There are an estimated 600,000 Jews in France , or just under 1% of the population . Almost half are Ashkenazim (a mix of people living in France for centuries, and immigrants from Germany, Poland, etc.), while the rest are Sephardim, most of whom came to France from North Africa  in the 1960s.

According to the francophone Jewish-Israeli nationalist website “Terre Promise,” Jews are massively over-represented among the 500 richest Frenchmen: three out of the top 20 (15%), nine of the top 50 (18%), 23 out of the top 50 (18%), 23 of the top 200 (11.5%) and 44 out of the top 500 (8.8%). This is the same order of magnitude of over-representation (1000–2000%) that one finds in the United States.

Given French Jews’ over-representation among the country’s wealthiest, it is unsurprising that they are also over-represented among its political, media and intellectual elites.

It is no secret that the Socialist government in power since May 2012 is full of  Jews and Israelophiles (indeed these are well-represented in most major parties),.

There are some who say President Hollande is himself Jewish . Hollande  himself claims to have he was raised Catholic and is currently atheist So did John Kerry Turns out he was a Cohen Other confirmed Jews in positions of political power include include

Fabius 4 février 2013.jpg Pierre Moscovici en mai 2010.png Valls Toulouse 2012.JPGStrauss-Kahn, Dominique (official portrait 2008).jpg
Larent Fabius Pierre Moscovici Manuel Valls and Dominique Strauss Kahn

  • Foreign Minister  Laurent Fabius (of a Jewish family converted to Christianity) ,
  • Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici (1957 –)(Jewish)(now replaced by Michael Sapin)   and
  •  Manuel Valls (Gentile with Jewish wife ) who  was recently promoted to Prime Minister by the hopelessly unpopular Hollande.
  • Had he not tried to rape a maid in a NY Hotel another “Socialist” worthy Dominique Strauss Kahn(Cohen) may have been the French President

The former “Right Wing ” Government of Sarkozy (himself partly Jewish) also had Jews in key posts like Bernard Kouchner

Bernard Kouchner - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2008.jpg Nicolas Sarkozy - Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire - 151014.jpg

The “intellectual” scene and the media “Talking heads” scene is even more Jewcentric

Bernard-Henri Lévy-tau-1.jpg Europe Ecologie closing rally regional elections 2010-03-10 n14.jpg

Bernhard Henri Levy , Élisabeth Levy, Daniel Cohn-Bendit

  • Bernard-Henri Lévy: Perhaps the most (in)famous French intellectual today, despite the oft-recognized nullity of his work. He is also an avowed Zionist, Jewish activist and warmonger.
  • Éric Zemmour: the leading French nationalist, and a consistent one at that; occasional critic of Jewish lobbies.
  • Emmanuel Todd: the leading euroskeptic intellectual (part-Jewish, immigrationist).
  • Élisabeth Lévy and Alain Finkielkraut : the leading new voices of anti-immigration and anti-Islamism.
  • Alain Minc: the leading “economic liberal” (i.e. favoring limited government and free trade, a rarity in France where libéralisme is close to swear word).
  • Bernard Kouchner: The leading “liberal interventionist” and a former Foreign Minister.
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit (1945–) The retiring leader of the European Greens and long-standing opponent of popular nationalist leaders everywhere (Hugo Chávez, Viktor Orbán, Vladimir Putin…)

 Business Figures include

 David Rothschild Oliver Dassault and Elisabeth Badinter

Inspite of this there are regular articles about the “Exodus of French Jews” like this article “The Very Real Jewish Exodus From France ” in the Jewish magazine “Tablet” and the continuous moaning about increasing Anti Semitism


Sources  As Happy as God in France  , Wikipedia

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