David Sassoon (seated) and his sons Elias David, Albert (Abdallah) & Sassoon David.

David Sassoon (1792 – 1864) was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829. He became the leader of the Jewish community in Bombay (now Mumbai) after Baghdadi Jews emigrated there. He was a leading trader of cotton and opium in China.


Jacob Rodrigues Pereira or Jacob Rodrigue Péreire (1715 – 1780) was a crypto Jew  academic and the first teacher of deaf-mutes in France.Jacob Rodrigues Pereira was born in  Spain, he was a descendant of a Portuguese Crypto-Jews family from Chacim,Trás-os-Montes.In about 1741 he and his mother and siblings moved to Bordeaux and returned to Judaism , he adopted the name Jacob and his mother Abigail Rivka Rodrigues.

A lifelong devotee to the well-being of the Jews of southern France, Portugal, and Spain, beginning in 1749 he was a volunteer agent for the Portuguese Jews at Paris. In 1777, his efforts led to Jews from Portugal receiving the right to settle in France.

Émile and Isaac Péreire

His grandsons, the Péreire brothers, Émile Péreire (1800–75) and Isaac Péreire (1806–80), were well-known French financiers and bankers who  founded a business conglomerate that included creating the Crédit Mobilier bank in 1852 . It became a powerful and dynamic funding agency for major projects in France, Europe and the world at large.In 1866/7, the bank underwent a severe crisis, and the Pereires were forced to resign at the demand of the Banque de France; the bank never recovered.

Eugène Péreire (1831–1908) , son of Isaac, joined the enterprise and took over the running of the business empire on his father’s death in 1875. He was the founder, in 1881, of the Banque Transatlantique, which still operates today and is one of the oldest private banks in France. In 1909, Eugène’s granddaughter Noémie Halphen married banking competitor, Maurice de Rothschild.

Notice how the Péreire”s  changed from “Portuguese” to Spanish to French


Aaron Hart.jpg

Aaron Philip Hart ( 1724 – 1800) was a businessman in Lower Canada and one of the first Jews to settle in the colony. He is considered the father of Canadian Jewry.Aaron was born at  London, England, to Yehezkel (Ezekiel) and Judah Hirsh, immigrants from Bavaria He became a member of the St. Paul’s Lodge of FreemasonsHart crossed the Atlantic with Sir Frederick Haldimand during the Seven Years’ War between England and France.Hart was appointed commissary officer in Jeffrey Amherst‘s army, . He settled at Trois-Rivières in 1761. Hart supplied the British troops stationed there.

Hart invested in the fur trade, then quite lucrative, and later acquired a vast amount of property, having more than seven seigneuries, notably the seigneuries of Sainte-Marguerite, Vieux-Pont, and Bécancour.On 1768, Aaron wed his cousin Dorothea Catherine Judah in Portsmouth, England.Hart died at Trois-Rivières on December 28, 1800, at the age of 76. At his death he was reputed to be the wealthiest man in British Canada.He was survived by his wife Catherine and four sons: Moses, Ezekiel, Benjamin, and Alexander, and four daughters: Catharine, Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Sarah.


Ezekiel Hart (1767 – 1843) son of Aaron Hirsh (Hart) . He is said to be the first Jew to be elected to public office in the British Empire(See Hart Affair) Hart and his brothers Moses and Benjamin established a brewery in Trois-Rivières, the M. and E. Hart Company, in 1796. He remained a partner for only a few years. He then went into the import and export trade He was survived by his ten children : Samuel Becancour, Harriet, Aaron Ezekiel, Esther Elizabeth, Miriam, Carolina Athalia, Henry, Julia, Abraham Kitzinger, and Adolphus Mordecai.



Black and white portrait of a seated man. He has a short beard, is wearing glasses and is dress formally

Barney Barneto Randlord

Barney Barnato (1851 –  1897), born Barnet Isaacs, was a British Randlord, one of the entrepreneurs who gained control of diamond mining, and later gold mining, in South Africa from the 1870s.Barneys business philosophy was simple He Hoarded diamonds and sold when demand increased He also used the tactic of consolidation competing with Rothschild financed Cecil Rhodes and was eventually sold his share for 5 millon pounds in 1896 a huge sum then Barnato died in 1897 in mysterious circumstances; records state that he was lost overboard near the island of Madeira, whilst on a passage home to England.

