anywhere, the survey said. ——————If you invade someone elses land using religious myths as your title deeds  and drive the locals out what can you expect?

In Europe, the survey showed Greece to be the most anti-Semitic country,at 69 percent, and Sweden the least, at 4 percent. In the United States, the survey found 9 percent of respondents anti-Semitic——————After Goldman Sachs messedup with Greece THATS a big surprise http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-03-06/goldman-secret-greece-loan-shows-two-sinners-as-client-unravels.html

Mr. Foxman said that the survey had enabled the League to “identify hot spots, as well as countries and regions of the world where hatred of Jews is essentially nonexistent —————— Thats easy Wherever Jew business and Mossad goes hot spots follow

While the Middle East results were not particularly surprising, the Anti-Defamation League said that the overall result — more than one in four adults are anti-Semitic — was a major finding. The survey also found that only 54 percent of respondents had heard of the Holocaust, which Mr. Foxman called “a disturbingly low number.” ——————What percentage heard of the Roma Holocaust or the ARmenian Holocaust or the Jew created Ukrainian Holocaust (Holdomor) or the recent Rwandan Holocaust ?

The most widely held stereotype, the survey showed, was an affirmative answer to this statement: “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country/the countries they live in.” —————— Thats because Jews are more loyal to Israel

Conducted between July 2013 and February, the survey was based on responses from 53,100 adults in 102 countries and territories in seven major regions, accounting for 88 percent of the world’s adult population. The League said the margin of sampling error for most countries, with 500 respondents each, was plus or minus four percentage points. In larger countries, with 1,000 respondents each, the margin of sampling error was plus or minus three percentage points.

 Interestingly in a February 8 letter, Foxman informed ADL board members that he will be stepping down as the organization’s national director on July 20, 2015, exactly 50 years since he joined the group.

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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. shylocksbane says:

    Oy VEY! The Goyim know!

  3. I guess you do ANOTHER interesting point HOW could 50 % of humanity NEVER have heard of the Holy Holocaust TM ? Well the chosen ones wont sit idle All of Asia must be “converted” to the newest religion of Holocautinity https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/spreading-holocaust-education-to-india/

  4. Anonymous says:

    interesting 26% of non-jews are bigots
    is that high or low?
    what percentage of Jews are bigots?
    are we to assume less than 26% of jews are bigots, if so what is the percentage?

    or is this just

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