In Sept 2014 while on his PR heavy but agenda lite US tour Modi took the time off to meet Jewish billionaire and Media tycoon Michael Bloomberg and discussed the “small cities” project with him.”Smart talk about ‘smart cities’,” tweeted Syed Akbaruddin, spokesperson of the ministry of external affairs. “@MikeBloomberg talks to PM @narendramodi about next good ideas city governance.” Modi, ex-New York mayor Bloomberg discuss smart cities

Remember Bloomberg is a Media Billionaire with no experience of any sort about building cities of any sort big or small . His experience as Mayor of New York is strictly administrative Bringing Bloomberg in also brings in the whole slew of New York Jewish Moneybags with their “special techniques” like those displayed by the Esteemed Bernard Madoff

In Feb 12 2015 Times of India announced  that  Michael R Bloomberg will visit India next week and meet the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleagues with his proposals to extend help to India in developing smart cities through multiple measures. Bloomberg, founder of the New York-based media company Bloomberg LP, will also visit Mumbai where the Bloomberg Philanthropies would sign MoU with Maharashtra government on strengthening road safety.

Bloomberg isnt just interested in our cities and traffic hes also interested in ——–Climate Leadership. As the U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Bloomberg  is “working to build support for the climate talks”. Part of that work involves helping national leaders recognize how much progress can be made if they empower their cities to take action Translated it means he wants to ramp up the  Carbon credit scam ——–Solar Power. The aim is boosting the share of solar power in India’s energy mix from less than 1 percent to more than 10 percent by 2022.Be sure Bloomberg will have billions to invest in Solar Companies ——–India’s Youth.Bloomberg is an advocate for comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, to get cheap Indian cyber coolies doctors and engineers See Five Reasons Im Going to India

Speaking of Bloomberg ,his Foundations and his  Philanthropy it seems little Micheal uses Philanthropy and his Foundations  as a Tax Reduction Strategy  According to a The Bloomberg Foundation Loves Offshore Tax Havens  Mike Bloomberg—not only our selfless, dollar-a-year salary mayor, but a massive philanthropist, too. What’s not to like? Well, how about the fact that his charitable foundation doesn’t want to pay taxes here, in the United States of America?By the end of 2008, the Bloomberg Family Foundation had transferred almost $300 million into various offshore destinations,” including tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda .

One of the Cayman Islands hedge fund the Foundation invested in is headquartered in a building that Barack Obama once called “the biggest tax scam in the world.”Bloomberg gave more than $1.8 billion to the foundation in its first three years. The foundation gave away a mere $67 million During Bloombergs reign as Mayor of New York  the number of Homeless Children In Ghetto Shelters Hits 19,000 ,this in the richest and most famous city in the world

Giving a shyster like Bloomberg a shoe in the multibillion dollar 100 smart cities project will certainly be beneficial …….to Bloomberg Modi and the BJP Its doubtful the average Indian will benefit much

Many of the Jewish owned companies and employees who come to invest in or work in  the Smart Cities will probably be Mossad Sayanims

 Maybe Jacob Rothschild (invested 2 billion in Indian Realty )and the Mysterious Israeli Jacob Engel (1.2 billion invested in Indian Realty ) can pitch in and make some money too

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  1. iniyavel says:

    Hi IG,
    Looks like we’re on the road to enslavement… again. Only an Iranian Revolution 1979 kind of revolt will save us now. But Indians are too stupid to see and do something about it.
    Iniyavel Sugumar.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. iniyavel says:

    Hi Wide Awake Gentile,
    I want you to remove every single comment of mine from this WordPress site as soon as possible. I do not want even one trace of it here. Thanks in advance.
    Iniyavel Sugumar.

  4. AflaAlex says:

    It is clearly evident Rothschild Zionist NaMo was put on the throne by the Bilderberg to push India further into the NWO

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