Were the Hapiru are related to the ancient Hebrews. This is a perfect question for a biblical anthropologist! The short answer is yes. The Ha-piru or Ha-biru are the oldest known caste of  ruler-priests from which emerged the Hebrews.

The Hapiru served in the ancient temples and shrines. These were build near major sources of water. A temple was the mansion – hâît, or the house – pirû – of the god, so Ha-piru refers to those who served at the temple or shrine. The word is found among the ancient Dravidians who referred to their East-oriented temples as Opiru , meaning “Sun House.”

In the case of Abraham’s people ha-biru applied to the caste of Horite priests. Scholars agree that the Hapiru or Habiru are related to the proto-Hebrews or Canaanites who are listed in the Amarna Letters. In these 14th century B.C. letters, written in the language of Nimrod’s city of Akkad, the name Habiru is found among the names of other Canaanite peoples. Akkadian is an Afro-Asiatic language and Nimrod was a Kushite kingdom builder. The name Hapiru doesn’t designate a tribal group, but rather a CASTE OF PRIESTS  who were dispersed among Afro-Arabian and Afro-Asiatic peoples.


Another explanation involves the predynastic name for the Nile: hapi. Hapiru may corresponds to the Egyptian word for the priest who works at Nile temples . The Egyptians called the Hapiru pr.w.  The w represents the Egyptian plural suffix. The priests of Horus (Horites) were hapiru. They spread their worldview and their devotion to Horus, the son of God, across the ancient Afro-Asiatic Dominion.  So it is very possible that the priests among Abraham’s Horite people were also called Hapiru.

Priests had certain requirements to meet while they were on duty. They wore only linen or clothing made from plants. Clothing made from animals was not permitted. (Here we see another difference between the priest and the shaman.) They shaved their heads and bodies daily. Cold water baths were taken several times a day. They practiced sexual abstinence while performing their duties at the temple.

The Habiru priests were Horites, known in the ancient world for being especially fastidious in their observance of the ceremonial law and for their insistence that MANKIND SHOULD WORSHIP BUT ONE CREATOR  .

Other priests were dedicated to the worship of Nature or the elements, or they served a pantheon of deities to which they make offerings to gain favor from the gods. An important distinction between the Horites and other priests rests in their recognition that God propitiates his wrath by his own action.This is the meaning of the account of Abraham’s sleepless night on the mountain. God told him to cut each animal down the middle and laid the halves side by side (Genesis 15). Once this is done, God passes between the animal carcasses and consumes the offering. Abraham observed this, and had no part to play in the action.

The Habiru priests were dispersed widely across the ancient world in the service of great kings. At times and places some Habiru allowed themselves to be influenced by peoples with an inferior moral code. This is called syncretism. Syncretism is the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.

Like the Priest Kings of Old the Kohanim were and still are the secular  rulers of the Jews In the Shetls these Priest rulers held powers of life and death They married into select Kohanim families and learnt the practice service to kings and noblemen In modern times old established Kohanim families like the Rothschilds ,Goldsmiths, etc still rule the Jews and manipulate the Gentiles If a Sanhedrin exists today it will most probably be filled with Cohens


Source Who were the Hapiru?

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  2. Anand says:

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014
    The 4 Jacobs and the 2100 Esaus
    The 4 Jacobs and the 2100 Esaus

    By Michael Hoffman

    As background to yesterday’s tragic events in Jerusalem, Prof. Daniel McGowan of Deir Yassin Remembered, has confirmed that the Jerusalem synagogue where the attack on the rabbis occurred, is located on land in the Hasidic Har Nof district of West Jerusalem, that was stolen from the Palestinians 66 years ago.

    Har Nof is on the site of the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, which was obliterated by Israeli “ Irgun” terrorists on April 9, 1948. More than a hundred Palestinian men, women and children were systematically murdered and the village was razed, so that in 2014 Talmudists could worship themselves in a synagogue, on a site where civilians were massacred and then completely forgotten by a ‘Holocaust’-obsessed world. (“Holocaust” saint Elie Wiesel served as a propaganda writer for the Irgun).

