St Thomas Little St James Island "the Island of Sin"


Jeffry Epstein is one amazing man In this Information Age very little is known on HOW HE ACTUALLY MADE HIS MONEY Like most super successful Jews he made his billion shekels in “Finance” He never graduated and joined Bear Stearns in 1976 In 1982, Epstein founded his own financial management firm, J. Epstein & Co.The first real write up on Epstein aptly called Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery  written in October 2002 in The New Yorker


Epstein is said to run $15 billion for wealthy clients, yet aside from Limited founder Leslie Wexner,his client list is a closely held secret (To this day no one really knows whose money he was investing ) .Most everyone on the Street has heard of him, but nobody seems to know what the hell he is up to. Which is just the way he likes it.

Epstein’s true net worth remains unknown– in part because much of his wealth is concealed, according to Forbes, in a financial entity in the US Virgin Islands , a tax shelter where he owns his own private island. Source

Investing 15 billion No one knows where and no one knows whose money it is Reminds you of Madoff ? A smaller Madoff who never got caught The only reason for the secrecy (since publicity always draws more clients by word fo mouth) could be that he was laundering someones unaccounted money………Given Ghislaine Maxwells and her fathers links to Mossad  and the typical underage honey pot schemes they cook up  the odds of Epstein laundering Mossad and Big Jew money are quite high



By 2007 he was in the news but this time for very different reasons He was convicted for soliciting underage prostitutes and  agreed to plead guilty  in a deal that will send him to prison for about 18 months.It turns out his partner/lover was Ghislane Maxwell daughter of infamous Mossad agent  and media tycoon Robert Maxwell who died a mysterious death Ghislane herself could be to be a Mossad and CIA agent



Ghislane and Epsteins personal secretary Sarah Kellen it is now being said were procuring underage sex slaves for Epstein Epstein had a LITTLE BLACK BOOK(authenticity not certain)  book of underage prostitutes who he called massage girls and they people they serviced  Given the names mentioned the massive sex ring was really prime blackmail material. If correct and any agency had sex pics of these men (and a few women) they could be made to run through hoops all day long Some Mossad handlers no doubt enjoyed the “services” as did the Rothschilds I cant imagine a Mossad blackmail operation trying to blackmail the Rothschild’s



In 2014 the underage sex racket controversy sprang back to life when one of his then underage victims Virginia Roberts filed a law suit against Epstein

The motion portrays Epstein as running a “sexual abuse ring”, loaning out underage women to“prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders”.Any World leader caught in such an underage sex racket will be prime blackmail candidate for Epstein AND HIS ASSOCIATES


Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet

The KNOWN “friends  and associates” who flew in his private jet and had sex parties in his Florida house include former US President and blow job addict Bill Clinton Britain’s Prince Andrew and the almost vampire pale Law Professor and Israel apologist Alan Dershowitz And guess who introduced Dershowitz to Epstein ……….why its Lady Rothschild

Given Ghislane’s links to Mossad and Epsteins mysterious “investments” it is quite probable he was laundering Mossad money and using the  underage sex orgies as honeypot traps which were used to blackmail people like Clinton Prince Andrew

In short no one knows HOW he made his money and no one knows HOW MUCH money he has made The odds are he was laundering SOMEONES Money Given his underage hooker sex antics its blackmailing potential and his association with possible Mossad agent Ghislane Maxwell he was probably working with Mossad


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  1. iniyavel says:

    People like Captain Ajit Vadakayil are inspiring, but he’s himself more like USSR’s Stalin, pulling down Tamils proud of their culture while pumping air up the asses of those who hardly give a damn. That was more like Marxist Socialism to me. I recently had a fallout with him. I didn’t go too far, just moved away from his site. His constant running down of Tamils has given me a resurgence in a dream I had 6 years ago. I dreamed of a Thiruvalluvarist Tamil Federation on the lines of EVR Periyar back then, but now I dream of a Thiruvalluvarist Tamil Republic based on the principles of Shaiva Siddhantha, 5 years later. His belittlement of Tamils has outraged me, but before that, I was already mad at Modi selling India to the Zionist whorehouse, and the Indians continuing to mock their own ancestral heritage, and also getting diverte4d by the Islamophobia smokescreen. Looking at the way Sanghis and Hindutvadis made PK a hit worth more than Rupees 3 billion (though not worth even spitting on) and the way the mainstream media (NDTV and The Hindu) mocks Vedic culture was discouraging and disgusting. And Captain AV is pumping air up their asses trying to make them proud of their culture, whilst running down us Tamils, who are proud of our culture. We feel God has truly bestowed unlimited grace and love upon us. In fact, I feel we are God Shiva’s chosen people, and not the Jews. And I need not say it outside.
    Iniyavel Sugumar.

    • Anand says:

      Peace brother! Let’s not exchange one type of supremacism for another! For every NDTV and The Hindu that “mocks Vedic culture” there are countless others in the media who do not. On the contrary!

