Mirra (or Mira) Alfassa was born in Paris in 1878, of a Turkish Jewish father, Moïse Maurice Alfassa  and an Egyptian Jewish mother, Mathilde Ismalun . She had an elder brother named Mattéo Mathieu Maurice Alfassa  who held numerous French governmental posts in Africa. The family migrated to France the year before she was born.

On October 1897 aged 19 she married Henri François Morisset and  had a child named André Henri Morisset (1898 –  1982).The Morisset family lived at Atelier, 15 became a part of the Parisian artistic circles, befriending the likes of Auguste Rodin and Monet. Alfassa and Henri separated in 1908, and Alfassa then moved to 49 Rue des Lévis, Paris.

Around 1905 aged 28 she met the 57 year old Jewish occultist Max Théon, son of a Rabbi   whose original birth name Louis-Maximilian Bimstein and who explained her psychic experiences to her. She paid two extended visits to Théon’s estate at Tlemcen, Algeria, to live with Théon and his wife, Alma Theon . Alfassa had a very high regard for Théon.  Théon (né Bimstein), a Polish Jew founded an organization called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor in Algeria, whose precepts may have been based on Kabbalah.

Here is a 20 minute video explaining the links between Theon The Early Theosophical Society and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor All three were heavily influenced by the  KABBALAH MOVEMENT

Annie Besant one of the cofounders of the Congress Party was a member of the Theosophical Society

On 5 May 1911 Mirra married Paul Antoine Richard  a French Lawyer .She ended up in Pondicherry in 1914, when  Paul Richard, sought political office there. At the time, the colony was still a part of France—indeed, that’s why Sri Aurobindo made it his home. Before turning to spirituality, the Cambridge-educated Aurobindo had been an Indian freedom fighter and sought safety in French territory when he was wanted by the British.

In 1914, Mirra was 36, “a handsome woman, striking in her heavy makeup and high fashion,” in the words of Jeffery Paine ,while Aurobindo was 42 .Soon, she and Aurobindo were working together intimately , pursuing a kind of East-West spiritual fusion, and under her organization, the Aurobindo ashram grew larger and more organized. As Mirra and Aurobindo became closer, they began to deify each other .



Alfassa and Richard stayed at Pondicherry until February 1915, but had to return to Paris because of the First World War. On April 1920 Alfassa returned with Richard to Pondicherry from Japan, accompanied by Dorothy Hodgson. Richard did not stay long; he spent a year traveling around North India as a sanyasi. Some time later he initiated divorce proceedings Simply put twice divorced Jewess Alfassa probably started shacking up with Aurobindo

In January 1922, Alfassa, already called “The Mother” and some other disciples began regular evening talks and group meditations. On 24 November 1926 the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was founded . At the time there were no more than 24 disciples in the Ashram

In December of that year, Sri Aurobindo decided to withdraw from public view . At this point he identified Alfassa with the Divine Mother, and instructed his followers to do the same. He informed his disciples that henceforth Alfassa would take full charge of the Ashram and he would live in retirement.

Auroville was founded as a project of the Sri Aurobindo Society on Wednesday 28 February 1968 by Mirra Alfassa,. Although originally intended to house 50,000, the actual population today is 2,305  coming from 50 nationalities, 990 of whom are of Indian origin.There have been accusations of pedophilia and child abuse in Auroville

In May 2008, the BBC produced a 10-minute Newsnight film about Auroville, which was aired on TV.The reports contrasted the idealism of its founders with allegations by some people that the community tolerates pedophiles , especially in a school that Auroville has established for local village children. Auroville filed an official complaint to the BBC that the report was biased, untrue and contravened BBC editorial ethical guidelines – after investigations, although a few inaccuracies were identified, Ofcom did not uphold the complaint.

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    On February 12, 2014, the Jewish International Business Times, listed South Africa, India, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and United States as world’s top five child sex-abusing nations.

    On August 5, 2015, the investigation editor of Jewish Times newspaper, Dominic Kennedy, a Jewish gay, wrote on his Twitter account: “So many VIPs accused of being pedophiles, are Jewish or gays.”

    One read about the chronic sexual abuse cases (both Nuns and children) within the Catholic Church on daily basis. Rev. Billy Graham’s grandson, professor Boz Tchividjian says sexual abuse among Evangelists is worse than Catholics. But since 65 million American Evangelists provide Christian advocacy base for the Zionist entity – it’s rarely reported in the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.


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