    The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, Fox, ad nauseam, report none of this, even as they express hypocritical outrage that Putin’s Russia is opening more of what they term “propaganda” media outlets around the world; toward their own propaganda they are utterly indifferent.

    We detect certain familiar leitmotifs in media commentary on the attack at the synagogue, representative of theological doctrines and fixations of the religion of the Talmud. Yossi Klein Halevi, “senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem,” writing in today’s Nov. 19 edition of the Wall Street Journal (p. A13), states: “Nothing Israel does or doesn’t do is responsible for provoking young Palestinians to hack to death Jews in prayer.”

    It is an article of Talmudic faith in these cases of violent interaction with non-Judaic, oppressed populations, that Judaic persons are the blameless targets of the blind hatred of irredeemably evil goyim.

    This formulaic belief is imparted to Orthodox Judaics from their youth: they are of Jacob and all of their enemies are hate-filled scions of Esau — “It is a given law: it is known that Esau hates Jacob” (“Halacha hi beyoduah she’Eisav soneh l’Yaakov”).

    2100 Palestinians victims from the summer of 2014 rendered invisible:
    “Conflict in Holy Land: The Israeli-Palestinian Struggle…in Recent Months”
    — Wall Street Journal, Nov. 19, 2014, p. A8

    Hence, as Mr. Halevi insinuated, the Palestinian “Esau” hates without foundation and for no reason, other than the fact that he is constitutionally unable to stop hating “Jews.” Therefore, no crime the Israelis commit against the “Esau-Palestinians,” such as the enormous slaughter this summer (now all but forgotten — cf. the graphic above, titled “Conflict in the Holy Land” on p. A8 of today’s Wall Street Journal,) can be part of the victim equation.

    The 2100 dead Palestinian “Esaus” are not victims worth remembering, simply because their lives are worth next to nothing. Is this an “anti-semitic canard”? If so, was it this writer that made those 2100 dead disappear from almost all news reports that wrote of the motives that led up to the synagogue attack?

    If the 2100 were truly regarded by the controlled media as human beings, then their recent deaths would be included, as part of the in-context background reporting on what contributed to the attack on the rabbis on Nov. 18. Norms of journalism in the US are suspended however, when the dogma of Judaism requires it. What is required is that the lives of the four dead “Jacob-rabbis” be shown to be of infinitely more value and significance, than the lives of the now largely invisible 2100 dead Esaus.

    Not that Americans are not outraged when certain religions engage in superior/inferior dichotomies. The Cryptocracy has given permission to the media and the churches to fill the airwaves and the pulpits with intensive discussion and study of the low status of non-Muslims — the so-called “Dhimmi.” Churches both conservative Protestant and traditional Catholic, have expressed outrage at the inferior status allegedly assigned to them by Islam.

    Yet every one of the goyim, from the wretchedly dehumanized Palestinians, to the testosterone-fueled, super-patriot American “friends of Israel,” are all Esau in the eyes of Orthodox Judaism. This is not a cause for concern or alarm however, for either the Church, “our” media, or most Americans. There is instead an incredibly dopey faith in the benevolence of the religion that arose on the premise that the Son of God deserved to be killed. The rot that infects our nation is deeper than we can imagine.

    Copyright©2014. All Rights Reserved.

    Michael’s Nov. 18 poem, “The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race,” can be read here.

    Posted by Michael Hoffman at 11/19/2014 01:42:00 PM
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  3. Anand says:

    The Mike Malloy Show
    26 Crimes Commited By Israel After Ceasefire

  4. Self-serving whitewash. The ancient records which refer to Habiru or Apiru refer to them as motley bands of criminals, brigands, cast-offs, and the like preying at the margins of settled peoples. Likeliest explanation for the fanatical Jewish mythos of lineage and land–they never had either, they had to invent it.

    Could they have absorbed some renegade members of a priestly clan in the persons of Moses and Aaron among their “mixed multitude” as they pilfered Egypt and fled? Perhaps, but they weren’t “habiru”.

