spike missile

India today decided to buy 8,356 Spike anti-tank guided missile and 321 launchers from Israel for Rs 3,200 crore , rejecting US offer of Javelin missiles that Washington was lobbying hard for.India will outright  from the Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, official sources said.They said the missiles would be brought to India in various stages and pieces.

This, the sources said, would be followed by transfer of technology (ToT) to defence PSU Bharat Dynamics Limited for large-scale manufacture.Asked how many missiles the Indian army needs to have to fully equip the Army’s 382 infantry battalions and 44 mechanised infantry units, sources put the figure at about 40,000.

India Israel Defence deals already have many roadblocks There have been accusations of Israel dumping substandard US produced and reverse engineered equipment There are also accusations of massive bribing to sell their products in India See
Israeli Arms deals and scams in India

Narendra Modi India’s PM repeatedly stated during his electoral campaign that he wanted “Minimum Government Maximum Governance” The Government he leads certainly seems to be following the first part of his motto The number of Central Ministers is  much lower then that of previous Govts (including the BJPs previous Govt) The impression given is that the  number of elected BJP MPs competent enough to be ministers is pretty low



AN important BJP member and Modi aide Arun Jaitley who LOST his seat despite the BJP having its best ever performance has been appointed the Finance AND Defence Minister something India (and probably no major democratic Govt) has ever seen before  He has six months to be directly (via Lok Sabha) or indirectly elected (via Rajya Sabha)Jaitley’s has had a few health scares in the last month

Indias Government it seems is being run by three sources Modi himself ,the RSS and a new “Think Tank” made up of retired Bureaucrats Intelligence Chiefs and Military Officers called the Vivekananda Foundation The Foundation is fully backed by the RSS and the Sangh

The Vivekananda Foundation is rumoured to have been the brains behind the Anna Hazare lead anti corruption movement They also created more groups to limit the damage caused when Arvind Kejriwal formed a political party to target both the BJP and the Congress See The Brains Behind Modi Sarkar



Its Advisory Board include two former heads of the Indian Army General (Retd) V N Sharma and General (Retd) Shankar Roychowdhury ,the former chief of RAW (Indias spy agency) A K Verma ,Former chief of the Indian Air Force Air Chief Marshal S Krishnaswamy (Retd),important RSS ideologue S Gurumurthy retired Ministers and IAS .IPS bureaucrats and Top Cops…….

Its Executive Council includes former head of IB Ajit Doval who has become the current National Security Chief and Nripendra Mishra who has been appointed the Principal Secretary to the PM and Additinal Pricipal Secretary to the PM P K Mishra See From Vivekananda to PMO stars: Meet Modi’s favourite think tank

Many of these Think Tank luminaries are strongly Pro Israel .Some are part of the “Seminar Circuit” Given the many retired military Officers in the VF and the deputation of many of its members to the Modi Govt this tweet  seems a fair assessment of the situation


After the Dec 2013 decision by the then Minister of Defense A K Antony it was generally assumed that the US Javelin tank missiles would win the deal given the many problems deals with Israel were causing The descision to buy the Israel spike missiles which almost amounts to a reversal must have had the blessings of the Vivekananda Foundation or was probably engineered by the Foundation

India has a large 80000 crore pipeline of Defence deals waiting With the Kosher friendly Vivekananada Foundation practically running the Defence Ministry a major chunk of that will go to Israel

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