A room with a view and Sreenivas Jain

NDTV an Indian News Channel send one of its reporters to Gaza He stayed in a hotel sanctioned by the Israeli Govt

One day he LOOKED OUT OF HIS WINDOW and lo and  behold he sees a bright blue attention attracting tent where some men were busily fiddling about Srinivasan Jain did not feel the need to venture out and check out the activity for himself Again notice the BRIGHT BLUE tent cover .I mean if someone wants to cover up any activity the last thing they do is do it under a bright blue tent near a hotel full of reporters just below the room of one such reporter  The large plastic tank provided good enough cover The blue top is just ATTRACTS ATTENTION instead of hiding anything

Gaza_Ham_RL_8.5.14 photo HRL_zps2706c506.pngHe or his cameraman begins shooting and he informs us in hushed tones how hes caught up a Hamas Rocket Launching Site He reminds us how naughty Hamas fires from RESIDENTIAL AREAS just before or after the ceasefire which echoes the latest Israeli gripe

The video is first shot on the 4th of August when the cease fire is about to commence Thats Most obligingly“Hamas” fires the rocket on the 5th when ceasefire begins. Super Srini dutifully reports the link up between the goings on on the 4th and 5 th

For unknown reasons (I can guess which ) the faces are blurred. There is no reason for an Indian channel to blur the faces

Super Srini had a whole day and night  to go and investigate what the hell was going on He chose not to The WHOLE VIDEO is for all purposes shot entirely from his Hotel window He does rush out AFTER the Hamas rocket is fired on the 5th but is called back by OTHER JOURNALISTS NONE OF WHOM REPORT ANYTHING similar to what Super Srini has witnesssed
The reason Srini gives for not going is that Israel could fire retaliatory barrages in the exact same spot But what prevented Jain from checking up on the spot BEFORE the rocket/s were fired Was he afraid of running into Shin Bet men busily setting up rockets

OK now heres another interesting part

srini 2serini 3

Click the image/s to increase its size

The only source for the IDF (besides the journalist)was the NDTV site which posted the story earlier but updated the video at 11 PM 5 August Indian time 8.30 Israel Time But IDF had the video tweeted at 7.45 PM Strange Some NDTV Journalist may have put it on You tube earlier YT doesnt have timestamps

Israel has been caught LYING BRAZENLY during this week

ISRAELI LIE 1 Hamas Killed the three Israeli teens LIE EXPOSED

ISRAELI LIE 2 Hamas using Human Shields –LIE EXPOSED

ISRAELI LIE 3 -Hamas has never stopped firing rockets into Israel–LIE EXPOSED


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  1. Secret Admirer says:

    HAHAHAHA, Nice work dude. I tried posting similar truth on NDTV to enlighten fellow sheeple Indians, but somehow the moderator of NDTV did not think my comment was “pro Israeli” enough to be put up on their PAID news channel. It also looks like their commenting system is RIGGED ! ! So many pro Israeli comments. Also note how they have blurred the images of the “Hamas Militants” (or shall I call MOSSAD agents) in their footage !!! How conveniently Mr Jain was located only to find them later on.

  2. There is absolutely no reason to blur the faces other then to hide the fact that it was a Mossad/Shin Bet /Srni docudrama going on .Srni is too experianced a reporter to have been conned into the whole thing He was a willing participant NDTV will never alllow any comment which exposes their great expose This whole episode cld be called A ROOM WITH A VIEW ………Starrng Srini Jain and Tamir Pardo

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  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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