Europe”s “Right wing” and “Nationalistic” parties have always been infiltrated by either local business interests or Zionist Jewish groups The early Nazi Zionist link is not seriously disputed by historians today In the US a Jew named  Frank Cohen who lead the American Nazi Party in the 1970s as Frank Collin  . While the Right Wing groups of the past were mainly anti Jewish, Islamophobia has replaced Anti Judaic feelings in most such groups

Some are both Anti Muslim and Anti Jew but a few so called Right Wing parties are nothing more then Zionist Jewish/Mossad tools their so called “leaders” being  sold out /blackmailed tools and in case of Geert Wilders a crypto Jew

UK  UKIP UK INDEPENDENCE PARTY  Leader Nigel Farageindex SS Enough Said ? Well there’s a bit more Nigel Hymie Farage and his UKIP are big in the kosher media CNN and BBC feature him regularly

So what are Farage’s views on the Jewish community? The Jewish Chronicle recently hosted a meeting with him. The meeting was packed, because Farage and UKIP, unlike other minority political parties in the UK (such as the Greens), are enthusiastic supporters of Israel – unequivocally so. The party even has a caucus called “the UKIP Friends of Israel.Source  Farage declined any tie up with France”s Front National as it has antisemitism in its DNA”




Nick Griffin and Adam Walker

The party states that it “has moved on in recent years, casting off the leg-irons of  thinly veiled anti-semitism which has held this party back for two decades. The real enemies of the British people are home grown Anglo-Saxon Celtic liberal-leftists … and the Crescent Horde—the endless wave of Islamics who are flocking to our shores to bring our island nations into the embrace of their barbaric desert religion”. Source

In 2009, Griffin stated: “I have brought the British National party from the frankly an anti-semitic and racist organization, into the only party which in the clashes between Israel and Gaza supported Israel’s right to deal with Hamas terrorists In April 2013, the BNP declared that it believes Israel to be “an aggressive military power that treats the Palestinians as less than human” and expressed the view that Palestinians are “prisoners in their own country” and “strangers in their own land”.

Griffin has said that this shift in emphasis is designed to increase the party’s appeal: ” We should be positioning ourselves to take advantage for our own political ends of the growing wave of public hostility to Islam currently being whipped up by the mass media“.

Griffin has in the past called the Holocaust a MYTH On being asked asked why he had described the Holocaust as a myth “I cannot explain why I used to say those things, any more than I can tell you why I have changed my mind.” Now saying the Holy Holocaust is a myth is an unforgivable sin so no matter how much the BNP bows and scraps before the Jew Lobby a Griffin lead BNP will never get media space


lake moore edl robinson

AlanLake/Ayling Roberta Moore     Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon/Tommy Robinson

Although electorally its insignificant the founding and makeup of the English Defense League  is a great eyeopener on how the Tribal Jews work . It was for all purposes founded funded and run by an European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Banker called Allan Ayling  aka Allan Lane who was suspended from his post after his real identity was exposed.Allan Lane/Ayling  has a Brazilian Jewish Zionist girlfriend called Roberta Moore Roberta Moore has all the trademark signs of a Mossad Sayan or agent

Now Ayyling picked out a British football lout called Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon(born 1982), known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson  to front for him and his Jewish Girlfriend Ayling is close to the Islamophobia Businesspersons Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller


Pamela Geller Robert Spencer

Lennon /Robinson  has it amply clear who runs controls and owns him and his bunch of football louts with this quote———–“One of the fundamental beliefs that this movement was built on was its support for Israel’s right to defend itself . In our first demonstrations, we went to Birmingham, and we flew the flag of Israel, the Star of David. In the first public speech I ever gave, I wore the Star of David in Leeds. The reason for this is because Israel is a shining star of democracy. If Israel falls, we all fall.” The source for this message is Pamela Gellers Atlas Shrugged

Allan Ayling/Lane has this quote to explain why he chose Lennon/Robinson ———–We are catching a baby at the start of gestation…We have a problem with numbers. We have an army of bloggers [in the far-right] but that’s not going to get things done… Football fans …are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches.”


FRANCE FRONT NATIONAL FRANCE Marie La Pen Vice President Louis Aliot (part Jewish) Vice President

Marine La Pen with her part Jewish partner (lover) Louis Aliot

Her father Jean Marie Le Pen was openly critical of Zionist Jews and Judaism but daughter Marie La Pen (who is a lawyer) is ardently courting Zionist Jews and has replaced Jews with  Muslims as the “hated foreigner”

The Vice President of Front national and Marine Le Pen”s current Boy Friend is Louis Aliot who just happens to be part Jewish Aliot was in Israel to make make Aliya and penance”For us this visit is a precedent,” Aliot told Haaretz. “This is the first time a National Front leader has visited Israel.Interestingly Haretz referred to him as Marinne La Penn”s “partner” (common law husband)

Marine Le Pen has continually denounced the Nazi concentration camps as “the pinnacle of barbarism”, in stark contrast to her father Jean Marie  who dismissed them as a “Jewish conspiracy.”Marine Le Pen met last year with Jewish leaders and declared that anyone who questions the “Holocaust” will immediately be expelled from her party …….which means she would first have to kick out Daddy dearest Source