      • iniyavel says:

        It’s not madness, man! The establishment of this nation is undoubtedly stretched over the length and breadth of the nation like an octopus. I’m not talking about supremacist ideologies here. I agree the MSM is losing prominence here, but what’s the use if our own PM is chosen by Bilderberg? Moreover, all over India, only Tamils are vocal and truly proud of their language and culture. Till date, I’ve seen no one else this close as us. And since Captain AV’s blogs are getting more and more popular, my inherent fear is that he will try to use his influence to uproot Tamils from their culture. Tamils have survived Islamic and White invasions with little harm. But if AV gets too popular and all Indians start implementing what he thinks right, then we the Tamils will be forced to work as shoes for the rest of the nation. I smell something wrong with India at present, hence, the dream of Thiruvalluvarist Tamil Republic.
        Iniyavel Sugumar.

      • iniyavel says:

        By the Way, India is full of useful idiots like Barkha Dutt and the other media whores, slow and useless courts, a PM who gets carried away when Kiran Bedi calls his face the most beautiful on Earth, etc. Tamil Republic and Khalistan might not be distant dreams any longer.
        Iniyavel Sugumar.

  2. Flanders says:

    Epstein is certainly who one expects to see in the ranks of controlling jewry and Mossad. Scum attracts Scum.

    A couple of good links from a man who has had good and knowledgeable reports about Epstein: [An example]

    “Former special prosecutor Ken Starr, a White man married to a Jew and one of Epstein’s private attorneys, is one reason. Ultrazionist lawyer and author Alan Dershowitz is another. Both were part of Epstein’s huge legal “dream team,” who descended on Palm Beach like the Wicked Witch’s monkeys descended on Oz. According to published records, this “team” hired private investigators to look into the personal lives of detectives and prosecutors and other local officials, and began “jerking them around” and threatening them with unpleasant consequences if they continued to pursue charges against Epstein. Dershowitz — one of Israel’s biggest defenders in the media — as it happens is one of Epstein’s closest friends, and according to new testimony was present during sex orgies on Epstein’s private island and jets. At least one White teen girl, Virginia Roberts, was forced by Epstein to have sex with the troll-like, reptilian-looking Dershowitz on numerous occasions.”



    “Not including the much-discussed Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, here are just a few of the well-known names in Epstein’s contact book:

    Dr. Elie Wiesel, professional Jewish “holocaust survivor”; the late Senator Ted Kennedy, author of so much anti-White immigration and other legislation; the Jewish “advisor” to — and handler of — Presidents since the 1960s, Henry Kissinger; the Jewish senior Clinton adviser Ira Magaziner; Fox News founder and hyper-Zionist Rupert Murdoch; Wall Street vulture and Jewish billionaire Ronald Perelman; Jewish comedienne Joan Rivers; ultra-wealthy Jewish bankers Edouard de Rothschild and Evelyn de Rothschild; the late Jewish banker Edmond Safra; Saudi Prince Solman; the late Jewish actor, director, producer, and neocon Ron Silver; the son of uber-oligarch George Soros, the wealthy Jew Peter Soros — whose name was circled, and Epstein had no fewer than ten contact numbers for him; the Black governor of the US Virgin Islands, Charles Turnbull; two different governors of New Mexico, where Epstein owned a huge estate, Bruce King and Bill Richardson; convicted Jewish insider-trader Sam Waksal; the late Jewish TV journalist Mike Wallace; Jewish TV personality Barbara Walters; Jewish Hollywood mogul Bob Weinstein; Jewish media “sex expert” Dr. Ruth Westheimer; Israeli leader Ehud Barak (whose name was circled; and for whom eight contact numbers were listed); hyper-aggressive Zionist lawyer Alan Dershowitz (whose name was also circled, and for whom 15 contact numbers were given); Jewish media mogul and former head of Disney Michael Ovitz; David Rockefeller; Donald Trump (whose name was circled and for whom 17 methods of contact were listed); Jewish businessman Les Wexner (whose name was circled and for whom an impressive 71 ways of contact were given); Jewish publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, whom Epstein could contact in any one of 21 different ways; and many, many more.”


  3. Flanders says:

    Also, If you haven’t checked the reply I left on the Soros’ posting, you will probably want to do so.

  4. Ken Starr married to a Jewess? Didnt know that The more you read on Epstein and his mysterious Financial “investment” firm the more Madoffish it seems to get Were the underage girls just more goodies for the boys or was it a full fledged Mossad sex trap is something we wont ever really know I suppose.The key is not the “reptilian troll” Dershowwitz its Jewish media management Going by history of previous Israel/Mossad sex scandals this one too will die out a natural death
    BTW Aangirfan and other blogs have put out a list of people supposed to be on Epsteins little black book http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/epsteins-black-book-names-listed.html Will check out ur Soros post

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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  8. Finn says:

    How come they’re all Jews?
    How come they all got off?

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