Natwar Singh

Natwar Singh was a former Minister in the Congress Party Central Government .Singh was born into an aristocratic Jat family of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. He attended Cambridge University and was a visiting scholar for a period at Peking University in China.Singh is married to Heminder Kaur, daughter of Maharaja Yadavindra Singh of Patiala and sister of Amarinder Singh, titular Maharaja of Patiala and former chief minister of Punjab.In short he was  the well connected Delhi insider

Singh joined the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) in 1953 and served for 31 years.In 1984, after resigning from the Indian Foreign Service, Singh joined the Congress party and was elected to the 8th Lok Sabha In 1986, he became minister of state for external affairs (Minister of State is the Junior Minister ) and comtinued in that post till 1989 After the Congress defeat he served remained in the opposition and was sidelined during the regime of Narasimha Rao as he was considered a Gandhi Family Loyalist IN 2004 when Manmoan Singh took over he became Indias Foreign Affairs Minister

The BBC describes him as a Cambridge-educated former diplomat with a leaning towards the left.He has been an outspoken supporter of several iconic Third World leaders such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Egypt’s Nasser and even Saddam Hussein.The same BBC report said that he regretted the break-up of the former Soviet Union and opposed the US action in Iraq have put him at odds with many in the government. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4414748.stmHe wasnt good for the US and he wasnt good for Zionist interests He opposed US policies and indrectly the Jew lobby .The US wanted Natwar Singh out and it did get him out using the services of Paul Volcker former Federal Bank Chairman and Crypto Jew

On 27th October 2005 while Singh was outside India Volcker the crypto Jew  listed Natwar Singh, and the Congress Party as a “non-contractual beneficiaries” of Iraqi oil sales in 2001 under the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme.On December 6, 2005,shortly after he landed in Delhi from his foreign visit, Singh was told that he had been relieved(for the time being, until his name could be cleared) of his portfolio and that he was no longer Minister for External Affairs. Interestingly, he was retained as a minister-without-portfolio which shows that the aim all along was to kick out the blunt Natwar Singh out of the External Affairs ministry

A week ago he announced the realease of his biography “One Lifetime Not Enough” During the publicity for the book release there he let drop the fact that “Rahul was totally against her mother becoming PM.HE SAID SHE WOULD BE KILLED LIKE HIS FATHER AND GRANDMOTHER and as a son he would not allow her to become the PM. He was very adamant and was PREPARED TO TAKE ANY STEP TO PREVENT HIS MOTHER FROM BEING PM,” Singh said, adding that being a doting mother Sonia heeded his son’s pressure.

He said a meeting was held on May 18, 2004 where Manmohan Singh, Gandhi family friend Suman Dubey, Priyanka and he were present, and Priyanka conveyed Rahul’s 24-hour deadline, leading to Sonia withdraw her name and nominate Manmohan Singh for PMship. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Rahul-forced-Sonia-to-decline-PM-post-in-2004-Natwar-Singh/articleshow/39318411.cms

In the TV interview (17th minute) Natwar says he agrees with Rahul Gandhi’s assessment that Sonia Gandhi would be killed  if she became PM . Amazingly none of TV anchors pressed Natwar Singh on the point as to WHO was so powerful enough to so easily kill Indias PM and WHY

In the Interview with CNNIBN Natwar Singh tells Journalist Bhupendra Chaubey that Manmohan Singh had told him the Americans didnt want him as Foreign Minister See what happens when he starts talking about  Manmohan Singh  saying the AMERICANS ARE CAPABLE OF ELIMINATING OUR LEADERSHIP (18th minute of the recording) …….Wonder boy Bhupendra Chaubey just pretends that statement never happened and tries to move the conversation along

Was Rahul Gandhi afraid the CIAMossad was going to assassinate his mother like they killed his father ?

If so does that mean Manmohan Singh was “chosen” by them too?

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