In December 2014 French Front National vice president Florian Philippot ‘outed’ as gay In 2013 Steeve Briois a FN Mayor from Hénin-Beaumont, was also outed as gay In December 2014 Marine Le Pen appointed Gay activist Sébastien Chenu as cultural adviserwhich lead to deep rifts in the party

HUNGARY JOBBIK (Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom) Founder David Kovacks President Gabor Vona

Vona Gabor.jpg

David Kovacks (Left)                                                                                Gabor Vona

Originally established in 2002 as the Right-Wing Youth Association  by a group of Catholic and Protestant university students, Jobbik was eventually founded as a political party in October 2003. The new party elected Dávid Kovács  a historian as president of the party.Kovacs served as President  until 2006 ,when he resigned due to his opposition to the creation of Jobbik linked Magyar Gárda .A history graduate and teacher Gábor Vona  has been leading the party since 2006 Another important co founder was anti Soviet fighter and the Hungarian Revolution  hero Gergely Pongrátz 

Two of its leading lights have Jewish links . “Notorious Anti Semite”Csanád Szegedi (born 1982)was found to be a crypto Jew and the most vocal Jobbik MEP (Member of European Parliament and equally “notorious anti semite” Krisztina Morvai has or rather had  a Jewish husband TV host György Baló . Jobbick has already declared her to be their candidate for the post of President of Hungary

Szegedi Csanad.jpg                             

Csanad Szegedi                                                                                           Krisztina Morai

Prior to the revelation of Szegedi’s partial Jewish origin, Szegedi was notorious for his incendiary comments about Jews. In 2007, he was a founding member of the Hungarian Guard. Since 2009, he has served in the European Parliament in Brussels.Morvai has been called antisemitic, especially after her statement that “So-called proud Hungarian Jews should go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tails.” Strange as she herself has been playing with husband Balos “circumcised tail” for quite some time now and has even had three daughters from Balo”s “circumcised tail” Incidentally Kovacks the surname of the founding leader of Jobbik is a common Hungarian surname used both by Catholics and Jews Here is a blog by a Hungarian Jew on how his grandfather Kohn became Kovacs

AUSTRIA THE ALLIANCE OFR THE FUTURE OF AUSTRIA (German: Bündnis Zukunft Österreich) BZÖ Founder Jorg Haider

JoergHaider Sep07.JPG

The BZÖ was founded on 3 April 2005 by Jörg Haider as a moderate splinter from the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) and immediately took the FPÖ’s place in coalition with the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP).

While Haider earned his neo-Nazi credentials justifiably as a youth, Carinthian politician, and governor, he became increasingly unpredicable in the 1990s, leading one to suspect that he had been compromised by the Mossad because of his child abuse and gay sexual activities. Haider had certainly been involved in trying to prevent the election of Kurt Waldheim as Austria’s ninth President in 1986 – what the Mossad had apparently ‘sexed up’ by supplying forged documents . This campaign was apparently to get back at Waldheim because of his criticism of Israel’s actions in LebanonThe decline in Haider’s neo-Nazi activities was dramatic while he was obviously being blackmailed. While he said rather banal things his more disturbing acts were to hire Peter Sichrovsky(Jewish) as his private secretary, and to allow him to set his agenda.


Sichrovsky (left) and Petzner

Sichrovsky was either a Mossad agent or a Sayan The Party agenda was being set by the Mossad agent/Sayan while Haider gallivanted about foolishly The death of Jörg Haider , in an early morning accident on a road leading out of Klagenfurt is just too convenient and suspicious not to have been an assassination, either by his former Freedom Party supporters,  or the Mossad’s Meir Dagan the former because of his pro Israel actions under Mossad blackmail and Mossad because Haider knew a lot about Mossads blackmailing activities especially about its links with Josef Fritzl

After Haider’s death, the party was led  temporarily  Stefan Petzner (Haider’s former spokesman and allegedly also his gay lover ) and later on Herbert Scheibner (former Defense minister). On 26 April 2009, it  elected Josef Bucher as the new leader.It has been gradually slipping into insignificance since Haiders death/assassination Source  Why Austria’s Jörg Haider Was Assassinated and Wikipedia  


Of all the “Nationalistic Parties” this one is the most pro Israeli pro zionist party It makes no bones about it and its leader Geert Wilders a crypto Jew and an Indo (Dutch person with Indonesian blood) is a practically confirmed Mossad agent

Wilders lived in Israel for two years during his youth and has visited the country 40 times in the last 25 years.Source (in Dutch)

Wilders’ goal after he graduated from secondary school was to see the world. Because he did not have enough money to travel to Australia, his preferred destination, he went to Israel instead. For several years he volunteered in a moshav and worked for several firms, becoming in his own words “a true friend of Israel”. With the money he saved, he travelled to the neighbouring Arab countries, and was moved by the lack of democracy in the region. When he returned to the Netherlands, he retained Israeli ideas about counter-terrorism and a “special feeling of solidarity” for the country.

On foreign relations, Wilders has largely supported Israel and has criticized countries he perceives as enemies of Israel. Furthermore, he has made some proposals in the Dutch Parliament inspired by Israeli policies. For example, he supports implementing Israel’s administrative detention in the Netherlands, a practice heavily criticized by human rights groups, which he calls “common sense”. For more on Wilders see Oye gevalt ! Geert Wilders the saviour of the White race ……… an Indonesian Jew

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