Max Warburg 1905.jpg     

Brothers Max Warburg who aided the Nazis and Paul Warburg who founded the US Fed

They originated as the Venetian Jewish del Banco family, one of the wealthiest Venetian families in the early 1500s. Following restrictions imposed on banking and the Jewish community, they fled to Bologna, and thence to Warburg, in Germany, in the 16th century, after which they took their name.

The family re-established itself in Altona, near Hamburg in the 17th century, and it was there that M. M. Warburg & Co. was established in 1798, among the oldest still existing investment banks in the world. Other banks created by members of the family include: M.M.Warburg & Co., Warburg Pincus, S. G. Warburg & Co. (becoming UBS Warburg).

PAUL FELIX and MAX WARBURG  sons of Moritz Warburg work  on both sides of WW2 combatants  (A simplified version of the Rothschilds )

Felix and Paul Warburg emigrated to the United States.Both naturally worked as Bankers Brother Max stayed on in Germany and in 1933 he served on the board of the German Reichsbank under governor Hjalmar Schacht.Before scooting of to America Max Warburg served on the board of directors of I.G. Farben, the giant German chemical firm that produced Zyklon B gas used in Nazi extermination camps. His brother Paul Warburg served on the board of directors of I.G. Farben’s wholly owned American subsidiary.Just before the break out of WW2  Max emigrated to the United States in 1938. AND HITLER LET HIM GO After WW2 all German board members other than Max Warburg were charged after World War II as war criminals.

Moses Marcus Warburg (1763–1830), founder, with his brother Gerson Warburg (1765–1825), of M. M. Warburg & Co. in 1798.

      • Sara Warburg (1805–1884) married to Abraham Samuel Warburg (1798–1856), her cousin
        • Rosa Warburg (1833–1908), married to Paul Schiff, director of the Creditanstalt of Vienna
        • Siegmund Warburg (1835–1889), married to Théophilie Rosenberg
          • Abraham Samuel Warburg (1864–1933)
          • Georg Gabriel Warburg (1871–1923)
            • Siegmund George Warburg (1902–1982), founder of S. G. Warburg & Co, London
        • Moritz M. Warburg (1838–1910), married to Charlotte Oppenheim
          • Abraham M. Warburg (1866–1929), German art historian
          • Max M. Warburg (1867–1946), banker worked with and some say FUNDED the Nazi Party He was also director in IG Farben

            • Eric M. Warburg (1900–1990), founder of Warburg Pincus, married to Dorothea Thorsch
            •  Eric warburg photo.jpg
              • Max Warburg
          • Paul M. Warburg (1868–1932), father of the Federal Reserve, married Nina Loeb (1863–1912) in 1895, the daughter of Solomon Loeb
            • James Warburg (1897–1969), economist, banker, advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt,married  Kay Swift (1897–1993)We shall have world government whether or not you like it…by conquest or consent.”
              • Andrea Swift Warburg, married to Sidney Kaufman
          • Katharine Warburg (1870–1935), married to Isaac Dorfman (1868–1929), philanthropist, banker.
          • Felix M. Warburg (1871–1937), New York banker with Kuhn, Loeb & Co., philanthropist, married Frieda Schiff (1876–1958), daughter of Jacob H. Schiff, in 1895.Warburg was an important leader of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, established to help the Jews in Europe  during, the Great Depression.
          • Gerald Felix Warburg, well-known cellist and conductor, married Natica Nast (1905–1987), daughter of Condé Nast
            • Edward Warburg (1908–1992), philanthropist and benefactor of the arts.
              • David M. Warburg, lawyer, partner at Seyfarth Shaw.
                • Ian Warburg, married to Jane Green (1968–) author, philanthropist.( Jane Green helped create “ChickLit“)
          • Olga Warburg (1872–1895)
          • Fritz M. Warburg (1879–1962) living in Stockholm during World War I
          • Louisa Warburg (1879–1973), married to Julius Derenberg (1873–1928)

        Otto Warburg (1859–1938), botanist and president of the Zionist Organisation


        The Fould family is a prominent family and financial dynasty of French Jewish descent. It was founded by Beer Léon Fould, a wine-dealer’s son from Lorraine, who moved to Paris in 1784 to establish a banking business. The name comes from the Hessian city of Fulda.
        Family tree
        • Jacob Fould (1736–1830), wine dealer
        o Beer Léon Fould (1767–1855), banker, married to Charlotte Brulhen (1766–1818)

        Benoît Fould
        Benoît Fould (1792–1858), banker and art collector, married to Helena Oppenheim,daughter of Salomon Oppenheim (1772–1828), banker
        Louis Fould (1794–1858), banker, married to Adèle Brull (1809–1839)
        Édouard Fould (1834–1881), politician, mayor of Lurcy-Lévis
        Achille Fould (1800–1867), banker and French minister of finance

      • Adolphe-Ernest Fould (1824–1875), banker and politician (He played a key role in the foundation of Banque de Paris (now part of BNP Paribas) and the Ottoman Bank.

