Jared Cohen (born  1981) is the Director of Google Ideas and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations . Previously, he served as a member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff and as an advisor to Condoleezza Rice and later Hillary Clinton. (He came in a Republican Administration and stayed on in a Democratic one)

He was not spectacular academically Cohen received a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in 2004, majoring in history and political Science and then  a master’s degree in International Relations from Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. See The Myth of American Meritocracy: How corrupt are Ivy League Admissions.

In her book No Higher Honor, Condoleezza Rice tells us how Cohen got into the Bush Administration by Steve Krasner who  is Jewish  Stephen Krasner is also a committed Zionist


Before being bought to the Bush Administrationin 2004  by Krasner he had spent 6 months in the middle East According to Greenwich Magazine (published by Moffly Media which is Jewish owned) , “At the height of the war in Iraq, this American Jew from Connecticut went bumbling through the Middle East—hanging out with Hezbollah in Beirut, partying with Muslim youth in the back alleys of Teheran, interviewing Palestinian terrorists in the notorious refugee camps of southern Lebanon”. Sounds like a good little Sayanim or a Mossad agent ?

When Bush was replaced by Obama and Hillary Clinton took over as Secretary of State Cohen was one of the few members of Policy Planning kept on by Hillary Clinton(Rumoured to be a Crypto Jew) .He thus served a Republican and Democratic Governments

In the midst of the June 2009 protests in Iran, Cohen sought to support the opposition in Iran. He contacted Twitter, requesting that the company not perform planned maintenance that would have temporarily shut down service in Iran, because the protestors were using Twitter to maintain contact with the outside world.

While serving on the Policy Planning Staff, Cohen became an advisor to Richard Holbrooke also Jewish  , who was the first Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. He took several trips with Holbrooke to Afghanistan ,

Cohen left the State Department’s Policy Planning staff on 2 September 2010. On 7 September 2010, Cohen became an adjunct senior fellow at The Council on Foreign Relations focusing on counter-radicalization. He was hired as the first director of Google Ideas, a new branch within Google in mid-October 2010. Remember Cohen has no Software or even Management background

In a recent article Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange has this to say on Cohen and Google Ideas

Cohen’s directorate (Google Ideas) appeared to cross over from public relations and “corporate responsibility” work into active corporate intervention in foreign affairs at a level that is normally reserved for states. Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s “director of regime change.” According to the emails, he was trying to plant his fingerprints on some of the major historical events in the contemporary Middle East.

He could be placed in Egypt during the revolution, meeting with Wael Ghonim , the Google employee whose arrest and imprisonment hours later would make him a PR-friendly symbol of the uprising in the Western press. Meetings had been planned in Palestine and Turkey , both of which—claimed Stratfor emails—were killed by the senior Google leadership as too risky. Only a few months before he met with me, Cohen was planning a trip to the edge of Iran in Azerbaijan to “engage the Iranian communities closer to the border,” as part of Google Ideas’ project on “repressive societies.” In internal emails Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, Fred Burton (himself a former State Department security official), wrote,

 Google has recently started the spooky Google Street View   which is intrusive and violates privacy It is also a great device to spy on Google has been accused of passing on private users information and data  to the NSA, the FBI and the CIA

And sitting in at Google Ideas a probable Sayanim keeps track of it all


Sheryl Sandberg 2013.jpg


Sheryl Kara Sandberg born in 1969  is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook . In June 2012, she was elected to the board of directors by the existing board members becoming the first woman to serve on Facebook’s board. Before Facebook, Sandberg was Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations at Google, and was involved in launching Google’s philanthropic arm Google.org. Before Google, Sandberg served as chief of staff to the then United States Secretary of the Treasury    Larry Summers

Sandberg’s family are Zionist and were were active in helping Soviet Jews make aliyah to Israel during refusenik era and attended rallies during the weekends.Her parents were detained and interrogated in Kishinev and later expelled from the USSR.

Sandberg has been married twice the first time to businessman Brian Kraff (m. 1993–94) and the second to David Goldberg (m. 2004) with whom she has two children

In an article  Sheryl Sandberg and Jewish Ethnic Networking  it has been argued Sandberg’s key break was admission to Harvard, despite the fact that her academic background hardly seemed to warrant it. As she admits in her best-selling book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. (New York, Random House, 2013), she was clearly not prepared for the rarified atmosphere of Harvard Culture Wars (July/Aug. 2014), argues that “her application would have been rejected if she were not a Jewish woman.” The Myth of American Meritocracy: How corrupt are Ivy League Admissions. In twenty-eight tightly packed pages in The American Conservative (of which Unz was publisher from 2007–2013), Unz makes a stunning case that Jews are unfairly admitted to Ivy League schools at a shamefully high rate.


While at Harvard, Sandberg  met then-professor Larry Summers who became her mentor and thesis adviser. Summers recruited her to be his research assistant at the World Bank, where she worked for approximately one year Larry Summers  happened to be the Dean of Harvard when the Goy Winklevoss twins challenged Zuckerberg claiming he had stolen their idea. Naturally Summers sided with his fellow Jew Zuckerberg and even went on to call the Winklevoss twins assholes  Zuckerberg owned Summers a favour and when Larry Summers female protege wanted the top job at Facebook he gladly gave it to her The fact that all three happened to be Jewish helped of course

Facebook is used extensively by Israel for PR and other purposes  The Israeli government intends to turn Facebook into the main platform for Israeli online public relations, Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon visited the California offices of the network on Friday, and met with company heads including Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and VP of Advertising and Global Operations David Fischer, who is the son of Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer.

Under Sandberg the NSA has been found to be spying on Americans Facebook profiles  The New York Times reported Sunday that the latest revelation of NSA spying on Americans comes via documents provided to the paper by former NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.


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