Notice the Chabad map It cuts off Kashmir from India Had any Indian group put out that map they would have hell to pay But its Chabad and its all good



Source Chabad website

Mossad Chabad links or at least Chabad and the state of Israel links are by now clear as my previous post Are Chabad Houses used as Mossad Safe Houses shows

According to an Indian Newspaper The Herald (published from Goa ) In May, the Israeli government had sent rabbis to India to get Israelis out of drugs , drug peddling.According to reports, these rabbis were assigned to bring Israelis who have gone ‘astray’ back into mainstream. It’s also learnt that they (the Rabbis sent by the Israeli Govt) opened Chabad houses  in hired rooms for group discussions, religious counseling and one-to-one discourses.

Well here is a startling coincidence.On more then one occasion terrorist activities and spying has happened near Chabad Houses   EVERYTIME there is the chorus from select media houses that the Chabad was a target but Chabad Houses NEVER suffers any losses (except in Mumbai )


The Mumbai Chabad House had close connections with the 26/11 Mumbai attacks eputed newspapers carried articles questioning the role of the Mumbai Chabad House
Mumbai attack: Was Nariman House the terror hub? Indian commandos who had stormed the Chabad House to “free the hostages” were stunned when they were fired upon by whites not brown skinned Pakistanis as they expected .Equally interestingly the Israeli Govt pressurized Indian Authorities to not hold autopsies on the 9 dead Israeli Jews at Chabad House  Autopsies would have immediately revealed whose bullets killed the dead Israelis It would have also confirmed via powder burns in their hands if they had fired any weapons


An Israeli couple suspected of being spys, were deported from Cochin or Kochi  The Shneor Zalman and Yaffa Shenoi came on a multiple-entry visa and rented a house on Rose Street, Fort KochiIt later turned out that the man was a Rabbi and he and his wife were linked to the Chabad Movement Chabad has a House in Kochi or Kuchin as they misspelled it The Times of India report had said that Preliminary investigations suggest similar Israelis are camping in various parts of the country,” an official said. What “similar Israelis” were was left unsaid but in the light of later revelations that the couple caught were Chabad members it could mean similar Chabad Israelis were spying in various parts of the country


In Pune the Chabad was involved very close to the German Bakery which was bombed in 2010 No damage was done to the Chabad House In April 2013 a single man  Mirza Himayat Baig was convicted for the blast and sentenced to death In September 2013 a TV sting operation found ‘holes’ in ATS case against Baig The same year in October 2013 the head of the so called “Indian Mujahedeen” Yasin Bhatkal confessed to having been behind the German Bakery blast Baigs appeal is ongoing


Interestingly the American  dual agent and alleged 26/11 cospirator David Coleman Headley had checked in into a hotel in Pushkar the same day as two Israelis (Mossad?) men The C Forms(Forms all foreign nationals fill in on Hotel Checking ) of both Headley and the visiting Israelis was “lost” by the local CID The hotel staff,   highlighted the fact that 49-year-old Headley had insisted on the room view which was right opposite to the prayer hall of the Jew centre in Pushkar.  It was was almost was if Headley was advertising his presence outside the Chabad House


The Chabad have a house in the  strategically located Andaman Islands  Although Andamans is a minor tourist area many of its islands are used exclusively by the Indian Navy and Air Force What the Chabad do there and why Israelis go to the Andamans is an open question Of course a permanent House provides a perfect cover for spying


In Goa Israelis are linked to drugs and according to a Times of India report an Israeli Drug pedlar may be using drug money to fund terrorist activities Many Israeli Jews in the drug infested coastal belt stay at the Chabad House in Anjuna in North Goa


Dharamsala is another strategic town Its the capital of the Dalai Lama lead Tibetan Govt in exile A Chabad house there is perfect cover for intrigue and spying on the Tibetan Movement The Dalai Lama is a Zionist fan

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