      • Charles Armand Achille-Fould (1861–1926), politician, conseiller général des Hautes-Pyrénées, married to Maria Louise Heine, daughter of Armand Heine (1818–1883), banker
        Armand Achille-Fould (1890–1969), politician
        Gustave-Eugène Fould (1836–1884), banker and politician
        Abraham Fould (1774–1842)
        Emile Fould (1803–1880)
        Paul Fould (1837–1917), married to Eve Mathilde de Günzburg (1844–1894), daughter of Joseph Günzburg (1812–1878), banker
        Alphonse Fould (1850–1913), married to Ernestine DuPont
        Hélène Fould (1878–1927), married to Paul Helbronner (1871–1938), topographer
        Eugène Fould (1806–?)
        Léon Fould (1839–1924), married to Thérèse Ephrussi(1851–1911), sister of Maurice Ephrussi (1849–1916), banker
        Eugène Fould-Springer (1876–1929), married Marie-Cecile Springer, daughter of Baron Gustav Springer, industrial magnate
        Liliane Fould-Springer (1916–2003), married to Élie de Rothschild (1917–2007), banker and vineyard owner 


Gerson von Bleichröder

Samuel Bleichröder 1779 – 1855) was German Jewish banker and financier. Located in Berlin, Bleichröder dealt with the Prussian court. He was also involved with the Rothschilds of Frankfurt Both his sons Gerson von Bleichröder and Julius Bleichröder became bankers. In 1803 Samuel founded a Banking  firm called S Bleichröder 

Gerson von Bleichröder was closely associated with BOTH Bismarck and the Rothschild”s.Traditionally, the Rothschilds represented the banking interests of the Austrian-controlled German Confederation in Europe. In the conflict between the Prussia and the “pro-Austrian” German Confederation, the Rothschild Bank was largely caught in the middle of the conflict. Bismarck and Prussia which were doing business with the Rothshcilds needed new bankers but didnt want to be cut off from the Rothshcilds so Bismarck asked Carl Mayer von Rothschild for the name of a banker in Berlin to whom he could turn for personal as well as Prussian state business Rothshcild suggested Bleichröder Gerson Bleichröder served Bismarck and Prussia at several crucial point


The Arnholds were German Jews They had certain industrial interests and in 1864 they founded a Financial firm  Gebr. Arnhold (Arnhold Brothers)  in Dresden. This was the banking firm of the Arnhold family . Arnhold established an office in Berlin in 1912, and after World War I became active in London, Zurich, and New York. The Arnhold family has large business interests in China via their HongKong based company Arnhold Holdings Ltd. – They were also closely associated with the Sassoon Family

Harry Edward Arnhold (born 16 January 1879 in Hong Kong) was for five years the chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Council, the body that administered the Shanghai International Settlement in Shanghai, China;Arnhold was a close business associate of Sir Victor Sassoon, and managed various Sassoon enterprises.

In 1931 the Bleichroder”s banking firm was taken over  another German Jewish firm GebrArnhold.With the rise of the Nazi the firm’s activities were moved to New York City in 1937 and conducted business under the name of Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Inc. It now functions under the name  First Eagle Investment Management, and as of Sept 2010, it held approximately US-$103 billion in assets under management according to its web site,.It continues to be run by the Arnhold family , with John Arnhold having taken over from his father Henry Arnhold. George Soros,worked there from 1963–1973.


Rafael Bischoffsheim

The Bischoffsheim family is a prominent family and financial dynasty of German-Belgian Jewish descent. It can be traced back to Raphaël Nathan Bischoffsheim, an army contractor native of Tauberbischofsheim, in the Electorate of Mainz. The family was particularly entangled with the Goldschmidt family of Frankfurt am Main , leading to the conjointly managed Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Cie bank, which they eventually merged into Banque de Crédit et de Dépôt des Pays-Bas(Banque Paribas) in 1863.