  5. The original write up may have been self serving whitewash as you put it But my idea was the Kohanim (Cohens) or Priestly caste controlled and are still controlling the hodge podge of humanity that became Jews

    The rifraff you speak of cld never exercise such elaborate long term self serving schemes that the Jewish race tribe exercise See the last line of the post ARE THE MODERN KOHANIM ,THE DESENDANTS OF THE HAPIRU PRIESTS ? That was my point

    • No doubt the hodgepodge are controlled and that “select” (though hardly exclusive) bloodlines are a significant factor in maintaining and reenergizing the collective psychosis. My point is that the link between the actual “Habiru/Apiru” mentioned in the ancient records and any established priestly caste is loose speculation with no foundation. The point-of-origin establishment of the Kohanic priesthood of Moses and Aaron, as given in the Hebrew texts, likewise argues against it. More likely, as I suggest, more-or-less permanently marginalized communities of escaped captives, brigands, and exiles (with, one can speculate, a high incidence of antisocial personality disorder), whether through the inspiration of an individual, like Moses, or otherwise, aware of the discontinuity in their origins, invented a mythos of lineage and land (and exalted destiny) to compensate for what other peoples could more-or-less take for granted.

      What you perceive as long term self serving schemes can easily be seen in the analogy of antisocial personality disorder raised to the level of the collective and aestheticized as Sacred Literature; that is, the narcissism and calculation, the tactical (and often deceptive) manipulation aiming at satisfying the need for Others to mirror their false self-image and to promote their collective sense of entitlement (or be destroyed). These qualities aim at the fulfillment of delusions of grandeur. I have to say, frankly, that I believe that Jewry has a wide pool from which to draw for these energies, although Kohanim may indeed be raised with a higher sense of personal investment and higher incidence of these problems as hereditary traits given that, from a standpoint of cultural value, they would be selected for among prominent families.

      The “genius” of Judaism may be that while other cultures tend to reject these qualities in individuals outright once they are discovered, Judaism celebrates and even cultivates them so long as they are directed toward an out-group (which, by default with exceptions to-be-determined, is the rest of humanity), whereas within the in-group a high morality is observed in extensively elaborated exhortations, rules, and duties–things which are less in need among societies more at home in their world and with lower incidences of individuals with defects of conscience.

      • That said, I don’t intend a refutation. I am not familiar enough with the Horitic priesthood to dismiss the influence, just that I doubt, from my reading, that they are the “Habiru” of the ancient inscriptions. I could be wrong, but I do think that, whether Moses and Aaron were in fact Horitic priests adopted into the band to serve as hereditary priests for the Hebrews, they were a people whose “legitimacy” as a nation ordinarily understood was in question from their origins–which suggests the high emphasis to this day they place on themselves as such.

  6. “Antisocial personality disorder raised to the level of the collective and aestheticized as Sacred Literature; ” ……Very interesting point ………

    I suspect we r taking abt two diff things You about Jewish behavior (and I agree with your views on why they behave like they do ) I about Jewish continuity as a group I doubt any group so widely dispersed cld continue without some priestly Brahmin like group (although Brahmins are NOT a homogenous group) to keep them separate from the host society

    Every time there’s the remotest danger of the Jewish group merging with the host society someone or some group in the tribe creates a situation which leads to reactionary pogroms and “antisemitism”

    That grp I believe is the Kohanim grp and that group I believe is some long standing priestly Brahmanic like group Whether there indeed was a group called Hapiru or not and whether they morphed into the Kohanim or not I really dont know

    Point is there IS AN INSIDER GROUP in Judaism and they guide the hive Of that Im sure

    • thestoker says:

      “Point is there IS AN INSIDER GROUP in Judaism and they guide the hive Of that Im sure”

      I agree there is some sort of “control” or “direction” whether it is an insider crytpogroup or an epigenetic autodirector or an external meta instruction or a mixture of all three or more I cannot say as yet . It may even be all three/more working together but we can guarantee that when the conditions are just so the whole lot goes “messianic” and starts killing. The current danger is that their reach is now completely global and they have the instruments to match that overarching malice. An additional thought is that it may not be their Sep Tepi analogue.

  7. adchet says:

    “God told him to cut each animal down the middle and laid the halves side by side (Genesis 15). Once this is done, God passes between the animal carcasses and consumes the offering.”
    …Yet more proof to me that that “Christianity” is a totally VILE Jewish invention!

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