Leslee Udwin is an Israeli born “British” Jewish movie producer in the eye of the storm over her docu drama Indias Daughter .



The documentary is average at best has been banned by a very naive Government of India . Despite its ban it is easily viewable in entirety on You Tube  Now we all know any publicity is good publicity and Leslee Udwin certainly has got that in dollops …….all free and all courtesy a media brain dead Govt of India

Udwin has publicly said she was raped when she was 18 . She never said who had raped her There’s a tradition of Rabbis raping and sodomizing the children and adults in their congregation In percentage terms the rapes by Rabbis are way higher then those by Catholic Priests .Given the rich tradition of Rabbinical rape and given her Jewish background and the fact that she herself had been raped logically she should have done a documentary on these  Rabinical Rapes For more on Molesting Rabbis which never get Media Coverage see  Jewish child molesters that are never on the NEWS –


Rabbi(Alan.J.)Shneur.Horowitz Jailed for 10 yrs for raping retarded child Allegedly molested in US & Israel for 20 years


Rabbi.Avrohom.Mondrowitz raped 2 boys


Rabbi.Ephraim.F.Shapiro Accused of molesting several boys for over a fifty year period.


Rabbi.Israel.Kestenbaum Accused of child pornography on the internet


Rabbi.Jerry.Brauner convicted of sexual abuse 11 years probation


Rabbi.Juda.Mintz Convicted – internet sting on child pornography Caught with lots of kiddie porn

















Its not just the Govt that has a problem with the movie its Indian Womens Right Activists tooIn a piece on DailyO women’s right activist and Secretary at the All India Progressive Women’s Association Kavita Krishnan has argued that Udwin’s documentary seems to re-invoke patriarchal notions of how women are just daughters, mothers or sisters when it comes to leading the fight against rape, a notion that activists and women say needs to be rejected.

She says , why should a global campaign against gender violence be called “Daughters of India”? Though the articles do cite statistics of gender violence from other countries too including England and Wales and Denmark, it does seem that the focus of the campaign is India. Does it seek to convey the impression that “India’s daughters” are in need of a rescue mission?

What comes through, then, is a sense of India as a place of ignorance and brutality towards wome, that inspires both shock and pity, but also call for a rap on the knuckles from the “civilised world” for its “brutal attitudes”. Nirbhaya, described patronisingly as a speaker of “excellent English” is marked approvingly as a good subject for the global rescue mission.

One question that feminist activists in India are asking is, how was the filmmaker allowed access to convicts inside jail? Indian jail authorities otherwise prevent most human rights campaigners in India from speaking to, let alone filming, prisoners in Indian jails. Custodial torture and killings are therefore very hard to document. What was the impulse that led Tihar jail authorities to allow Udwin to interview Mukesh Singh ? Could it be the same impulse that let them allow Ram Singh to be killed in the same jail?

I am concerned at seeing responses on social media to the interviews, vilifying “Indian men” as brutes. If solidarity with Indian struggles against misogyny and violence are overshadowed by racist profiling of Indian men, it is most disturbing. Leslee Udwin is quoted as saying that she sought to “amplify” the voices that said “enough is enough” during India’s “Arab Spring” moment against rape.Source Nirbhaya film: Solidarity is what we want, not a civilising mission

I began this film with a narrow focus,”Israeli-born Udwin, 57, says . “‘Why do men rape?’ I discovered that the disease is a lack of respect for gender. It’s not just about a few rotten apples, it’s the barrel itself that is rotten.”

Well Leslee you being a good practicing Jewess should look nearer home in Israel and its colony the US and give the world a nice patronizing documentary on MOLESTING RABBIS

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  3. ROFL Love this from http://abplefebvreforums.proboards.com/thread/3719/adults-torah-on
    “After each bowel movement or urination, even of one drop, you should wash your hands and recite the berachah, asher yatzar. After partaking of a laxative that induces diarrhea, and you know that you will use the toilet numerous times, you should not recite the berachah until after all excrement has passed through you.” Berakoth 23a

    “And our rabbis taught: One who goes to the bathroom in Judea should not do so east and west, but rather north and south. In Galilee he should do so only east and west…. It has been taught: Rabbi Akiva said: once I went in the bathroom and spied upon Rabbi Joshua while he was on the toilet, and I learned from him three things. I learned that one does not sit east and west, but north and south; I learned that one defecates not standing but sitting; and I learned that it is proper to wipe with the left hand and not with the right. Berakoth 61b-62a

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