Joel Woolf Barnato (1895 – 1948) was the son of Barney He was 2 years old when his father died Woolf hence inherited his father’s fortune at the time, but with the monies placed in trust, he only inherited his first instalment of £250,000, in 1914 aged 19. In addition, Woolf also benefited from a further inheritance after the murder of Woolf Barnato Joel in Johannesburg in 1898.In 1917 he broke off his business arrangements with his cousins the Joels. After a long legal dispute in South Africa, Woolf settled for £900,000 plus £50,000 in costs.

The Joel family of England was headed by three brothers, Jack, Woolf and Solomon,  who made a fortune in diamond and gold mining in South Africa. Their father was Joel Joel (1836–1893) a barkeeper and their mother Catherine  née Isaacs (1840–1917),was  a sister of  Barney Barnato

Solomon Joel 01.jpg   
Solomon and Jack Barnato Joel

Solomon Barnato Joel (1865 – 1931), and Jack Barnato Joel (1862 – 13 1940) was a South African  born in London, England, moved to South African in the 1880s They and brother Woolf, were  taken under the wing of their maternal uncle Barney Barnato and made a fortune from the Barnato Diamond Mining Company.On Barney Barnato’s death in 1897, Joel became head of the family business, Barnato Brothers. Despite having a keen interest in diamonds, Joel played a greater role in the gold industry.

The Joels unscrupulous business methods made them easy targets for blackmailers and they did face one brazen and fearless enough to harm them Karl Frederic Moritz Kurtze aka Ludwig von Veltheim For some reason the blackmail attempt backfired and Kurtze shot Woolf Barnato Joel During the trial Kurtze let out what he had on the Joels He accused the Joels of having approached him to kidnap the Boer leader Paul Krueger The jury believed Kurtze and let him go 



The Alexander family was prominent Croatian Jewish family from Zagreb. Alexander family ancestorsmoved to Zagreb from Güssing in Austria. For hundred years Alexander family played the important role in the economic and social life of Zagreb and Croatia. The great-grandparents of the Zagreb Alexanders were Samuel and Julija (née Rubin) Alexander,Many members of the Alexander family have perished during the Holocaust.

Oskar Alexander.jpg

Oskar Alexander

Oskar Alexander During World War I, Alexander was a war painter.Alexander portrayed Engelbert Dollfuss, Vladko Maček and Josip Broz Tito while he visited his sister in Samobor, 1948.

Viktor Aleksander.jpg

Viktor Alexander  a lawyer was member of the Freemasonry Jewish Lodge Zagreb.  Before and during World War I, Alexander was one of the most influential people in Croatia, thanks to his friendship with Ban Iván Skerlecz

Prominent Members Oskar Alexander, (1876–1953) Samuel David Alexander, (1862–1943) Šandor Alexander, (1866–1929) Viktor Alexander, (1865–1934) Oton Vinski, (1877–1942),Zdenko Vinski, (1913-1996)



The Kadoorie family are a wealthy family, originally Mizrahi Jews from Baghdad.From the mid-18th century they were established in Bombay India, becoming one of the wealthiest families in Asia, and later to Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.

Michael Kadoorie Billionaire Scion of Kadoorie Family

 CLP Group

The CLP Group and its holding company, CLP Holdings Ltd is a Hong Kong electric company that has businesses in a number of Asian markets and Australia. It is one of the two main electric power generation companies in Hong Kong The Kadoorie family joined the CLP board of directors in 1930 and retain control of the company today. Operating through the wholly-owned CLP India Private Ltd., CLP Holdings operates  3,026MW in India (as at December 2013).

 The Peninsula Hotels

Michael Kadoorieis also the Chairman of the family’s second largest listed group, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels, owners and operators of the world-renowned Peninsula Hotel Group.

