The Aspen Institute is an international nonprofit organization founded in 1950 as the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies. The organization is dedicated to”fostering enlightened leadership, the appreciation of timeless ideas and values, and open-minded dialogue on contemporary issues”.

Translated it means they pick up ambitious Government Servants and Business leaders in other countries give them some freebies tantalize them with the wonders of  networking and then use them  to influence and infiltrate these Governments and get the Crowns and Pritzker’s good business in these countries

The institute is headquartered in Washington, D.C., USA, and it has partner Aspen Institutes in Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Lyon, Tokyo,New Delhi , Prague and Bucharest, as well as leadership initiatives in the United States and in Africa, India, and Central America.

Aspen Institute has Total assets of 220 million dollars


From the latest Annual Report of Aspen Institute

aspen moneyAs we can see out of Aspen Institutes total assets of 220 million dollars and the bulk of those assets (a minimum of 20 million US dollars) have come from 4 families ,all of them Jewish These are the Crown (Krinsky) family ,the Pritzker family the Resnik family and David Rubenstein The Crowns and Pritzkers both have links to the Jewish Mob and both are tied to and have funded Obama Both are also hardcore Zionists The Crowns own General Dynamics  see General Dynamics the largest Zionist Jewish Arms manufacturer in the world and the Pritzkers  Hyatt hotel chain,  the Superior Bank of Chicago, and the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Penny Pritzker of the Pritzker family is the Commerce Secretary in the Obama Administration

In short the Aspen institute is largely funded by 4 Jewish families all of whom are strongly or very strongly Zionist The CEO and administrator of the Institute is also Jewish

Contrary to what the Jewish Hasbara controlled Wikipedia entry of the Aspen Institute says the Institute IS NOT largely funded by the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the Ford Foundation, by seminar fees, and by individual donations.

The Aspen Board of Directors is very interesting Besides the main donors it includes Madeline Albright a”Converted Jew” (Original Jewish name Jana Korbel) Miguel Bezos (Jeff Bezos father) Michael Eisner (Former President of  Disney Corp) and Jewish

The most interesting member rather a PERMANENT member of the Aspen Board is Prince Bandar Bin Sultan the Saud Prince Head of Saudi Intelligence   Bandar has links to the Syrian “opposition”and Bandar and Saudis have  ties with ISIS


The day-to-day affairs and management of Aspen “business” is done by a 5 member group consisting of a President Walter Isaacson (Jewish) and four Vice Presidents at least one (Elliot Gerson ) of whom is also Jewish Peter Relling worked in the Bill Gates founded TechnoServe and is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations CFR


The Indian affiliate of the Aspen Institute has been renamed Aspen Ananta and its board includes some high-profile business names like Rahul Bajaj, C K Birla, Naina Lal Kidwai besides politicians across the political spectrum like Shashi “Rothschild Troll” Tharoor (Congress) and N K Singh (BJP) besides Tarun’The Fixer Das the fixer who brings to gether politicians and businessman



So what does the Zionist Jewish controlled and funded Aspen Institute want to do in India via the Ananta Aspen Board ? Heres what it aims to do in India



The aim of “Leadership Initiative” as usual with these Not for Profit bodies is to infiltrate Indian Government and Society and plant Shabos Goys and Kosher Flavored Indians into positions of power in the future Its a strategy that’s never failed the Chosen Ones

There have been 5 series or classes  of  “Leaders”  churned out since the 18 month 4 seminar programme started

Complete list of First batch of “Leadership Initiative” Fellows 

Karti Chidambaram


Karti Chidambaram SON OF FORMER INDIAN HOME MINISTER P CHIDAMBARAM , Govindraj Ethiraj formerly the Founder Editor-In-Chief at the television channel Bloomberg UTV, earlier worked with CNBC TV18 . He is on a one-year sabbatical with the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI, Bunty Bohra Goldman Sachs India CEO , Sanjay Jaju IAS Officer , Shivinder Mohan Singh Owner of the Fortis group and ex owner of Ranbaxy ,

Complete list of Second Batch of “Leadership Initiative Fellows


Vikram Misri          R K Mishra

Vikram Misri has  Vikram Misri is from the  1989 batch of the Indian Foreign Service. Before joining government, he worked for three years in the advertising agencies Lintas and Contract .He joined the Prime Minister’s Office in 2010 as Joint Secretary and later IN 2012 BECAME A PRIVATE SECRETARY TO THE PM .He is now India’s Ambassador to Spain .  Meher Pudumjee –Chairperson, Thermax India Limited, R. K. Misra –Founder, SAHYOG – Indian Council for Public Private Partnership RK Mishra ALSO FOUNDED A NEW POLITICAL PARTY THE NAV BHARAT DEMOCRATIC PARTY  aka the Aspen Party

  Complete list of Third Batch of “Leadership Initiative” Fellows


Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta  Director in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) from 2006 – 2011 where his work related to advising the Prime Minister on policy matters of energy and internal security. Now IG STF Organized crime Lucknow Rohit Kansal Personal Secretary to Minister for Renewable Energy (Solar Wind etc) for 5 years, Indrani Bagchi Diplomatic Editor Times of India

Complete list of Fourth Batch of “Leadership Initiative” Fellows

Chavi Rajawat

Chavi Rajawat High profile Sarpanch activist ,Suparna Singh Director Strategy NDTV Amit K Sinha –Senior Partner, Bain & Company

Fifth Batch of “Leadership Initiative” Fellows

Nandidni Kumar Singhla and Sanjeev Kumar Singhla

Nandidni Kumar Singhla  director AMS(America) division of the Min of External Affairs and wife of Sanjeev Kumar Singhla PRIVATE SECRETARY TO PRIME MINISTER MODI  Kunal Kapoor Bollywood star with a Jewish mother see Kosher Kapoors

The Aspen Institute’s “Foreign Policy ” is obviously to try and steer Indias foreign policy in a more Pro US pro Israel direction  The success of the first “Track two Dialogue” between India and the US resulted in convening bilateral Track II conversations with Israel, Singapore and China and a Trilateral Dialogue between India-USA-Japan.

Ananta Centre (Aspen India)  recently organized its First Roundtable on Defense on June 7, 2013 which saw participation and contribution from Army Officials from the three wings of the Armed Forces, Senior Editors and Government Officials. Remember the Crown Family owns General Dynamics which badly wants to get some business in India


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