Ujjwal Nikam is the Public Prosecutor who prosecuted Ajmal Kasab supposedly the sole survivor of the 26 November 2008 Mumbai attacks

Ujjwal has recently confessed that he lied and made up the statement that Kasab had asked for mutton biryani a statement the compliant media kept playing it on and on as if on a loop

The smarter among the public started going beyond the silly media drivel on that particular lie and asked the relevant question HOW MANY MORE (IMPORTANT ) LIES DID NIKAM UTTER IN THE KASAB TRIAL

Well it turns out he NIKAM DID LIE and did manipulate the trial record to HIDE CERTAIN uncomfortable facts

According to former IG S.M Mushrif’s well received follow up book 26/11 Probe Why Judiciary also Failed  Nikam stopped prosecution witnesses on at least two occasions when their testimony was inconvenient to the official version

The Central premise of the Mushriff book DOESNT challenge the main theory that Pakistani based ISI LET supported terrorists attacked Mumbai It says pro Sangh elements in IB had prior knowledge  of the terror attacks (from US intelligence warnings) and used it as cover to assassinate Karkare .Nikams role in the wiping out traces of this narrative and pressing the official version that Karkare’s death was a tragic “terror loss” is very important

Sandeep Khiratkar

In Chapter 4 Mr Mushriff explicitly explains how Nikam stopped two prosecution witnesses Sandeep Khiratkar  PI RPF (Railway Protection Force ) (Prosecution witness no 66/4) and Gautam Ghadge ballistics expert (PWno 160/43) when they were telling the truth abruptly sought an adjournment on some flimsy ground and on the next day of the hearing forced them to tell blatant tutored lies which he had tutored them in the intervening period

Morever he (to use a term coined by the SC in the Best Bakery case) drew a “thick veil” over many vital pieces of evidence such as wireless coms of the Police Control room ,TV footgae of some live recordings of some important event ,Hemant Karkares mobile phone /phones & their call records,Anita Udaiyya”s statement to name only a few


In his main examination on 16 June 2009 by Nikam Sandeep Khiratkar said that there were 21 CCTV Cameras focused on the Local (Suburban)Lines He said he had made a CD from the DVR of the visuals and the same CD had been handed over to PI Sheik of DCB CID on December 6 2008 He also said that recordings of DVR

At this point Ujjwal Nikam stopped the examination under some pretext The next day hearing (18 June 2009) when the testimony of PI Khirtarkar continued he did a complete u turn on the CCTV video feeds He said there 15 CCTV cameras in the Main Line and only 6 in the local line ie he said there were a TOTAL of 21 cameras

The Court thus got to see only the six blurry images of the 6 cameras and not images from all 21 cameras of the Subarbarn Line Why was Nikam eager to not show the images from the (21-6) ie 15  CCTV cameras? Remember Kasab supposedly moved from CST to Cama and assasinated Karkare


Gautam Ghadge was a ballistic expert who testified for the state He stated on 6 October 2009 that Ghadge said the empties (outer shells of fired bullets) found in Hotel Oberoi were not from the same AK47s as were found in the Hotel but came from the AK47 found at the Skoda found in Girgaum Chowpatty  The whole premise of the Ghadge testimony scattered the timeline of Karkares assassination

Enter our hero Nikam He immediately got an adjournment and like in Khirtarkars case the next hearing Ghadge had changed his testimony He now said there was a :typing mistake” and he now said the empty shells did indeed tally

Source 26/11 Probe Why Judiciary also Failed   CHAP 4 Pgs 77-79

Nikam also made sure that  Kasabs lawyers werent allowed to meet him in any private setting telling Judge Tahilyani there were security concerns Kasab wld harm them despite their (court appointed lawyers) actually wanting to meet Kasab in private


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