TheKadoorie  Family  includes a number of notable individuals:

Ellis Kadoorie

  • Sir Ellis Kadoorie (1865–1922), philanthropist and businessman
  • Sir Elly Kadoorie (1867–1944), philanthropist and businessman
    • Sir Lawrence Kadoorie, Baron Kadoorie (KBE (1899–1993) in Hong Kong) son of Elly nephew of Ellis worked for Sassoons Kadoorie and his brother, Horace, both received the Magsaysay Award for public service in 1962. They were also conferred Chev.Leg.Hon. by the French government..
      • Sir Michael Kadoorie (b. 1941), a Shangai Billionaire, worth 9.5 billion dollars controls CLP Holdings and Peninsular Hotels
    • Sir Horace Kadoorie (1902–1995), brother of Lawrence Uncle of Michael Kadoorie

Rosa Kadoorie was married to American adventurer and OSS(CIA) spy  Hilaire du Berrier.

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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  3. Shahwaiz Ali Khan says:

    I thought I would add that the name “Sassoon” actually comes from the term “Ibn Shoshan” which was a prominent family in Medieval Spain. At that point in time Spain was under Islamic rule and was recognized as “al-Andalus”. When Catholic Monarchs King Ferdinand and Isabella came united and drove Islam out of Spain they either forced the Jews to convert to Catholism or to be banished from the Kingdom. Few converted and became crypto-jews, other left and went for Mesopotamia, present day Irag through Northern Africa. They settled in Baghdad and thus came recognized as “Baghdadi Jews” who are said to be of “Sephardic” origin which is synopsis with the term “Spaniard”, so technically, the Sassoon family went from Spain to Mesopotamia to the Indus (where the term India comes from, which ironically is located in present-day Pakistan) to Hong Kong and then ultimately, the United Kingdom. My God the Jews put Marco Polo to Shame, what a voyage!

    • Shahwaiz Ali Khan says:

      They settled in Baghdad and thus came recognized as “Baghdadi Jews” who are said to be of “Sephardic” origin which is synopsis with the term “Spaniard”

      I meant Sephardic Jews are “Synonymous” with the term Spainiard.

    • That is great background on the Sassoons ! The term wandering Jew applies perfectly to the Ibn Shoshans now Sassoons ……..Sephardic was originally and correctly used in the sense you used it but I guess now it simply means all the “Eastern” non Khazarian Jews. BTW acc to the Jewish Encyclopedia one of the Princely Spanish Ibn Shoshan”s Solomon was a Nasi (King )

  4. 0jr says:

    vona is a gypsy and crypto zionist and so is that witch with the sht eating smile they are total failures and even vona claims and labels Hungarians the most antisemitic in the eu instead of patriotic and morvai had a secret meeting with the gypsys along with brussles to ban the gausrd while forming a gypsy militia and trining and arming them and is a traitor

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  6. wideawakeatat says:

    How many “Oppenheimers” are the world subject to today? With the term I mean turning people into rabid and violent believers in the service of a foreign ruler. Those doing the turning do not believe anything themselves but cherish the power in being able to turn anyone into anything at any time.
    A bigly large social experiment with a lot of money to back it at several fronts. Everyone in your pocket because everyone loves to feel rich. Rich until you pull the finance and take the property as a money lender. All contractual of course. It is just business.
    The Italian mafia is miniscule, turf warriors. We are talking about ruling the minds of all the people of the world. One brainwash at a time.
    Who knows if we are all part of a grand Inception (the movie) game. Going to sleep and getting mangled subconsciously by agent provocateurs.

    Conversion will never work. Always loyal to their own creed. What remains is to expose what is there, nothing more nothing less. Just plain facts of who have done what and who is doing it now.

    One thing is for sure, never do business with them. Even if the law of your country says that no discrimination may take place. But if that law is hiding the fact that you are being discriminated against in your own country to serve foreign interests who ship people like cattle around the world to make even more money.

    A war will create refugees. A refugee industry is possible. So create a war. War is just business and will create profits. Morals are simple.

    More profit.

    They could have invested in the countries and developed the infrastructure. But they chose to create war instead. Destruction instead of creation. Creation may only be done to serve their interests, no one else. That sounds very universal and egalitarian. Praise non discrimination, but only if you make the rules to fit your profit model.

    They are all working on getting into the seats of power in every organization. In states, global corporations and religious venues. There they can nudge it into their image. In the name of universalism, but really for their sake.

    Is it hate speech? No, just a careful observation of history. Not told history, but actual history. Behind the scenes, always scheming. Relatives in every continent.

    The death of royals around the globe have just been elimination of competition. Just business.

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