Just when you thought you had heard it all along comes some newer weirder piece of chutzpah

Five people were killed and 200 wounded in a Palestinian suicide attack in Tel Aviv Israel on September 1997.The Israelis responded in their usual heavy-handed manner rounding up thousands and assassinating Hamas leaders they felt were responsible …

That you might have thought would be be that But the story just begins

David Strackman

The dead Israelis and the injured Americans (probably mostly Jewish ) hired lawyer David Strachman  who surprise surprise is Jewish and a member of the Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists Strachman filed a suit against Hamas, which had claimed responsibility of the said suicide bombing, and a federal judge Ricardo Urbina awarded $116 million in damage to the victims and orphaned children, allowing the families to pursue the seizing of the assets of Hamas in the United States.

Judge Ricrado Urbina

Arguing that Iran was also responsible for the bombing because of its support from Hamas , Starchman asked the Federal Court to confiscate Iran’s assets in the US, including its ancient artifacts in Chicago University, as compensation to the families of the victims. When Iran did not show up in Urbinas Kangaroo court, Urbina ruled for the plaintiffs by default, awarding them damages of $423.5 million including 300 million in punative damages .

After the verdict, the question was how to collect. The former monarchy of Iran had billions of dollars in assets within the United States that were frozen after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. However in order to secure an end to the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the assets were unfrozen and most if not all of it, was collected by 1982 due to the Iran-Iraq War. Strachman, along with other attorneys, representing the plaintiffs, found that the late Shah had purchased a home in Lubbock, Texas for his son, which was sold for $400,000. After that, they attempted to go after assets of Iranians who had previously worked for the former monarchy, but the U.S. courts would overturn all their attempts to seize their assets, as they were not found to be liable for the damages. They then went after Iranian-owned objects held by U.S. museums in Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan.The Oriental Institute and its holdings from Persepolis became a primary target.Strachman said collectors are interested in the antiquities, potentially for tens of millions of dollars. These artifacts were historically and archeologically priceless They include clay tablets thousands of years old which have enabled historians to have a better idea about ancient middle eastern history

The Iranians were naturally furious as were the Museum Owners  (many of them Jewish ) for different reasons “There’s absolutely no justification for this. “The Iranians are understandably furious about this. You’d have to imagine how we would feel if we loaned the Liberty Bell to Russia and a Russian court put it up for auction.” said Gil Stein, director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago

After six years of  litigation by Strachman against both the Museums and Iran (which joined the lawsuit later) Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran, 03-cv-09370 ,a U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman ruled on March 29 2014 that the antiquities were legally beyond the victims’ reach.

Shyster Strachman still had the last word“We are going to continue to pursue Iran wherever we can,” he said.

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  1. RascallKiike says:

    Iran does have a lot of jewish population outside US and Israel. Its not a shock. But these are mad dog zionists. Their reprisal tactics are short circuited by birth. Also, I have doubts on all these suicide bombings. Few of them may be real, after all Israel is an apartheid state. I hope BRICS come up with their new currency asap to tackle US Dollar which has been taken over by these mad rat zio scums, who use mainly for terrorism (military) and media propaganda.

  2. That was legal terrorism at its worst Its an open secret that Israel funded and aided Hamas to counter the PLO Would any US court dare allow a suit against Israel for aiding Hamas?

  3. Inang says:

    Indian Gentile, thanks for your usually brilliant articles, but we have to be careful here. HAMAS, might have been infiltrated by ZIONIST agents, just like Taleban (many rabid pro-Israel BJP-Hindu extremists, brought by Israel/US, suspectedly infiltrated the group due to similar physical feature and to ‘de-Islamicize’ Afghanistan) and Al-Qaeda (see – , 9/11 and Zion: What Was Israel’s Role?, Nick Kollerstrom (with Jim Fetzer), Veterans Today, August 22nd, 2012) ; but it does not mean HAMAS is created by Mossad like the Cannibal ISIS/ISIL is!

    There seems to much DISINFO project, being launched by Mossad-CIA-MI6 to counter any forms of Muslim Resistance groups including genuine ones by causing confusion amongst the public – to differentiate now between genuine Muslim Resistance groups or false “Islamic” groups created by Mossad-CIA-MI6 such as ISIS/ISIL!

  4. Israel funded Hamas in its earlier days to counter the PLO See my previous post Only an infiltrated group like Hamas will keep firing DUD Lavon rockets to give Israel an excuse to attack
    As for disinfo yes theres theres the Israeli Hasbara prog and CIA has always had disinfo programmes

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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