The Tata Group has maintained a squeaky clean reputation.In Indias rather murky corporate world it is supposed to stand out as a honest group  Its founder Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata is often given the title of “Father of Indian Industry” .Its reputation may have been dented by the Radia Tapes ,the Salwa Judun controversy and other smaller controversies but it is still managed to keep up the facade of being the benchmark for Indian Corporate Governance

But one nagging historical fact the Tatas have never been able to wash off has been their involvement with the Opium Trade with China and their association with the Jewish Opium trading Sassoon”s  and the East India Company

This accusation was picked up by the Independent in the U.K. around the time of the purchase of Corus, and you can find allusions to it in various nooks and crannies on the Web. But none of the critics offered much in the way of reliable sourcing none that is until the Hong Kong Government unexpectedly provided one

It turns out that Hong Kong’s governing body, the Legislative Council, has uploaded to the Web official records dating back to 1884. Included there are the minutes to a Legislative Council meeting held on Friday, March 25, 1887.

tata 2

During the meeting a group of Hong Kong-based merchants, among whom were included Shellim Ezekiel Shellim, “of the firm of David Sassoon, Sons & Co,” and Ruttonjee Dadabhoy Tata, “of the firm Tata & Co.,” presented a petition “for and on behalf of the Opium Importers and wholesale Opium Merchants of the said Colony.”

They had come to complain about a Bill before the council, titled “An Ordinance for the Regulation of the trade in Opium,” which they believed “would prejudicially affect their trade.”

Ruttonjee Dadabhoy Tata was J.N. Tata’s first cousin, and the father of J.R.D. Tata , who helmed the family business well into the 20th century, before giving way in 1991 to Ratan Tata, his nephew, the current CEO.



Salon Magazine From Opium to Outsourcing

Legislative Council of Hong Kong Minutes of March 25 1887

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  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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  2. Sumit Roy says:

    So the Tata’s indulged in legal opium trade at a time when it was accepted as a legal way of earning money? What’s the big deal here?

  3. There was nothing “legal” about the Opium Trade . The Chinese werent about to sit back and see thousands of their citizens reduced to opium zombies . The Sassoons used the British Navy and army to force the Chinese to open their ports to opium and destroy lakhs of Chinese lives

    .Also along the way the Sassoons (partners of the Tatas) forced farmers in Bihar Bengal and Orissa to destroy local crops to mass produce opium which caused mini famines in these areas and all but destroyed the fertility of vast swathes of land ……….

    So whats the big deal? Nothing really if you can ignore the lakhs of of Chinese (and Indian) lives destroyed so that the Sassoons the British and their many local partners (which included the Tatas) could make mega money

  4. Zoroastrians emigrated from Persia (their capital much nearer to erstwhile Assyria & Babylon) in multiple waves and settled in Western coastal India predominantly Gujarat & Mumbai. Now it is no wonder that they well have been infested by the hebrew pests and are being led by Crypto Jews. These wealthy Parsi (Zoroastrian) oligarchs are in all probability crypto Jews – Tata being the “Rockefellers of India”. These elite Parsis have a death grip over Indian industry, finance, production, “Ivy League” institutions (TISS, IISc B’lore, TIFR etc. which are all no less than Gulag zones) and several satellite organization centred around some “social causes” !!
    These Tatas had a hand in letting UC Anderson escape from India. We can be very much sure these are cryptos without a shadow of doubt !!

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    How timely to be reminded by IGP.

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