Raphaël Nathan Bischoffsheim (1773–1814), army contractor of the Electorate of Mainz

  • Louis-Raphaël Bischoffsheim (1800–1873), banker, founder of Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Cie married to Amalie Goldschmidt (1804–1887), daughter of Hayum-Salomon Goldschmidt (1772–1843), banker
    • Henri Louis Bischoffsheim (1829–1908), banker, married to Clarissa Biedermann (1837–1922), daughter of Josef Biedermann (1809–1967), Habsburg court jeweler
  • Amalia Bischoffsheim (1802–1877), married to August Bamberger (1790–1858), cloth merchant and banker
  • Jonathan-Raphaël Bischoffsheim (1808–1883), banker, married to Henriette Goldschmidt, daughter of Hayum-Salomon Goldschmidt (1772–1843), banker
  • Clara Bischoffsheim (1810–1876), married to Meyer Joseph Cahen d’Anvers (1804–1881), banker
    • Louis Raphaël Cahen d’Anvers (1837–1922), banker, married to Louise de Morpurgo (1845–1926)
      • Robert Cahen d’Anvers (1871–1931), banker, married to Sonia Warshawsky
        • Yvonne Cahen d’Anvers(1899–1977), married to Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (1887–1961), banker
      • Irène Cahen d’Anvers (1872–1963), married to Moïse de Camondo (1860–1935), banker


Sir James Goldsmith with daughters Jemina (next to him) and Isabel

The Goldschmidt family is a prominent family and financial dynasty of German Jewish descent, originally from Frankfurt am Main. With origins tracing back to the 14th century, most members left Frankfurt after the 1614 Fettmilch uprising, and did not return until the 18th century.

The family was particularly entangled with the Bischoffsheim family of Mainz, leading to the conjointly managed Bischoffsheim, Goldschmidt & Cie bank, which was eventually merged into Banque de Crédit et de Dépôt des Pays-Bas in 1863.

  • Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt (1772–1843), banker
    • Benedikt Hayum Goldschmidt (1798–1873), banker, founder of B. H. Goldschmidt bank, married to Jeannette Kann (1802–1848)
      • Leopold Benedict Goldschmidt (1830–1904), banker, married to Regine Bischoffsheim (1834–1905)
      • Adolphe Goldschmidt (1838–1918), banker, married to Alice Emma Moses Merton
        • Frank Goldsmith (1878–1967), politician, married to Marcelle Mouiller
          • Edward Goldsmith (1928–2009), philosopher, environmentalist (Founder of the “GreenParty of UK)
          • James Goldsmith (1933–1997),(Rumoured to be Biological Father of Princess Diana)investor, married to Maria Isabel Patiño y Goldsmith (–1954), Ginette Lery, and Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart

      • Maximilian Goldschmidt (1843–1940), married to Minna Karoline Freiin von Rothschild, the daughter of Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild (1828–1901)
    • Amalie Goldschmidt (1804–1887), married to Louis-Raphaël Bischoffsheim (1800–1873), banker
    • Henriette Goldschmidt (1812–?), married to Jonathan-Raphaël Bischoffsheim (1808–1883), banker
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  1. 0jr says:

    not royalty but kosher nostra

    • Saiful Rimkeit says:

      Exactly. Very good. Thank you,
      After 50 years of looking around, I still need to satisfactorily decipher how the Khazarian Mafia became so prominent in the planetary power game, how the Persians and Russians warred against them, if the Khazar majority converted to Judaism by order of the King and how the Khazars blended in with the European Satanic aristocracy. One prominent Jewish historian convincingly states the Khazarian Jewish conversion never happened. But everyone has their own ax to grind. Always in search of genuinely truthful parts of the puzzle.

  2. Lol yes They are a mafia a Royal Mafia

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    I like your work. Curated and in depth ! Thanks

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  7. Shahwaiz Ali Khan says:

    Imran Khan was born “Imran Khan Niazi” belonging to the Niazi tribe which is a offshoot of the Ghilzai clan, known as Khilji in the Urdu and Hindi speaking regions. They are of Turkic-Mongol origin and have inhabited the Khyber (Present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan) for so long that they are now assimilated into the Pashtun ethnicity. They are though not real Pashtuns and are of the same Central Asian Ethnic origin of the Khazars. Notice the similarities between the ethnic “Ashkenazi Jews” and the “Niazi” tribe. Coincidence? I think not.

  8. Thank you for that Didnt know the Niazis/Khiljis were of Turko Mangol origin same as the Khazars Come to think of it Imran has the same slitty eyes as Arnold Schwarzenegger rumoured to to a (Askenazi)crypto

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