Note this video was uploaded in 2007 but the relevant period is 2001  Gen Clarke speaks on two conversations 10 days after 9/11 ie in 2001  He speaks on being shown a memo on how the US was going to take out seven countries in five years ……………IRAQ, SYRIA, LEBANON, LIBYA, SOMALIA, SUDAN,IRAN…….FIVE DOWN TWO TO GO


Wesley Nemerovsky Kanne Clark, Sr. (born December 23, 1944) is a retired General of the United States Army.Clark commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War during his term as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000.

Clark’s father’s family was Jewish ; his paternal great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Belarus His mother Veneta (née Updegraff) was Methodist , and was of English ancestry. Kanne Clark  came from the Kohen family line


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  1. 0jr says:

    good mix a jew a metodist.methodists are the ones that paid a reward for the scalps of hopi babies before amerika existed and are some of the worst fake Christian religions there is

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  3. Edith Komes says:

    I have personally known Wesley Clark (ex Pentagon and ex NATO) since he lived next door to my parents house in Germany together with his ugly ex wife in 1975. Clark is a criminal psychopath that belongs on the electric chair. It is disgusting to see this piece of shit sit around in the US media claiming to be an expert on all sorts of subjects.

    Clark lost his NATO job in Europe early because he was very incompetent and among other things has committed a long list of crimes. Such as multiple kidnappings and very heinous torture in 3 different countries in Europe.

    This lying criminal piece of shit belongs on the electric chair for the very long list of crimes that I and a lot of other people have witnessed him commit in Europe. If the media in the US were functioning they would seriously investigate his crimes instead of having the piece of shit sit around on TV and claiming to be such an expert on all sorts of subjects.

    If the US had a functioning justice or media system they would finally investigate the long list of crimes that Clark has committed instead of crawling into the ass of that foul criminal animal.

    Below you will find links to my blogs about the case:

    English blog no. 1

    English blog no. 2

    English blog no. 3

    German blog

    Overview blog – English and German text

    Dutch blog

    French blog – very recent and not yet finished

    Radio Interview

    Please sign my
    Petition to the White House, the German and the Dutch Government
    to finally give back my dad on Change org.

  4. It wld be appropriate if you cld post link/s to ANY police /court document or correspondence on the alleged kidnapping /torture/murder of your Father and your own stalking That will help other readers of this blog make up their minds on your allegations and more wld be inclined to sign your petition PLS MAKE SURE THE LINKS LEAD DIRECTLY TO THE DOCUMENTS

  5. Edith Komes says:

    Hello Indian Gentile,

    You are very welcome. Thank you for placing my links on here. I am not sure how you ended up with 1964 ?

    Actually my dad got kidnapped out of a German hospital as far back as 1992. Clark has tortured him multiple times in Belgium in 1992. Next my dad got tortured on a US Airbase in Germany (Spangdahlem Airbase) in 1996. The next time that I was forced to witness my dad getting tortured is in the city center of Nijmegen (in the Netherlands) in July of 1998. And yet again on June 26 of 1999 inside a Belgian hospital in Antwerp. Clark was present in his green NATO uniform and later claimed (while breaking into my hotel room in Switzerland in April of 2000) that the very violent torture of my dad of June 26 of 1999 in Antwerp is what got him fired from his NATO job. 2 Belgian police men of the Antwerp police where present and took pictures of the situation.

    My blogs are called “torture and murder” because for a very long time I assumed that my dad could not have survived the very violent and bloody torture of June 26 in 1999.

    However on September 26 and November 17 of 2010 I received several visits from the nowadays Dutch King, Willem-Alexander of Orange, who apologized for the fact that apparently the Dutch AIVD has aided Clark with my dad’s torture. Willem-Alexander’s visits started only a few month after I had send hundreds of letters to all of the 200 politicians that the Dutch government has plus all of the 600 politicians in Germany. Despite of his friendly apology, nothing has changed as far as I can tell.

    In May of 2011 I have once again witnessed my dad getting tortured. It turns out that he is still alive. Like I said, for a very long time, I had assumed that my dad had not survived the very violent torture of June 26, 1999 in Antwerp.

    So in short: My dad got kidnapped and tortured multiple times between 1992 and 2011. May of 2011 is the last time that I have witnessed him getting torture but while the fact that he was still alive in May of 2011 is good news, I have to fear that the torture is still going on.

    I will place some links to responses from the FBI plus the German police in here. Not all of the information is on the internet. Some information, like for example the long list of witnesses that have either witnessed Clark torture or witnessed him stalk and harass me in Europe, I have send around to every relevant Police and Justice department, but I cannot place the witness list on the Internet because I would have to fear that this people get intimidated by either Clark or the Pentagon.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Kind Regards,
    Edith Komes

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